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Wanna See Incredibly Golden-Sparkle Rocks?

I’d like to buy a Canon SX40 next month (I really dislike promoting products for free) to make vids and pics worth showing of the rocks I’ve found, but $381 is a lot for me. I want a SX40 because it can take excellent close up pics, and is like a DSLR, but without the huge cost of one that can do what it can do, including good quality 30x (I think that’s about or over an 800mm DSLR “telephoto” lens) pics. I’d get a good camcorder for that price if I could, but camcorders usually can’t take good pics or magnify images from so far away. The SX40 is all around good. Hopefully it has good video stabilization and low light video. I’m going to check YouTube now to see if it does. Either I’ll buy that if I can, or I’ll use the money to buy a decent and cheapish suspension and pay a homeless guy $20 to put together one I have that is nearly complete, but I don’t trust him much because he says he doesn’t need tools to connect the fork to the headset (yet I’ve always read etc. that a headset press is needed). That one doesn’t have rear suspension though, which is terrible since it’s $450, but, it was polished silver and it matched this polished silver tough suspension fork I’ve had since about 2006, which again, no thanks to certain people, finally got scratch a while ago. Grrrr… was so close to having a show bike. Hopefully the scratch can be buffed away with ultra fine sand paper and some motorized buffing tool. That bike originally came with a beautiful white Rock Shox fork, but it didn’t match the silver frame, but it did the silver one, so I bought it. I could sell it I think to the Bike Shop, and use the money for a top pannier to add to my two side ones. I gave this other one I had to a homeless guy, who is wasting it by using it to hold CDs. It cost me $45. I regret giving it to him. Maybe if I can find some cheap mp3 player from EZ Pawn for him, and put the music he likes on it, he’ll trade it back to me.

For those of you wondering why I refer to certain homeless people as “homeless guys” as if I’m superior to them, it’s because I am. They are not good people at all. The one I gave my cargo bag too for example, made a horrible joke about his aborted baby, as if it were no big deal. The other one is a drug addict who made a crude sexual joke to me after I fed him, one that might have made some people eating, lose their appetite. They were both better than these other two I met though, in that they didn’t spread slander about me, or try to bias people against me, and were “non-judgmental”, as in, non-condemning. But that’s a double edged sword, because such people can and will at times team up with demonic people, including slanderers (liars who make up false things about people) of the worse kind: the kind who try to get you severely harmed, including mentally, and murdered by others for personal revenge, like this certain pair of homeless guys I know have tried to do to me. Those ones are also backstabbers, since I helped sustain them, even letting them live with me briefly. But they were chronic drunks, and one was a narcissist, psychopathic perhaps too, the other seemed to be a sociopath, which according to some, has a little conscience, and he does seem to have one, but sadly, he joins in the slander with his narcissist partner, and, “to protect me” he claims. His thinking and actions are like that of a Bizarro Superman (without the super powers). I hope they are gotten rid of soon, since they are no good and do more harm then good. They live off food stamps and some work, and absolutely do not deserve that free food.

I’m exhausted from looking for nice rocks all day, and that evil pair I was just talking about. They are truly sick, so, I won’t be getting to posting on corrupt government this morning.

I have a sudden craving for prunes and don’t know why.

I’m still finding awesome rocks in various places, including places it seems there wouldn’t be anything beautiful, but I find them there. I wondered today why God would give me such things which I clearly don’t deserve, and then I said I was sorry to him, being that I had forgotten what he’s often said in his word, which is that he’s kind to all, including those who are evil, and especially to his children. [after post thought: And the Bible also says that all hard work pays off, and being in the Hellish heat and stumbling around rocks for four-eight hours straight at times, and getting tiny pieces of rock and very dry dust in my eyes nearly every day, and drying out my hands, and making my arm muscles very sore, and me ending up dehydrated in the end, and having no car (and for the past four months no bike or decent cart to use, because of theft) was and is very hard work. I have a decent bike now which I got for $20 a few days ago at a yard sale, which I prettied up much and improved a little, and a $200 cart, which is missing a shoulder bolt, but I’ve improvised. Only used the cart once though. Wish I could afford pretty partners to help me gather these sparklies and certain heavy rocks I’d like to crack open].

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