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So, yesterday I’m out rock hunting again, and this time do so near a school, and find some cool rocks, and this incredible fly I’ve never seen before that was hovering around me for a while. It was a little smaller in diameter than my pinky, about a third as long, and had a white belly and brown front and transparent wings. I wish I had a working digital camera or a camcorder! All I had was an audio recorder and could only record my excitement. I’ve been rock hunting four months in the area and have never seen such a fly. Tragic that I got no pictures of it!

And today when I went back to retrieve some large rock specimens I found, to my disgust it appeared someone had deliberately stepped on a fragile one, the only one of its type in the area! It could tell it was rare since it was fragile. Can you believe there is scum who would do that? Ugh! But apparently there are, because I discovered huge botryoidal boulders nearby, and some scum spray painted one with ugly graffiti! And I think by that same one I found a beautiful slab of layered rock, but as I was going back to where I had dropped off my shoulder bag, and after dousing myself with water and drinking some, suddenly realized I was no longer holding the slab in my hand! I tried hard to find with my pathetic solar led lamp, but it had dimmed too much and I just couldn’t see it despite it being whitish and large. I sat down there and nearly cried. I couldn’t take the boulders, but at least I got away with the a beautiful slab that amazingly no one had taken, but only to lose it! It brought me so down and ruined the day. Now I have to wait till early morning to find it. I really hate life sometimes. And a few days ago, I think three, after showing two little girls a beautiful sparkling rock I found, a little one, it disappeared! That really hurt!

I found a juvenile bunny yesterday under a piece of cardboard. I tried hard to give it the best foods, but after many hours, only for a few seconds did it put in it’s mouth a little stem of a tree I brought for it, but didn’t chew. I tried so hard to get it to eat, but in the end it was just upset. It wasn’t in a nest, wasn’t a baby, and had apparently decided to leave, so I don’t see why it would be upset that it’s mom was no longer around. I slept next to it and left it a blackberry to eat. And then in the morning, tragedy: it had come to snuggle with me while I was sleeping, and I’m sure you can guess what the tragedy was. Sigh. So much for having a pet bunny. I hope I found that slab, otherwise I’ll be devastated.

May 17, 2012:

Went to collect and look for more rocks and find the slab I lost yesterday night. While first breaking apart some rock and finding some gems figuratively speaking, I broke my pick after some strikes. I wasn’t surprised since the metal was terrible quality. Yet another Amazon dud.

I didn’t find the slab. I still wanna cry over it. As night came I got what nearly felt like gravel in my eyes and had no water to get it out. Then I found another beautiful one slab, and broke it in three. Then I wandered for what felt like forty minutes, with the wind gusting hard mostly. I felt like I was in Hell. I was looking for my satchel, which is why I wandered for so long and thought I had left in a location that actually didn’t exist. My memory erred, once again. I also lost what was left of my pick, my sunglasses AND MY IPOD. Aaaaaaaah!!! And the ipod wouldn’t even work because I forgot I left the backlight on, which had drained the batteries quickly. Sigh. I’m too tired to even look at the rocks I collected at the moment. I wish I had a bicycle. They’re always getting stolen. Carrying heavy rocks on my shoulders is wrecking my muscle and back.

I caught a lizard before the Hell began, but it was blah looking, so I let it go after petting it a little. It seems lizards love to be petted.

When I got back I washed my eyes out thoroughly and washed my face and washed my hair and then went back out to retrieve my heavy satchel with my wagon. But before bringing it back, I remembered I had seen an abandoned terrarium during the day, and went to go see if it was still there. It was, along with other stuff, and I took some of it seeing that it was still there many hours later. I wish I could get the terrarium, it’s huge, and so just what I wanted for my plan to get some lizards or geckos and put beautiful rocks inside for them and humans to see. The glass or plastic looked scratched up though, so I would need to polish it.

Then I went back and ate, and had major pain with the sharp bottom of one side of a bag of potato chips poked me!!! I’m easily stressed out by pain because I’m already in major pain already.

Then I checked my journal stats, and saw I got a comment, which turned out to be the radio show equivalent of a, “You don’t let people talk and call them morons” pot shot. The moron didn’t even make a point and I didn’t bother to read his second sentence, since any moron who starts out his babble with an insult, a pointless one, and shows no respect, and avoids the subject entirely (the moron was on the Basic Bible Evidence Page) and implies I should let any and ever “opinion” through, gets ignored. That’s a moron who is so biased, he thinks that because I’m a Christian, or theist, that I must sit and read every single little stupid comment, even spam! The moron doubly libeled me by implying that all I do is not let “opinions” he called them, through, but only call morons like him morons and devils (what a stupid, infantile, complainer, moron). He doubly didn’t make sense, because rarely do I get comments from morons like himself that are claimed merely be an opinion, rather people almost entirely leave me comments that they imply or say are facts, and with harsh insults sometimes. Otherwise, I get a question or a mere insult, baby insults on top of it. And so, must atheists too listen to every “opinion” and use their time to read any and everything said to them, and no use a spam filter?If they don’t, may I say, “It says something about you that you don’t let people publish their opinions and call them names.”? Here’s a though anti-Christian parrots: instead of complaining that you can’t see opinions that you don’t even know are there to be published, you morons, how about THINK FOR YOURSELF. HOW ABOUT NOT GIVING AN OPINION, BUT GIVING FACTS. HOW ABOUT NOT GIVING YOUR WHINING OPINION ABOUT OPINIONS YOU IMAGINE ARE SENT TO ME BUT ARE MERELY ASSUMING ARE WORTH PUBLISHING OR ARBITRARILY SAYING SHOULD BE, JUST BECAUSE I’M A CHRISTIAN AND YOU’RE A CHRISTIAN-HATER? And why would you hate Christians if all you have are opinions and not facts? Tom the Moron? Even if you reply Tom the Moron, I wouldn’t read your reply, because you’re a massively bitter moron who would have nothing useful to read, not on topic at least. You’d still be pretending that you didn’t see a single piece of evidence for the Bible, a single fact supporting its claims. Instead, you wanna whine, while having no argument of your own, about opinions you assume I get but don’t publish, and pretend I never listen to anyone’s opinions (or facts?) EVEN THOUGH ALL MUCH OF MY WORK HERE, ABOUT 700 ARTICLES, IS COMPOSED OF WHAT I LEARNED FROM OTHERS, YOU MORON. ATHEISTS AND ANTI-CHRISTIANS: STOP ASSUMING THINGS YOU MORONS. STOP TRYING TO WIN WITH BITTER WHINING. Do you think judges want to hear bitter whining in court? Do you think that will save you or make you right? Do you think God will say, “Okay you whined a lot you can go to Heaven, forget paying for your crimes, just go cuz u whine endlessly about how you can’t get your way.” Dumb, whining, criminals; all you do is whine in your assumptions and dwell in your pain and your evil friends or how your good mom or dad or whoever was supporting you is no longer around to support you. Poor you, and only you, because you’re the only one suffering, right? WRONG.

On a scale of 1-10, 1 being worst, I’d give this day a 4.5. Which is basically Hell for me.

Update: Just found the ipod in my satchel after washing off some rocks and organizing them. 4.6.

Update: I just remembered an amazing discovery during the day while looking for rocks: I found one of those large desert roaches again, it was dead. And that’s all I say about it. And two nights before, while digging for gypsum again, found another, but apparently hadn’t put it in my lap canister like I thought. I forget what happened to the original two I found.

Update, May 18, 2012: I didn’t find that slab, and still want to, and desperate to buy this beautiful rock I saw for sale, but today, I found much more than I ever expected, God gave me one surprise after another. I’m not out of the woods yet, but today was an amazing day. May God richly bless anyone who had sincerely prayed for and blessed me. I believe God answered my long prayers and complaints yesterday and the day before. Out of 1-10, today was a 20. Hoooraaaaaay!!!

May 19, 2012: Went to cart away some large and large amounts of rocks early in the morning and hurt my left leg pretty bad when I slipped down a cliff face in a boulder filled area. After exploring more afterwards four a few hours up and top of a cliff, I returned home due to exhaustion, and left some rocks behind, hidden (I’ve found so many rocks I’ve hidden a bunch in a few places and have yet to retrieve them) and left my cart. When I went back out, I still left it and instead of bring back rocks, decided farther out into the desert to explore what was there and collect a few more rocks. I discovered a pretty plant, many of them, growing in the area that I went farther out to. I think I’ll collect them and see if I can grow and sell them.

While going out to the new cliff area, I saw much greenery, and then saw it was a park, and then when going to the right farther out, found yet another cliff park area, then as night came I discovered this incredible rock formation in the ground, perfectly intact it looked like. It was huge and circular and had the same strange little beige muddy looking fingers covering it I’d seen on much smaller rocks that I’ve taken home before. Then I found another cliff area but this one didn’t seem to have a park yet, but rather was in development. There was an odd shallow hole that had been bored into the soft rock in that place, as if someone had wanted a sample of it or was intending to drill into it, but then stopped. I didn’t seen any rough break in the bottom of it, but only dirt and rock and the bottom felt rough, but not jagged. But there was so much dirt and rock, and since only had my ipod for light, didn’t feel or see much of what was at the bottom of it. I was only about seven inches deep I think.

I saw amazing views and nice greenery. I accidentally lost my hat down a cliff. I lifted it up and it slipped out my hand. Better my hat then me.

I went to sit and look at a nice view from another part of the cliff, farther away from another spot, and when I sat down, and I think made a little noise, I saw a dark bird like thing fly away from the cliff, near where I had sat down. It was about forty feet down from me I think. It disappeared quickly as it flew out, which I thought was strange there seemed to be enough light from the city to be able to see it fly away longer. Maybe it had furrier feathers than most birds and so it absorbed light better. I don’t think it was a very large bat.

I’d been ready for coyotes running around, ready to stab them with a wooden stake I found, but instead, I heard some weird phaser-like sound, twice sometime between 9:07-8 P.M., twice, at the bottom of a fence off wetland area. It also reminded me of those lightning blast sounds from old Godzilla movies. I went down into the wetland area but the only interesting thing I found was some interesting rock formations on the inside of the crevice where the greenery was. Then I walked out of the crevice, still exploring even further out, using my ipod for light, went to see what was around and under this common desert tree or bush plant, and found a white slab or some sort of pretty rock layer I’d found before on top of rocks, but which break off easy. They are somewhat like the multi-layered slabs I’ve found before but are always much thinner, and aren’t translucent. They have a wavy look to them. It was the biggest piece I’ve found of that type of rock so far. Strange that it was just under a tree with none else like it around.

I noticed a large bold looking church by the wetland crevice. I thought it strange I hadn’t noticed before being that I’ve walked past that area before on the street side. I guess it’s hidden from easy view. I want go to see what it is like there tomorrow if I’m not too exhausted.

When I finally returned, I found that my cart had been stolen. $75 down the drain. I’d give this day a 15 out of 10 though.

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