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Scorpions and Tarantulas, Step Aside…

Strange, I thought I fully published this  on June 14, 2012 at 4:17 AM, but it said it was draft when I just looked at it again at 12:26 PM, yet… says it’s visible to the public, which makes no sense. Hope I’ve fixed that now.

I found a big wind scorpion/sun spider about two minutes ago while looking for rocks to collect. I thought they got no bigger than less than half the size of the head of a qtip, since that’s all I ever saw of them. I knew there were big ones in Iraq, but I thought since all I saw were little ones now and then, and recently, and only at night, that that’s as big as they got, but clearly not!:

These things can even climb dirty glass! I they’ll eat little geckos if they can and have room to eat. I intend to let this thing feed on roaches though. I’ll keep it in my home and bait roaches that manage to get inside. I petted it with a q-tip, including on its belly when it fell over after trying to climb the container I put it in. I even cleaned a tiny piece of debri off the top of its head, so I’ll consider it a pet. But then again, if you captured that giant spider thing from Lord of the Rings, and managed to pet it with a giant q-tip, but, that thing wasn’t real, and we don’t know what it’s personality would have been like had it been captured and petted with a giant q-tip. Maybe Tolkien would have had it pur eventually and become tame.

I found more cool rocks, even kept looking and picking a few up after grasping the sun spider in my left glove. A little while earlier I found an amazing fossil, and other little fossils. And yesterday I found a fossil that little like tiny ribs sticking out of a small rock, and they still head a white-beige color.

[Just read this at 12:50, “The females lay about 50 eggs in a burrow dug into the soil.” Woah. These things must be keeping the desert ants in check. There’s some rare ants though with clear abdomens, I hope they aren’t eating those ants, they look nice. 12:57: another site says, “She will dig a burrow and deposit up to 100 eggs, but does not care for them.]

In me next post, I intend to write about how the governmental system of America is crushing us all, have a nice day.

June 17, 2012: I looked up Indian Desert Cat in Google images, and the first pic was a pic that made me laugh out loud, a cat climbing a corn of a wall outside, cute. But as I scrolled down, strangely, there was this picture:

Strange “coincidence”. Anyways, apparently Google isn’t a great search engine, but is more like YouTube, just linking things in bizarre ways, and lazy when it comes to dealing with spammers. I’d perhaps use Bing more, but it’s ugly, and it reminds me of Bing Crosby and some image of a cartoon Christmasy guy with a fat red nose, a big turn off.

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