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Infantile Moron Neighbors

So, this WOLF SPIDER, I think that’s what it is, which I found a few days ago, turned out to belong to this idiot neighbor, who thinks friendliness is trying to shove his way into someone’s gold find (he thought I was finding diamonds or gold in front of him about two weeks ago and said he’d join in too, and to let him know if I found any, sure I’ll tell a rude, naive, loser, moron that I don’t know!). I was going to the dumpster to throw stuff out when I thought I saw him, and as he came by, he greeted me a little and immediately asked me if I found a tarantula, not being a liar, I said yes. But rather than smiling, he simply kept the same serious face as I invited him to come get it with me. When I did bring it out, still, rather than smiling, he took the container that I found it in and got upset that he saw “doritos” in it (there was hardly any) and said it was “f****d up that I’d put in a bag of doritos. Can you understand what a stupid person this is? What an ingrate idiot neighbor this is? And these are the kind of people I come across endlessly in life. These are the morons that repeatedly show up in American Idol and X Factor talent show auditions and everywhere else in life, wrecking everyone elses life. And I told him I’d lost a $119 lizard to try and get him to stop being upset, as in, “Why are you upset over this little spider, I lost a $119 lizard, calm down, it’s just a little spider.” Instead he made fun of me and couldn’t understand why I brought it up. He said, “I found this spider, you lost a lizard, you talking about it being $119 is like talking about a $480,000 Ferrari you lost.” I kid you not those were his words (I had to combine two different responses from him though). Does such a response make any sense at all? No, and if I’d lost a Ferrari, wouldn’t that be more of a reason to be upset than over losing a spider? And this guy was figuratively speaking nearly crying over this spider. He would not get off the chips he saw in the container, and ignored that I’d said I put it in another. He also said, “Look, it hasn’t moved since I’ve had it (as in since I gave it to him) and was “arched” as if he was “pissed off”, and keep in mind he’s looking at it with a hard to see through container on top in poor light. Can anyone say immature ultra moron? That is the response of a little kid who is angry at a parent merely for a parent not giving him his way. He acted like he deserved this spider and as if it were more important than anything else, even me. He mentioned that it’d been gone for four days, and not outside for more than 25 minutes when he left it (you left a wolf spider out for more than 20 minutes, which a little kid could have picked up and gotten bitten by!? and got a year-long devestating painful wound from?!) and that he let it crawl on him.

And get this: while on my way to my home to get his spider, he saw a cockroach scurry in front of us and said, “Oh look a cockroach” and after I brought out his spider, and explained the food in the container was to attract roaches for it to eat (it worked, though I don’t know if it ate any), so that he’d stop whining so to speak, over the “doritos” he thought he saw (it was some other kind of chips) HE SAID THAT I COULD HAVE JUST PICK UP THE ROACHES (that’s when I realized why he pointed out the roach). And when I expressed my disgust, he said that it was just like when flies land and shit on you, and that it’s like touching rocks in the desert and getting dust on you. HUH!? Uh, so because flies get on and shit on people (they do worse than that, they can cause major infections from the bacteria infested vomit they put on your skin), therefore people should deliberately pick up bacteria covered roaches scurrying around, and it’s no more worse than touching dust and rocks that bake out in the sun. But then why was he upset over a few pieces of dried out chips in the container?!

He also told me he was about to put up an ad asking if anyone found the spider, after four days and that he considered apart of his family, as much as his cat. So, for four days he’s been pining away over a wolf spider, a spider which could care less about anyone, or could care less if it gives you a massively painful and destructive wound and that lasts for a year or more, and a scar that usually lasts for a life time (but with stem cell technology that might soon change).

Does he care about the lives of humans as much as this spider? What about children, or abused kids? This guy showed no concern for me when I told him about more terrible troubles, and combined with his other nonsensical statements, I know he’s either very stupid and/or anti-social or is very stupid and has the light form of narcissism disorder. How can such ingrate idiots be allowed to roam in public freely? How did they manage to be born in the race to the egg even? How is able to afford a home, and what could someone that stupid have for a “girlfriend” other than someone more stupid and more desperate? A person like that serves as a living example that life could be worse.

He did however thank me as he left, and for not lying to him, though he said if I had lied he’d have been able to tell, or was a trying to say that (sure he could have, and in near darkness). I wonder if God will save this person, supposing he isn’t afflicted with narcissism disorder, which is a permanent sinful mindset, and which makes salvation impossible.

For a greedy person, someone eager to get rich, I thought it strange he didn’t come all the way to my house. Was he trying to show some manners or afraid being seen in my place would ruin his reputation, whatever he thought it may have been? Strange. I’m happy though that he didn’t come near, being that he has no problem with touching roaches or flies.

There was also another interesting thing, I noticed that when he was coming to my place (before seeing the roach) he came across another neighbor who seems to avoid talking to me. But this neighbor was with his dog, a dog I’d seen him cussing at abusively one night, and kick in the belly so that it dropped to the ground flat in submission and perhaps pain, and then afterwards kept cussing at it even at his doorstep. The dog did nothing wrong as far as I could see, and I noticed that when this stupid neighbor went to pet his dog, he replied to the neighbor, “He just wants to (play with me?)” as if defending the dog. It made me wonder if this neighbor had said something abusive to his dog again.

Yesterday I met a homeless guy, hoping to be able to buy a bicycle tube from him, but before that talked with a neighbor I knew much better than any others, and she had complained about having things stolen off her porch, after I complained about thefts. I told her how I felt bad being in a pawn shop too, which I’d been in about five days in a row, because it reminded me of a very bad burglary I’d suffered among other problems related to it, and I wondered if anyone else had stolen things in there. But so, this homeless guy agreed to sell me one later in the day, but I ended up meeting him not at my house as planned, but at a shopping center by chance, and just a few minnutes later a security guard had harassed him at that place and banned him from one section and stole his backpack. I ended up not getting a tube from him, but instead giving him a banana I’d just bought. About thiry minutes later I saw a beautiful girl, I think 16, that another homeless guy pointed out to me, who was at this center. She looked exceptional, and got into the passenger side of a dirty run down-looking truck after repeatedly looking at me and this other homeless guy, not in a scared way, but perhaps thinking we were there to look at here, as perhaps many guys have done before. This was at night, in front of Smiths, near Las Vegas Nevada (yesterday). She was a brunette with long hair, wearing a white shirt, and short denim shorts. I hope to see her again : )

  1. May 1, 2013 at 8:04 AM

    I live in a duplex. And have for the past fourteen years. I have seen my share of neighboors come and go. But just recently the newest tenant to move in has me wondering if my elderly manager has lost his senses. First of all she is seventeen soon to be eighteen in nine more days. Second this is her first time being oh her own. She also has some very serious medical and emotional issues. She is very immature for a girl her age. Before you say that all seventeen year old girls are immature. let me explain. She has obviously been sheltered most of her young life. She really does not have the normal social skills of young ladies her age. She is a slob,her apartment looks like hell threw up. She has crap strewn all over her living room. She has also left her Newspaper and other junk to just blow away by her front door. Her medical issues have had to require the assistance of a ambulance of at least three times. But my biggest compaint is her attitude of others. She has completly stopped talking to me after i asked her to please throw away a cracker box that she had left along with her plate and her phone at the bottom of our stairwell. while she was going for a shortwalk.. She threw a fit like a child of five. I guess that she had stated in a mumbled voice which she does alot. that she had put it there, and already told me that. she would remove it. She is rude to her own mother, who is managing her SS money. This kid cant even handle her own finances and is living on her own ! She has no friends of her own. Hmm Wonder why? She has a boyfriend who is the product of a controlling and possessive mother. Hey there’s a match made in heaven . And he will be joining her this fall. Hey he is a nice kid. But I expect that relationship to soon change after he joins her. I have tried to offer advice to her . Even as going so far to suggest to her that she kick out a derlict friend who was doing nothing but using her for free rooom and board. She did throw him out, but iam sure that if i had not suggested that she would have still been dealing with him. Talk about an ungreaful person. Well I am done helping her out. She wants to be an adult so bad. But her attitude and behavior suggest that it is nowhere near being an adult. She is just a rude,selfish,immature child. Whom the real world wont tolerate. I have lived on my own since i was this girls age. And let me tell you even though i made some mistakes. I was never once like this kid.
    I am gonna stay away from her and just watch as the dice roll. i dont really expect her to be here long. I think after she sees how difficult living on your own really is when you arent really mature enough to handle it , that she will be going back home to her mom. Which is where she really should be. Later !

    • May 1, 2013 at 4:21 PM

      Sounds bad, and the bad neighbors just keep multiplying, and landlords. Eventually God’s patience will run out with the way things are going.

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