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What’s Been Going On

For many months now the SSA has been withholding $300 a mo. from me, out of what’s sposed to be $708 because, despite me volunteering that I changed addresses, didn’t give three proofs of address change, which my state requires. The operator I spoke to didn’t indicate this at all. They owe me something like $1,200 by now but I’m too depressed, exhausted and cash strapped to the SSA, where ever it is around here.

And on eBay, I made a bad auction, because there proper category wasn’t provided, and not being so wise at the moment, decided it would be okay. But I started to see the bad sign of only a few people looking at my auction despite me selling very good items. And despite it getting about 7 watchers, not many, maybe two, bid, and it only went up to an astounding $41 out of what should have been $300 at least! So, angry, I eventually decided to not go through with it and stating why, basically, eBay’s incompitence in not, after a decade, providing a basic category that should have been there. Further, they didn’t notify me, despite this being the first time selling with the account, that I wouldn’t be able to change the categories once I chose them. And why shouldn’t I have been allowed to? And having lost tons of money and valuables over the years, including from a major burglary (which was devestating as I lost refinements of my books and four harddrives, one which was packed with information and video and audio documentation of insane police harassment, and which I suspect an officer set me up for, the burglary that is) — as I was saying, having last tons of money, I couldn’t bring myself to go through with the auction. The buyer was merciless despite apparently being very wealthy (had about 1000 ratings), and gave me a bad rating.

I also had some minor purchases and bids on eBay to pay off, but ugh, Paypal, which eBay owns, won’t let me use it: they limited it right when I was about to pay all my debts! And why? Because I forgot I’d get charged a seller fee for that auction (even though I refunded the buyer’s money). My Paypal account was tied into an old bank account that had expired. I tried to close it and reopen it with a new debit card to pay off the sellers, but of course, Paypal wouldn’t let me close it. And out of curiousity, tried to see what would happen if I put in a new working debit card, but it kept rejecting it, telling me I was invalid or wrong info, yet I know it was correct, 100% correct. I also tried to at least go through two of the limit gates, and got up to the verification of identity by a phone call, but never got a call. And why were they putting me through this, that is, trying to ID me? Was there any indication I wasn’t who I said I was? No. And now that I think about it somemore, I’m not even sure this is about a seller fee. I thought it might be because Wellsfargo told me by email my account couldn’t be charged, but, I never linked it to Paypal, so, mostly liekly, that’s Wellsfargos’ recurring monthly fee, $15, which they’ve been hurting their customers with. I only got one email months ago from them about this fee, and though two or three months ago trying to close it, was denied because despite having other ID and my debit card, didn’t have a state ID (it was stolen months ago). So, they’ve been charing me maintenance fees I can’t pay AND TACKING ON BOUNCE FEES FOR THEIR OWN MAINTENANCE FEE! Can anyone say sick, greedy, psychopaths? How about “ursury”?

Paypal and eBay are just hurting htemselves since I can’t pay the $200 I owe to the sellers and that is a loss of money for both companies. It also provokes their sellers to go in search of some other place to sell other than eBay and to use another money transfer service. I wonder why eBay hasn’t been sued by any government for their breaking some monopoly law, being that they won’t permit any other electronic transfer other than Paypal.

I told the sellers about the Paypal problem and asked to pay by cash, and they accepted, however one seller, strangely, hasn’t responded after days.

Meanwhile, I’ve been mining for gypsum, and hoping to find precious minerals, but only found one beautiful gypsum display piece. My shovel and hammer were stolen, so I’ve been having to use a chisel and large rock, which is exhausting, so exhausting I decided this morning to instead go look to see what a nearby construction site had dug up, and looked at some pinkish boulders near the entrance to the construction site. To my amazement some of them were covered in beautiful druzy crystals, not anything big, but still beautiful and sparkling in the sun. And when I just about finished that last sentence just remembered I’d found a large rock near my house that had light pink druzy coating on it. But what was on these boulders was much more beautiful and some crystals, though small, were large for their type. It nearly made me cry to see that there was much damage to these boulders, including on the druzy areas, because these rocks could have been making money rather than being pushed around and damaged. So tragic because such boulder crystals are rare. I’m hoping I can afford a rock saw and cut them off the boulders before worse happens to them. I’d chisel them off but seeing what happened to those other beige crystals I found on the boulder about last month, would only do that as a last resort. I saw there were construction guys at the bottom of the construction site, and didn’t want to get caught, so went farther down past the boulders, down as in to the side of them, and after about two hours, found some great display pieces of various types of crystals on rock. Most of them are still down where I left them because of the awkward ditch/hill spot they are in and because the main gate was closed by the time I got out of it, and a car was parked in front of it, making me wonder if the owner of the area or head construction guy was around. Of course didn’t wanna get caught, so am taking a break till the car is gone to go retrieve what I found. Hopefully I’ll have so many good pieces to display I can make money off of them. I’ll try to add pics to this post later in the day, but due to my last digital camera breaking, and owing the sellers most of my income for the month, am stuck with two webcams for now.

Update 5:53 PM:

As if things couldn’t get any worse, I discovered, after repeatedly trying to get into my Amazon account, that it had been closed, forever basically, because I got “an extraordinary amount of refunds.” Of course: blame the customer when items aren’t packaged well, who cares if you even have a package review system due to such problems, blame them when an item breaks within the first few days of normal use, blame them for defective products, blame them when they merely suggest a little refund and the seller on his own obliges, and blame them when you, instead of crediting them for reporting seller violations, are given a refund on their last order, which they didn’t ask for. Oh and thanks for locking me out from replying to anyone who leaves a comment on my reviews, even when they ask me for a response, because you moderator decided I’m in “bad standing with the Amazon community” over his anger that I didn’t agree with that the world would be flooded from global warming in 100 years, and his deleting years worth of my replies and comments on other reviews. Thanks “we strive to have the best customer service” Amazon. How about: don’t punish me for your own and seller decisions to refund me, and don’t let them happen in the first place if you don’t agree with one being given? How about read the individual cases before locking someone out of their case before deciding they’ve a scammer and threatening to blackmail people unless they get refunds? That is what was implied by banning me. And how about not letting a single moderator claim a member is in bad standing with others over their personal views? Like maybe: have a panel of judges whose beliefs are common in America and the world, but not all the same, who must all agree on a vote to ban a person or not, so that personal retaliation won’t be so easy. And how about crediting me for those ideas? Can I get $10 towards my next purchase, it’s your choice Amazon, not mine.


A careful review of your account indicates that you’ve requested refunds on a majority of your orders for a variety of reasons.

In the normal course of business, we expect there may be occasional problems. However, the rate at which such problems have occurred on your account is extraordinary, and it cannot continue. Effective immediately, your Amazon.com account is closed, and you will no longer be able to shop in our store.

All other accounts related to yours have also been closed. If you were to open a new account, it would also be closed. We will not accept the return of any additional orders placed under a new account, and we won’t issue further refunds for those orders. We appreciate your cooperation.

Best regards,

Account Specialist

And let me guess: this is a hand typed letter, and not a copy and paste one, right? Right. Carefully reviewed my pet golden sea serpent. What’s very outrageous about this, on top of the other things I mentioned, is that I’ve repeatedly told them about their community moderators harassing me, including one deleting years worth of replies to other people leaving replies on reviews, mine included, and allowing clearly unlawful ones to stay, like one which called me a child molester, which was totally unrelated to my review. It stayed for years after my replies were deleted. Add to that the moderator claimed I was in bad standing with the community as a reason to prevent me from ever replying again. And why did he do so? Because when I asked one how to make a product link to “The Skeptical Environmentalist” on a review by a problem stalker who left a review on a global warming book, the moderator said my comment was hateful, so hateful apparently it required his action to delete years worth of comments on all the reviews I’d ever commented on, including my own replies to Amzn. members who questioned me. Obviously he didn’t bother reading them, despite me previously and recently pointing asking the mods to read the harassing ones being left for me by the anti-creationist stalker!

The harassing comments I got remained, after complaining at least ten times about such comments and a stalker behind most of them, who spent his time leaving one star reviews on creationist books, and making fake accounts to vote reviews and replies out of sight.

So, Amazon hates to give too many refunds, whatever that is, but is okay with its income being permanently curtailed by an anti-creationist who always, always rates a creationist book one star, regardless of any points it makes that he has no logical way to explain away, but who would have to rely on arguing a few points and pretending that that settled the matter and that nothing else was a significant problem. What a dysfunctional company.

For those of you wondering what my reply was about that upset this moderator so intensely. It was in response to the reviewer, scaremongering, by saying that in 100 years the world would indeed be flooded. My reply was, without any insults, basically this:

“So you bash the prophets of the Bible whose prophecies have come true, yet you state as a fact that the world will be flooded in 100 years, when you will conveniently be dead. And why does a global flood sound so familiar? Hmmm, isn’t that a Bible story? Could someone be ripping off the Bible they bash? And aren’t atheists supposed to not care about what happens in the far future since they only have one life to live and are supposed to be having fun?”

I don’t think I said the last sentence, but may have been trying to add it later, when I discovered I had been banned. May not have even managed to get the sentence in before that one either. But as far as I know, there was no “moron” or anything like that, at worst, I may have said “moronic”, especially being that I knew the moderator might look at what I had to say, and when I’d already been repeatedly punished by the moderators for leaving a positive review on Roman Catholic Controversy, a short review, and for leaving a long one on some pro-Buddhism anti-Christian book, which a moderator said was deleted for being a “dissertation.” Yet anyone can find a “dissertation” on Amazon left for all kinds of products with a huge number of votes up. My guess is that the mods are discriminating against and harassing what they believe are fundamentalist type Christians. It was clear from my profile I was a type of F.C., so, no one can say I’m just being paranoid or irrational. Last year I even had a customer service rep stalk me a little because he thought I thought all Indians in India were stupid (but anyone who has had extensive communication with Indian customer service reps knows they are far from perfect, and that’s even joked about in the first Transformers movie a little).

Let me guess what will happen next: Google will decide this blog is hate speech and ban me from ever, everyly super everly everst more super ever from ever showing up on the search engine ever again, x infinity. But “evilbible.com” gets to stay, right?

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