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Dumbness from the Netherlands: A Dumb Narcissist Atheist’s Babble Against My Journal

At (what a great blog link! *rolls eyes*), can be read a little, useless rant against religion, “fundamentlists” and my journal specifically (though not really specifically since this idiot is vague and too busy posting pictures apparently). Here is my reply to “Himself” an anonymous coward and spamming troll with obvious narcissism disorder (his dumbness is in quotes):

Signs of narcissism disorder:

Strike 1: “Only In America” your blog title. So American Christian “Fundmentlists” only have journals in America? No angry moron who is too dumb to spell fundamentalist right. No. There are over 25 million fundamentAlists you idiot, try and use your pathetic imagine in place of your lack of common sense. Sign of narcissism: making absurd statements without any evidence using truncated grammar, like the cliche “Only in (place location here)”, a cliche usually said with smugness. Narcissists are smug and use clichés.

Strike 2: “What claim has your piety on my deference?” What did you just say narcissist? Narcissists love to use high sounding clever speech, but which is often word salad. Two strikes, and you’ve still gotten no where.

Strike 3: “Can You Overdose on Irony, or Ignorance, or Insanity?” Narcissists regularly use pretentious ad hominem attacks in rhetorical form (insults without evidence asked in question form in which the asker does not believe an answer or explanation is needed to prove the question, with a tone of smugness as if the feelings of the narcissist make them right). Tone? The tone is set by the title and previous quoted statement: smug arrogance and “Can you overdose” which is yet more word salad. Strike three, and you’ve not explained anything, but have shown off how you can arrange a few uncommon words together in an attempt to appear smart, wise, witty, in an attempt to appear as if you are reasonable and know what you are talking about.

Strike 4: “Knight’s Christian Commentaries and Worldwide News

“It’s funny” Strike four: cliche.

Strike 5: “where you come across links to outlandish sites;” Strike five: word salad, the statement is grammatical wrong. Strike six: “outlandish” a narcissists drama word.

Strike 6: Talk origins, Wikipedia and dumb blogs are outlandish? Good job idiot. And of course moron who argues before listening, moron who judges by mere appearances, “outlandish” is whatever you say it is.

Strike 7: “the one I am about to leave you,” long drawn out word salad drama, typical narcissist behavior. You’re “about to leave”? How about “the one here” idiot? Is speaking plainly really that painful Mr. “I Must Sound Special and Wiser Than Everyone Else”?

“I found at an oasis of reason, secular of course.”

Strike 9: more pretention, another cliche: “of course” still no evidence to justify the attitude of superiority or attacks.

Strike 10: “Religion Poisons”; More attacking without evidence, truncated grammar, ambigous, over generalization. Typical of narcissists to commit all these fallacies in one statement.

Strike 11: “But I don’t know how to describe, Knight’s Christian Commentaries and Worldwide News”

Strike 12: more long drawn out drama. Stike 11: dumbness: “I don’t know how to describe this title that self describes what the journal is about”, which might as well be word salad. And at this point, you could call all this ranting immature too, another sign of narcissism disorder.

Strike 13: “and do justice to it.” Yet another cliche and more drawing out the imaginary drama.

Strike 14: Mr. Word Salad Drama King, why would you have to do a journal over over 700 pages with links to atheist dumbness galore, quoting endless useless anti-logic dumbness like yours, hatred like yours, and links to sites that show evidence with truth without the time-wasting “I got bullied when I was an arrogant kid and now sit in my chair playing arm-chair bully to make myself feel better and as a form of revenge”.

Strike 15: what does a picture of a giant bunny have to do with anything you’ve so far ranted about which I’ve quoted? Typical sign of a narcissist, immature and nonsensical.

Strike 16: What does a picture of a half naked lascivious woman have to do with what you’ve ranted about? Typical sign of a narcissist, immature and nonsensical. It’s also a form of attack to show such a thing when you’re arguing against someone you know who is against immorality, which is the same as plugging your ears up so that you don’t have to hear the proper argument and rebuke back you evil moron. And that is futile, being that one day, you will face the God you are responsible to for your sins, rather than get away with it, as you think in your fantasy-chasing, deslusion mind.

Strike 17: What do the two links you linked to have to do with anything other than being links to Christian sites? More nonsense.

Strike 18: What does your tag “Batshit crazy” an ad hominem attack, a pretentious parroted phrase, and which is also worthless tag (and why did you capitalize it moron?), have to do with… oh, you’re calling your rant batshit crazy, okay.

Strike 19: If you’re too dumb to spell fundamentalist right, why did you even bother writing attacks against it?

Strike 20: Since you have no argument, that is why you bulked up that little paragraph of a rant with pictures, and since you’re a troll spammer, you included those pictures hoping they’d show up in Google and Bing’s image galleries and lead people to your worthless rant, a typical sign of a narcissist: draw attention to yourself using immoral tactics to do so, because narcissists love attention.

Strike 21: “Overdose”? I’ll translate this arcane idiot, who probably doesn’t even understand why he used that word: That’s this pretentious narcissists way of expressing that anything he reads on my site is a book, it’s an expression of a narcissist or a person who has extreme hatred for truth. In other words, “I hate these truths, reading anything you say is reading a book”. People who say things like, “you’ve written a book” when they read a letter they don’t like, or pamphlet, are implying that what you’ve written is too long (and almost always, people who say such things, never explain why, so it’s just another, “I hate you and don’t want to read what you’ve said/the truth” ad hominem type attack, and ironically, are saying they hate reading books or anything long, at least by being vague by saying “you’ve written something very long” and not explaining why something very long is a bad thing. And that being true, it could be said that they are stupid and don’t know much because they hate reading much, and it’s in part by reading much that a person becomes wise and is no longer stupid. Basically, a person saying, “you’ve written a book” are saying they are lazy and implying they are being forced to learn something instantly and shouldn’t have to read much in order to reply to you. It’s also typical of such people to hypocritically write the same amount they rejected reading or much more, at least over time, and expecting and hoping everyone will read what they’ve said. No lazy guy, no narcissist, no one is forcing you to read 700+ pages all at once. Be patient and learn the truths you hate and believe those truths rather than shitting on them.

Also, this guy is talking about overdosing because he opened a huge amount of pages on my journal one after another some within one minute others after a minute. Patience idiot, patience, not “overdosing”. Stop teaching people to be careless and stupid.

Strike 22: Did you think your little rant (the parts which I didn’t quote I ignored completely since the parts I did see, including “Batshit crazy” showed you had no argument, just angry babble), could refute a religion that has lasted over 6,500 years, since the start of the first two, Adam and Eve? Your little crazy nanny nanny boo boo rant would defeat the world’s best selling most influential book? Do you really think using “fundamentalist” (at least you didn’t say Calvinist, but probaby because you’re too stupid and obsessed with figuring out which cliche and high sounding phrase to come up with next to learn much) with a negative tone, a “oooo dey are bad” would defeat us, guy who is in a pathetic minority, even smaller yet being that you’re in the narcissist minority? It’s true that smarter versions of morons like you are in control of many prestigous universities, but you’re hardly winning just because you can say, “The heads of Princeton agree with my babble! Now God and that silly Bible is defeated!” No, the world’s best selling, most freely available, translated into the most languages, most influential, cannot be and will never be defeated by a little group of atheists narcissists saying, “Oh do indeed oh my my my we are the bestiest, you are fundiementaliests, we are the oasees of reeson, you my dear friends are not.” Have fun pretending to be Emporers of the Universe and Spokespersons for the Universe, including the millions of Christians you babble against (you are extremely oblivious and have major delusions of grandeuer), anonymous coward while you can, because your next stop will be Judgment Day and an eternity in Hell for you to remember that day of revenge, but a day of rewards for all your enemies, the “fundamenlists”.

What is fundamentalism, why do morons like this hate it with such hate? The book that started it all, which was by a “Calvinist” (a type of “Reformed Christian” aka type of Protestant – people who opposed and still oppose the Catholic Church for their heresies, blasphemies and polytheism, and who oppose everything that is wrong), can be read here: The Fundamentals; a testimony to the truth (written all the way back in 1910).

The original fundamentalists were the believers of that book, the so called Calvinists, enemies of the fake Christians (the ones who make a serious effort to be Christians, not the people who think being born to Christian parents makes them a follow of Christ themselves, or that simply believing in Christ makes them a Christ-follower), who can be classified as Arminians. Arminians are obsessed with or brainwashed into believing that free will is thee thing to care about, not God. Many of them are narcissists and many of them are narcissists just like this guy “Himself” and by the same signs they can be identified. You can learn more about narcissism disorder from one of the tabs linked above or at the much more extensive

The true oasis of reason is God, his word, and his people, not the bigotry of atheism cults, secularist cults, false fundamnetalists, fundamentalist liberalism cults, New Agers, pagan cults, scientism cults or moronic blogs from bigoted Netherlanders like “Himself”, yes: this idiot isn’t even in America. Fail.

Amazon and China Poison Millions With Lead Tainted Products

On 6/14/2012 2:57 PM, Product Safety Team wrote:

Greetings from, We have recently learned that Audio-Technica U.S. lnc. is voluntarily recalling Storage Bag for Microphone AT2020USB. Our records indicate that you have purchased one of the product(s) listed in this recall through the website. Audio-Technica U.S., lnc. ("ATUS") recently discovered that microphone storage bags for the captioned microphone, sold between the dates of January 7, 2009 and December 31, 2011 may contain a lead level in excess of the permissible limits under California Proposition 65. The affected storage bag(s) accompanying the microphones may have been sold to you. Please contact The Audio Technica Service at (330) 686-2600 Monday-Friday 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM (EST) for more information. If you purchased this for someone else, please notify the recipient immediately and provide them with the information to contact the Audio Technica Service listed above. We regret the inconvenience this recall has caused you but trust you will understand that the safety of our customers is our highest priority. Thanks for shopping at Sincerely, Customer Service Please note: this e-mail was sent from a notification-only address that cannot accept incoming e-mail. Please do not reply to this message. 

In my review for this product on Amazon, before the sickos banned me for getting “an extraodinary amount of refunds” (for their misdescribed, damaged and toxic made in China garbage), I had COMPLAINED ABOUT THAT BAG’S SMELL. And what did I get for it? Multiple thumbs down. So many sick idiots everywhere. And that isn’t the only product I complained about that reeked headache and nauseua causing toxicity on Amazon. There were nearly many like that, and I discovered over the years that mass produced products sold by the millions of all kinds, usually plastic insulation for wires, including ones used for computers, like the plugs, USB cables and eSATA and SATA cables would also reek that same smell. I’ve also smelled it coming from camera tripods and the foam on tripods and a black bomber jacket I bought, all made in guess where?: China. I even smelled it on what seemed to be the grease on a mass produced Mongoose Walmart bike. I had to put it outside because of that. This $200 cart I bought about a week ago also had a similar smell coming from it. I can smell the cart whenever I’m near it. Amazon and other sellers of mass produced products should have to be required to test mass produced products which they sell for hazard violations. If any lawmakers are reading this, please make a law requiring Amazon, Walmart and other giant corporations to have a testing facility that must test any mass produced product (produced automatically by machinery) for hazardous materials before it is sold, and not allowing for loop holes like, “If part of the product is made by hand then it doesn’t count as mass produced”. It should be, “If any part of the product is mass produced” the entire product must be tested…

Wanna See Incredibly Golden-Sparkle Rocks?

I’d like to buy a Canon SX40 next month (I really dislike promoting products for free) to make vids and pics worth showing of the rocks I’ve found, but $381 is a lot for me. I want a SX40 because it can take excellent close up pics, and is like a DSLR, but without the huge cost of one that can do what it can do, including good quality 30x (I think that’s about or over an 800mm DSLR “telephoto” lens) pics. I’d get a good camcorder for that price if I could, but camcorders usually can’t take good pics or magnify images from so far away. The SX40 is all around good. Hopefully it has good video stabilization and low light video. I’m going to check YouTube now to see if it does. Either I’ll buy that if I can, or I’ll use the money to buy a decent and cheapish suspension and pay a homeless guy $20 to put together one I have that is nearly complete, but I don’t trust him much because he says he doesn’t need tools to connect the fork to the headset (yet I’ve always read etc. that a headset press is needed). That one doesn’t have rear suspension though, which is terrible since it’s $450, but, it was polished silver and it matched this polished silver tough suspension fork I’ve had since about 2006, which again, no thanks to certain people, finally got scratch a while ago. Grrrr… was so close to having a show bike. Hopefully the scratch can be buffed away with ultra fine sand paper and some motorized buffing tool. That bike originally came with a beautiful white Rock Shox fork, but it didn’t match the silver frame, but it did the silver one, so I bought it. I could sell it I think to the Bike Shop, and use the money for a top pannier to add to my two side ones. I gave this other one I had to a homeless guy, who is wasting it by using it to hold CDs. It cost me $45. I regret giving it to him. Maybe if I can find some cheap mp3 player from EZ Pawn for him, and put the music he likes on it, he’ll trade it back to me.

For those of you wondering why I refer to certain homeless people as “homeless guys” as if I’m superior to them, it’s because I am. They are not good people at all. The one I gave my cargo bag too for example, made a horrible joke about his aborted baby, as if it were no big deal. The other one is a drug addict who made a crude sexual joke to me after I fed him, one that might have made some people eating, lose their appetite. They were both better than these other two I met though, in that they didn’t spread slander about me, or try to bias people against me, and were “non-judgmental”, as in, non-condemning. But that’s a double edged sword, because such people can and will at times team up with demonic people, including slanderers (liars who make up false things about people) of the worse kind: the kind who try to get you severely harmed, including mentally, and murdered by others for personal revenge, like this certain pair of homeless guys I know have tried to do to me. Those ones are also backstabbers, since I helped sustain them, even letting them live with me briefly. But they were chronic drunks, and one was a narcissist, psychopathic perhaps too, the other seemed to be a sociopath, which according to some, has a little conscience, and he does seem to have one, but sadly, he joins in the slander with his narcissist partner, and, “to protect me” he claims. His thinking and actions are like that of a Bizarro Superman (without the super powers). I hope they are gotten rid of soon, since they are no good and do more harm then good. They live off food stamps and some work, and absolutely do not deserve that free food.

I’m exhausted from looking for nice rocks all day, and that evil pair I was just talking about. They are truly sick, so, I won’t be getting to posting on corrupt government this morning.

I have a sudden craving for prunes and don’t know why.

I’m still finding awesome rocks in various places, including places it seems there wouldn’t be anything beautiful, but I find them there. I wondered today why God would give me such things which I clearly don’t deserve, and then I said I was sorry to him, being that I had forgotten what he’s often said in his word, which is that he’s kind to all, including those who are evil, and especially to his children. [after post thought: And the Bible also says that all hard work pays off, and being in the Hellish heat and stumbling around rocks for four-eight hours straight at times, and getting tiny pieces of rock and very dry dust in my eyes nearly every day, and drying out my hands, and making my arm muscles very sore, and me ending up dehydrated in the end, and having no car (and for the past four months no bike or decent cart to use, because of theft) was and is very hard work. I have a decent bike now which I got for $20 a few days ago at a yard sale, which I prettied up much and improved a little, and a $200 cart, which is missing a shoulder bolt, but I’ve improvised. Only used the cart once though. Wish I could afford pretty partners to help me gather these sparklies and certain heavy rocks I’d like to crack open].

Scorpions and Tarantulas, Step Aside…

Strange, I thought I fully published this  on June 14, 2012 at 4:17 AM, but it said it was draft when I just looked at it again at 12:26 PM, yet… says it’s visible to the public, which makes no sense. Hope I’ve fixed that now.

I found a big wind scorpion/sun spider about two minutes ago while looking for rocks to collect. I thought they got no bigger than less than half the size of the head of a qtip, since that’s all I ever saw of them. I knew there were big ones in Iraq, but I thought since all I saw were little ones now and then, and recently, and only at night, that that’s as big as they got, but clearly not!:

These things can even climb dirty glass! I they’ll eat little geckos if they can and have room to eat. I intend to let this thing feed on roaches though. I’ll keep it in my home and bait roaches that manage to get inside. I petted it with a q-tip, including on its belly when it fell over after trying to climb the container I put it in. I even cleaned a tiny piece of debri off the top of its head, so I’ll consider it a pet. But then again, if you captured that giant spider thing from Lord of the Rings, and managed to pet it with a giant q-tip, but, that thing wasn’t real, and we don’t know what it’s personality would have been like had it been captured and petted with a giant q-tip. Maybe Tolkien would have had it pur eventually and become tame.

I found more cool rocks, even kept looking and picking a few up after grasping the sun spider in my left glove. A little while earlier I found an amazing fossil, and other little fossils. And yesterday I found a fossil that little like tiny ribs sticking out of a small rock, and they still head a white-beige color.

[Just read this at 12:50, “The females lay about 50 eggs in a burrow dug into the soil.” Woah. These things must be keeping the desert ants in check. There’s some rare ants though with clear abdomens, I hope they aren’t eating those ants, they look nice. 12:57: another site says, “She will dig a burrow and deposit up to 100 eggs, but does not care for them.]

In me next post, I intend to write about how the governmental system of America is crushing us all, have a nice day.

June 17, 2012: I looked up Indian Desert Cat in Google images, and the first pic was a pic that made me laugh out loud, a cat climbing a corn of a wall outside, cute. But as I scrolled down, strangely, there was this picture:

Strange “coincidence”. Anyways, apparently Google isn’t a great search engine, but is more like YouTube, just linking things in bizarre ways, and lazy when it comes to dealing with spammers. I’d perhaps use Bing more, but it’s ugly, and it reminds me of Bing Crosby and some image of a cartoon Christmasy guy with a fat red nose, a big turn off.

Infantile Moron Neighbors

June 11, 2012 2 comments

So, this WOLF SPIDER, I think that’s what it is, which I found a few days ago, turned out to belong to this idiot neighbor, who thinks friendliness is trying to shove his way into someone’s gold find (he thought I was finding diamonds or gold in front of him about two weeks ago and said he’d join in too, and to let him know if I found any, sure I’ll tell a rude, naive, loser, moron that I don’t know!). I was going to the dumpster to throw stuff out when I thought I saw him, and as he came by, he greeted me a little and immediately asked me if I found a tarantula, not being a liar, I said yes. But rather than smiling, he simply kept the same serious face as I invited him to come get it with me. When I did bring it out, still, rather than smiling, he took the container that I found it in and got upset that he saw “doritos” in it (there was hardly any) and said it was “f****d up that I’d put in a bag of doritos. Can you understand what a stupid person this is? What an ingrate idiot neighbor this is? And these are the kind of people I come across endlessly in life. These are the morons that repeatedly show up in American Idol and X Factor talent show auditions and everywhere else in life, wrecking everyone elses life. And I told him I’d lost a $119 lizard to try and get him to stop being upset, as in, “Why are you upset over this little spider, I lost a $119 lizard, calm down, it’s just a little spider.” Instead he made fun of me and couldn’t understand why I brought it up. He said, “I found this spider, you lost a lizard, you talking about it being $119 is like talking about a $480,000 Ferrari you lost.” I kid you not those were his words (I had to combine two different responses from him though). Does such a response make any sense at all? No, and if I’d lost a Ferrari, wouldn’t that be more of a reason to be upset than over losing a spider? And this guy was figuratively speaking nearly crying over this spider. He would not get off the chips he saw in the container, and ignored that I’d said I put it in another. He also said, “Look, it hasn’t moved since I’ve had it (as in since I gave it to him) and was “arched” as if he was “pissed off”, and keep in mind he’s looking at it with a hard to see through container on top in poor light. Can anyone say immature ultra moron? That is the response of a little kid who is angry at a parent merely for a parent not giving him his way. He acted like he deserved this spider and as if it were more important than anything else, even me. He mentioned that it’d been gone for four days, and not outside for more than 25 minutes when he left it (you left a wolf spider out for more than 20 minutes, which a little kid could have picked up and gotten bitten by!? and got a year-long devestating painful wound from?!) and that he let it crawl on him.

And get this: while on my way to my home to get his spider, he saw a cockroach scurry in front of us and said, “Oh look a cockroach” and after I brought out his spider, and explained the food in the container was to attract roaches for it to eat (it worked, though I don’t know if it ate any), so that he’d stop whining so to speak, over the “doritos” he thought he saw (it was some other kind of chips) HE SAID THAT I COULD HAVE JUST PICK UP THE ROACHES (that’s when I realized why he pointed out the roach). And when I expressed my disgust, he said that it was just like when flies land and shit on you, and that it’s like touching rocks in the desert and getting dust on you. HUH!? Uh, so because flies get on and shit on people (they do worse than that, they can cause major infections from the bacteria infested vomit they put on your skin), therefore people should deliberately pick up bacteria covered roaches scurrying around, and it’s no more worse than touching dust and rocks that bake out in the sun. But then why was he upset over a few pieces of dried out chips in the container?!

He also told me he was about to put up an ad asking if anyone found the spider, after four days and that he considered apart of his family, as much as his cat. So, for four days he’s been pining away over a wolf spider, a spider which could care less about anyone, or could care less if it gives you a massively painful and destructive wound and that lasts for a year or more, and a scar that usually lasts for a life time (but with stem cell technology that might soon change).

Does he care about the lives of humans as much as this spider? What about children, or abused kids? This guy showed no concern for me when I told him about more terrible troubles, and combined with his other nonsensical statements, I know he’s either very stupid and/or anti-social or is very stupid and has the light form of narcissism disorder. How can such ingrate idiots be allowed to roam in public freely? How did they manage to be born in the race to the egg even? How is able to afford a home, and what could someone that stupid have for a “girlfriend” other than someone more stupid and more desperate? A person like that serves as a living example that life could be worse.

He did however thank me as he left, and for not lying to him, though he said if I had lied he’d have been able to tell, or was a trying to say that (sure he could have, and in near darkness). I wonder if God will save this person, supposing he isn’t afflicted with narcissism disorder, which is a permanent sinful mindset, and which makes salvation impossible.

For a greedy person, someone eager to get rich, I thought it strange he didn’t come all the way to my house. Was he trying to show some manners or afraid being seen in my place would ruin his reputation, whatever he thought it may have been? Strange. I’m happy though that he didn’t come near, being that he has no problem with touching roaches or flies.

There was also another interesting thing, I noticed that when he was coming to my place (before seeing the roach) he came across another neighbor who seems to avoid talking to me. But this neighbor was with his dog, a dog I’d seen him cussing at abusively one night, and kick in the belly so that it dropped to the ground flat in submission and perhaps pain, and then afterwards kept cussing at it even at his doorstep. The dog did nothing wrong as far as I could see, and I noticed that when this stupid neighbor went to pet his dog, he replied to the neighbor, “He just wants to (play with me?)” as if defending the dog. It made me wonder if this neighbor had said something abusive to his dog again.

Yesterday I met a homeless guy, hoping to be able to buy a bicycle tube from him, but before that talked with a neighbor I knew much better than any others, and she had complained about having things stolen off her porch, after I complained about thefts. I told her how I felt bad being in a pawn shop too, which I’d been in about five days in a row, because it reminded me of a very bad burglary I’d suffered among other problems related to it, and I wondered if anyone else had stolen things in there. But so, this homeless guy agreed to sell me one later in the day, but I ended up meeting him not at my house as planned, but at a shopping center by chance, and just a few minnutes later a security guard had harassed him at that place and banned him from one section and stole his backpack. I ended up not getting a tube from him, but instead giving him a banana I’d just bought. About thiry minutes later I saw a beautiful girl, I think 16, that another homeless guy pointed out to me, who was at this center. She looked exceptional, and got into the passenger side of a dirty run down-looking truck after repeatedly looking at me and this other homeless guy, not in a scared way, but perhaps thinking we were there to look at here, as perhaps many guys have done before. This was at night, in front of Smiths, near Las Vegas Nevada (yesterday). She was a brunette with long hair, wearing a white shirt, and short denim shorts. I hope to see her again : )

A Scorpion On My Armrest and Tarantula in a Container

The scorpion died in the heat when I took it inside. Forgot not to put it in the sun. I found the tarantula on a stairstep around 8 PM when I was coming back from a pawn shop with a used camera, and this time got a warranty for it. Found more pretty rocks today, but I’m in pain from having walked the equivalent of over 20 miles, and in the hot sun and dust and stumbling against rocks over the past two or three days. I got a great “Gorilla Cart” for about $200, but haven’t put it together yet. I’ve got plenty of space left. I wish I had my own separate storage space nearby and an ATV to transport and store all these rocks I’ve found. I’ve made various vids, I’m rarely in the mood to upload them.

The Alien Reptilian On My Laptop

Unfortunately for me, and all alien reptilian lovers, this little dino escaped from me yesterday when I brought him out for food and sun. And wow could his heavy little body run fast! He disappeared in a bush I thought, which I tore out and dug in to find, but his little body blended in among the rocks, perhaps through the use of some advanced cloaking device.