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Arguments Against A Judgment Day

One of the only things I can think of that could show the Bible false, is one of it’s main themes: “The Day of Judgment”, also known as “The Day of Wrath” in the Bible.

Here are possible problems I see (though my heart tells me there is a solution, so I don’t throw out the Bible merely over this, even if seemingly impossible to overcome):

1) How could God judge, in a reasonable amount of time that didn’t take millions of years, billions of humans who’ve lived thoughout at least, about 6000 years of history? In the first 500 years of history I’m guessing there were perhaps 100 million humans, and in the next 500, before the Flood of Noah, perhaps a billion or more. I believe in a approx. 6,500 year span of history to be clear. Each person in their lifetime of an average of 80 years for some people, commits countless sins. If, as the Bible implies, a sin is doing anything not to the glory of God, then every single action a person takes during the day, like bringing a cup of water to their mouth would count, even if in a small way, as a defamatory act against God. Is God going to name every single action in one day for all 80 or more years of a person’s life? Jesus did say that every careless word will be taken into account. Perhaps he simply meant that they’d all be accounted for, like in a list, but not necessarily mentioned, as in, “You did such and such at 4 PM, then at 4:01 PM you…” but simply (except for moments that really angered God no doubt) would say, “You committed x amount of numbers of this sin, and x amount of…” and so on, with God stopping to go through certain ones in detail that angered him the most. And of course, the person being judged, being in terror, and knowing God and many angels could be used as witnesses, including other people brought back to life, wouldn’t even think to say, “But God…” especially being that God knows all the excuses that could be made, and would take everyone one into consideration automatically by judging every action that there is to judge. But still, many people, billions surely, have committed sins that Jesus implied would incur a certain type of judgment against them, that being when a person holds a grudge against you for a wrong, God would focus especially on that. This comes from the verses where Jesus said to make up with a brother who has something against you, lest he takes you to court over it (as in complains to God on the Day of Judgment for revenge). How, in a timely manner, without wearing out all the people he saved or who never sinned (the angels who didn’t rebel), would he do this? Think of how many people may have been wronged over 6,500 years, and who never forgave the sins against them, would God bring every single one of those up? Would he say, “You did such and such wrong to this person for no just reason, and even went farther by being malicious to them for fun,” then beat them? And then after the beating, would he move on to the next grudge against them at some point and beat them again? Would he do this to many people at once, talking speedily to millions of billions of people at the same time? No doubt God could do that, but who would be the audience that the Bible implies would be there? And though the Bible says that the angels and humans God preserved for perfection would act as judges, how could even that, even if there were a billion of them total, go through such a massive amount of sins, and with every party wanting to see their revenge see it when Jesus implied that after a person is judged fully, they are thrown into Hell? In other words, by what system would all the sinners be judged so that everyone was satisfied seeing proper vengeance while speedily getting rid of the rebellious and spiritual idiots without wearing everyone out waiting for the universe to be renewed? Perhaps God will eliminate time, so that everything can be done in an instantaneous way, but if that is so, then how could anyone have any satisfaction with revenge if it simply happened in an instant? It seems that we were designed to live in time, so I don’t understand how we can think and feel in a universe without it.

2) But that’s just one seemingly impossible to achieve goal. By now, at least for me, it’s apparent the entire universe is filled with other humanoids. And though perhaps they weren’t meant for salvation, surely they will be judged too, who in the world will judge those countless numbers of beings? Would be others among them who were saved? If not, that would mean God would have humans and angels judge the entire universe. The solution would be if God had saved many among each race in the universe to judge their own kind (not that he merely saved them for that one event), thereby lightening a nearly impossible workload of judgments. And the other solution would seem to be to eliminate time, so that things happen in an instant.

3) Supposing Jesus died also for huge numbers of alien beings, that would mean Jesus not only suffered for the sins of at least tens of millions of humans, probably at least over 100 million, and I’d bet even more than were saved during the first thousands of years during his 1000 year reign to come, but also for countless numbers of planets throughout the universe. Some have estimated with the use of math and technology, that there are over 230 billion galaxies, and that every star has a planet. Even if each galaxy only had 100 races in them, that would mean there are 100 x 235 billion races. And supposing each race reached a population of 1 trillion before sin was finally eliminated, and Jesus died for even for just 1 percent of total population of each of those races before sin is eliminated, that he suffered for over 1 percent of 100 x 235 billion x 1 trillion people. How could God stay sane under that kind of crushing pain, or be willing to endure it, whether suffering it instantly or in the span of three days? It seems unreasonable to me and irrational, that God, the part of him that is Jesus, would allow himself to endure such suffering, and that God would allow it too. Yes, God does call himself “love”, but that seems to me to be going overboard. However, I can understand at the same time why God would do such a thing, because then no one, even a person like Satan, could say, “Oh that was nothing you suffered,” to say that would instantly eliminate Satan having credibility with anyone in their right mind, even if very evil, and it would make it impossible for even the most evil person in their right mind, to say that God WASN’T merciful, loving, forgiving or willing to suffer his own punishment. No one could say, “You won’t know what it’s like, you’re callous, you’re merciless, you can’t possibly know what you’re about to do by throwing me away forever into eternal emptiness”, and could not say “emptiness” either, since a countless amount of beings, including billions of humans, would be in Hell with them, even if they never met the ones of other planets.

4) Another “problem”: The Bible implies, a person whom Jesus suffered and died for won’t have their sins recalled, if that is so, how then could hundreds of millions of sinners going to Hell complain legitimately about Christians who had sinned against them (and that does happen unfortunately) or how could a certain segment of their life that God wanted everyone to see, or many to see, be shown in an accurate and logical way of the sins of the Christian are “blotted out” and hidden? And suppose it’s the Christian that asks for revenge for some certain event, or wants it, would he just have to keep silent because he himself had sinned during the incident, like said a bad word after being unjustly hit? The only solution I can accept is if God simply meant the sins of the one forgiven wouldn’t be judged, as in God wouldn’t make an accusation and be angry at the one he forgave/that Jesus suffered the punishment for already.

I may not have expressed myself in the best way in this article, but hopefully you can understand what I’m trying to say.

Update: It occurred to me during or not long after writing this article, that the solution to getting the Judgment Day over with in a way that wouldn’t wear all the good people out, and not take another “age”, like 1 billion year age of Judgment, could be done by allowing everyone to think at or near instantanous speeds. For example, due to fatigue or confusion and other things, people can take forever to understand something, or even process what you’re saying, but, if people were made to process the usual things we all have difficulty processing, so that we could all think as fast as the fastest possible computer could, whether organic or spiritual, then there would be no need to wait for it to “sink in” in order for a person who isn’t insane, to experience the punishment they should, and the other solution is not to punish a person during the reading off of the sins so that they end up not understanding what they’ve done wrong, but to wait till the very end of them hearing what they’ve done wrong (which would be as close to instantanous as possible, as fast as the fastest UFO), and then give them their beating, whether light, medium or heavy, and to read off the names of all the people that they are being struck for, and to be reminded right before the beating, “This is for all those people you offended that were just read off to you, the ones you treated unjustly and whom you hypocritically did not treat as you wanted to be treated yourself”. Supposing everyone at the same time were hit all at once, like supposing 10 hard blows vs someone elses 1000, you’d only have to wait a few days for Judgment Day to be over.

Update 7/31/2012 6 PM: Woah: I wasn’t even looking for anything for evidence of this article, but had been looking for a study on scorpion intelligence, and ended up on a neuroscience article that had nothing to do with that, then wondered if there were any breathroughs in giving people a perfect memory, and thought about brainman aka Daniel TamMet, wondering if he could remember anything, and then the article loaded, and woah. It backs up my solution to the Judgment Day theory. Do you doubt there’s a “God”?

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