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Fractal Mind Music

I was downloading music that soundeded like a cross between ambient and dubstep from a user named fractalmind, then my mind (woah this is getting weird) came up with the idea of fractal music, but, thinking it might have already been invented, Googled it, and I was right. King Solomon proved right again, there’s nothing new under the sun.

The Great German Chocolate Cake Ice Cream Boycott (Boycott Smith’s!)

Am I the only one who is angry that Smith’s stopped selling their German chocolate cake ice cream. I’m very frustrated over it and it’s been four months since they stopped selling it. I’m still not over it. I see all their other disgusting “Premium” stuff and there’s no comparison. I asked them to bring it back, but never got a reply.

If you’re with me in shopping at anything but Smith’s till they bring it back, please let me know and sign up for the boycott!


So, yesterday I’m out rock hunting again, and this time do so near a school, and find some cool rocks, and this incredible fly I’ve never seen before that was hovering around me for a while. It was a little smaller in diameter than my pinky, about a third as long, and had a white belly and brown front and transparent wings. I wish I had a working digital camera or a camcorder! All I had was an audio recorder and could only record my excitement. I’ve been rock hunting four months in the area and have never seen such a fly. Tragic that I got no pictures of it!

And today when I went back to retrieve some large rock specimens I found, to my disgust it appeared someone had deliberately stepped on a fragile one, the only one of its type in the area! It could tell it was rare since it was fragile. Can you believe there is scum who would do that? Ugh! But apparently there are, because I discovered huge botryoidal boulders nearby, and some scum spray painted one with ugly graffiti! And I think by that same one I found a beautiful slab of layered rock, but as I was going back to where I had dropped off my shoulder bag, and after dousing myself with water and drinking some, suddenly realized I was no longer holding the slab in my hand! I tried hard to find with my pathetic solar led lamp, but it had dimmed too much and I just couldn’t see it despite it being whitish and large. I sat down there and nearly cried. I couldn’t take the boulders, but at least I got away with the a beautiful slab that amazingly no one had taken, but only to lose it! It brought me so down and ruined the day. Now I have to wait till early morning to find it. I really hate life sometimes. And a few days ago, I think three, after showing two little girls a beautiful sparkling rock I found, a little one, it disappeared! That really hurt!

I found a juvenile bunny yesterday under a piece of cardboard. I tried hard to give it the best foods, but after many hours, only for a few seconds did it put in it’s mouth a little stem of a tree I brought for it, but didn’t chew. I tried so hard to get it to eat, but in the end it was just upset. It wasn’t in a nest, wasn’t a baby, and had apparently decided to leave, so I don’t see why it would be upset that it’s mom was no longer around. I slept next to it and left it a blackberry to eat. And then in the morning, tragedy: it had come to snuggle with me while I was sleeping, and I’m sure you can guess what the tragedy was. Sigh. So much for having a pet bunny. I hope I found that slab, otherwise I’ll be devastated.

May 17, 2012:

Went to collect and look for more rocks and find the slab I lost yesterday night. While first breaking apart some rock and finding some gems figuratively speaking, I broke my pick after some strikes. I wasn’t surprised since the metal was terrible quality. Yet another Amazon dud.

I didn’t find the slab. I still wanna cry over it. As night came I got what nearly felt like gravel in my eyes and had no water to get it out. Then I found another beautiful one slab, and broke it in three. Then I wandered for what felt like forty minutes, with the wind gusting hard mostly. I felt like I was in Hell. I was looking for my satchel, which is why I wandered for so long and thought I had left in a location that actually didn’t exist. My memory erred, once again. I also lost what was left of my pick, my sunglasses AND MY IPOD. Aaaaaaaah!!! And the ipod wouldn’t even work because I forgot I left the backlight on, which had drained the batteries quickly. Sigh. I’m too tired to even look at the rocks I collected at the moment. I wish I had a bicycle. They’re always getting stolen. Carrying heavy rocks on my shoulders is wrecking my muscle and back.

I caught a lizard before the Hell began, but it was blah looking, so I let it go after petting it a little. It seems lizards love to be petted.

When I got back I washed my eyes out thoroughly and washed my face and washed my hair and then went back out to retrieve my heavy satchel with my wagon. But before bringing it back, I remembered I had seen an abandoned terrarium during the day, and went to go see if it was still there. It was, along with other stuff, and I took some of it seeing that it was still there many hours later. I wish I could get the terrarium, it’s huge, and so just what I wanted for my plan to get some lizards or geckos and put beautiful rocks inside for them and humans to see. The glass or plastic looked scratched up though, so I would need to polish it.

Then I went back and ate, and had major pain with the sharp bottom of one side of a bag of potato chips poked me!!! I’m easily stressed out by pain because I’m already in major pain already.

Then I checked my journal stats, and saw I got a comment, which turned out to be the radio show equivalent of a, “You don’t let people talk and call them morons” pot shot. The moron didn’t even make a point and I didn’t bother to read his second sentence, since any moron who starts out his babble with an insult, a pointless one, and shows no respect, and avoids the subject entirely (the moron was on the Basic Bible Evidence Page) and implies I should let any and ever “opinion” through, gets ignored. That’s a moron who is so biased, he thinks that because I’m a Christian, or theist, that I must sit and read every single little stupid comment, even spam! The moron doubly libeled me by implying that all I do is not let “opinions” he called them, through, but only call morons like him morons and devils (what a stupid, infantile, complainer, moron). He doubly didn’t make sense, because rarely do I get comments from morons like himself that are claimed merely be an opinion, rather people almost entirely leave me comments that they imply or say are facts, and with harsh insults sometimes. Otherwise, I get a question or a mere insult, baby insults on top of it. And so, must atheists too listen to every “opinion” and use their time to read any and everything said to them, and no use a spam filter?If they don’t, may I say, “It says something about you that you don’t let people publish their opinions and call them names.”? Here’s a though anti-Christian parrots: instead of complaining that you can’t see opinions that you don’t even know are there to be published, you morons, how about THINK FOR YOURSELF. HOW ABOUT NOT GIVING AN OPINION, BUT GIVING FACTS. HOW ABOUT NOT GIVING YOUR WHINING OPINION ABOUT OPINIONS YOU IMAGINE ARE SENT TO ME BUT ARE MERELY ASSUMING ARE WORTH PUBLISHING OR ARBITRARILY SAYING SHOULD BE, JUST BECAUSE I’M A CHRISTIAN AND YOU’RE A CHRISTIAN-HATER? And why would you hate Christians if all you have are opinions and not facts? Tom the Moron? Even if you reply Tom the Moron, I wouldn’t read your reply, because you’re a massively bitter moron who would have nothing useful to read, not on topic at least. You’d still be pretending that you didn’t see a single piece of evidence for the Bible, a single fact supporting its claims. Instead, you wanna whine, while having no argument of your own, about opinions you assume I get but don’t publish, and pretend I never listen to anyone’s opinions (or facts?) EVEN THOUGH ALL MUCH OF MY WORK HERE, ABOUT 700 ARTICLES, IS COMPOSED OF WHAT I LEARNED FROM OTHERS, YOU MORON. ATHEISTS AND ANTI-CHRISTIANS: STOP ASSUMING THINGS YOU MORONS. STOP TRYING TO WIN WITH BITTER WHINING. Do you think judges want to hear bitter whining in court? Do you think that will save you or make you right? Do you think God will say, “Okay you whined a lot you can go to Heaven, forget paying for your crimes, just go cuz u whine endlessly about how you can’t get your way.” Dumb, whining, criminals; all you do is whine in your assumptions and dwell in your pain and your evil friends or how your good mom or dad or whoever was supporting you is no longer around to support you. Poor you, and only you, because you’re the only one suffering, right? WRONG.

On a scale of 1-10, 1 being worst, I’d give this day a 4.5. Which is basically Hell for me.

Update: Just found the ipod in my satchel after washing off some rocks and organizing them. 4.6.

Update: I just remembered an amazing discovery during the day while looking for rocks: I found one of those large desert roaches again, it was dead. And that’s all I say about it. And two nights before, while digging for gypsum again, found another, but apparently hadn’t put it in my lap canister like I thought. I forget what happened to the original two I found.

Update, May 18, 2012: I didn’t find that slab, and still want to, and desperate to buy this beautiful rock I saw for sale, but today, I found much more than I ever expected, God gave me one surprise after another. I’m not out of the woods yet, but today was an amazing day. May God richly bless anyone who had sincerely prayed for and blessed me. I believe God answered my long prayers and complaints yesterday and the day before. Out of 1-10, today was a 20. Hoooraaaaaay!!!

May 19, 2012: Went to cart away some large and large amounts of rocks early in the morning and hurt my left leg pretty bad when I slipped down a cliff face in a boulder filled area. After exploring more afterwards four a few hours up and top of a cliff, I returned home due to exhaustion, and left some rocks behind, hidden (I’ve found so many rocks I’ve hidden a bunch in a few places and have yet to retrieve them) and left my cart. When I went back out, I still left it and instead of bring back rocks, decided farther out into the desert to explore what was there and collect a few more rocks. I discovered a pretty plant, many of them, growing in the area that I went farther out to. I think I’ll collect them and see if I can grow and sell them.

While going out to the new cliff area, I saw much greenery, and then saw it was a park, and then when going to the right farther out, found yet another cliff park area, then as night came I discovered this incredible rock formation in the ground, perfectly intact it looked like. It was huge and circular and had the same strange little beige muddy looking fingers covering it I’d seen on much smaller rocks that I’ve taken home before. Then I found another cliff area but this one didn’t seem to have a park yet, but rather was in development. There was an odd shallow hole that had been bored into the soft rock in that place, as if someone had wanted a sample of it or was intending to drill into it, but then stopped. I didn’t seen any rough break in the bottom of it, but only dirt and rock and the bottom felt rough, but not jagged. But there was so much dirt and rock, and since only had my ipod for light, didn’t feel or see much of what was at the bottom of it. I was only about seven inches deep I think.

I saw amazing views and nice greenery. I accidentally lost my hat down a cliff. I lifted it up and it slipped out my hand. Better my hat then me.

I went to sit and look at a nice view from another part of the cliff, farther away from another spot, and when I sat down, and I think made a little noise, I saw a dark bird like thing fly away from the cliff, near where I had sat down. It was about forty feet down from me I think. It disappeared quickly as it flew out, which I thought was strange there seemed to be enough light from the city to be able to see it fly away longer. Maybe it had furrier feathers than most birds and so it absorbed light better. I don’t think it was a very large bat.

I’d been ready for coyotes running around, ready to stab them with a wooden stake I found, but instead, I heard some weird phaser-like sound, twice sometime between 9:07-8 P.M., twice, at the bottom of a fence off wetland area. It also reminded me of those lightning blast sounds from old Godzilla movies. I went down into the wetland area but the only interesting thing I found was some interesting rock formations on the inside of the crevice where the greenery was. Then I walked out of the crevice, still exploring even further out, using my ipod for light, went to see what was around and under this common desert tree or bush plant, and found a white slab or some sort of pretty rock layer I’d found before on top of rocks, but which break off easy. They are somewhat like the multi-layered slabs I’ve found before but are always much thinner, and aren’t translucent. They have a wavy look to them. It was the biggest piece I’ve found of that type of rock so far. Strange that it was just under a tree with none else like it around.

I noticed a large bold looking church by the wetland crevice. I thought it strange I hadn’t noticed before being that I’ve walked past that area before on the street side. I guess it’s hidden from easy view. I want go to see what it is like there tomorrow if I’m not too exhausted.

When I finally returned, I found that my cart had been stolen. $75 down the drain. I’d give this day a 15 out of 10 though.

Knight’s Child, Civil Rights and Police Protection Laws

There are major short comings and oversights in US and NV law. There is also an issue with police abuse of power and violation of civil rights.

1) CPS must investigate parents (and the physical and mental health of any children they have) who’ve been accused of having characteristics indicative of the following destructive mental illnesses (or who have been convicted of a crime very indicative of one or more of these mental disorders or convicted of many crimes) by more than one witness of such behavior, and the witnesses must both have seen or heard the behavior at the same time, whether it be on a recording or as it occurs:

a) psychopathy (having no conscience)
b) sociopathy (having little to no conscience, and possibly abnormal impatience)
c) narcissism (an extreme obsession with self to the hurt of others, especially those under their supervision, especially family, especially children)
d) anti-social personality disorder (people who have problems with logical and healthy relationships with others, who usually addicted to something, which causes them to be obsessed with something to the hurt of those under their supervision or, if their obsession is someone under their supervision, rather than a drug, etc., would be likely to provoke or cause a mental disorder in the person they are obsessing on).

2) CPS (Child Protective Services) agencies, in whatever state, must be staffed with multiple psychologists who can be sent out two or three at a time (three if one or more of the psychologists has been accused of doing something unethical during his work, or in the past with debatable or solid evidence or to prove it), just as police are often to gather in two’s, three’s or more for an incident. They should also have the right to record audio and video of an accused parents house if given permission, and if not, a person whose job is specifically to take notes of what is said to do so, using an electronic device or a notepad if that’s all that’s available. If permission is given, but no evidence is found for the accusations within 10 days, the audio and video must be destroyed if the parents so request, without the requirement to pay a fee to the keepers of the audio and/or video to fulfill the request.

3) CPS shall have the right to remove persons under the age of 19 from the vicinity and or home of their parent, parents or legal guardians, if they have determined that their parents have any of the aforementioned mental illnesses in law 1 of Knight’s Protection Laws, so long as they have the agreement of four psychologists who are not controversial, and who have not been accused with evidence of criminal acts or speech or immoral acts or speech and who have themselves been diagnosed by four reputable psychologists as not having narcissism, psychopathy, sociopathy or anti-social personality disorder.

4) Law enforcement may not turn the knob or latch on a closed door of a residence/home of someone they are investigating or want to speak with if there is no evidence that the person or people in the residence/home of the closed door are in imminent danger of harm by another, or are planning on immediately harming anyone outside and there is no ethical search warrant. Ethical, is very important, because if the police officer or officers have reasonable evidence to suspect a warrant is invalid, as in based on corrupt judgment and false evidence, and therefore falling to a matter of conscience, may decline to enforce the warrant without retaliation, like being fired, being suspended with or without pay, or having a negative remark entered into their record for declining to enforce a warrant. (I bring this up because I found out that police turn the doorknobs on the homes of people that they merely want to talk to, to see if it is unlocked, and if so, using that as justification to enter, which is evil and absurd reasoning. That cannot be allowed to continue.)

5) Police, including marshals, may not cover or obscuring a peephole, hole, window or crack of a residence to prevent themselves from being clearly identified but those in the residence of such places which can be used for identification, if there is no apparent reason for them to do so, such as to protect themselves from attack from a person who has been convicted for a brutal attack (not merely hitting a person once or twice in anger or in retaliation for themselves being genuinely violated), murder, or promoting violence, including professional and amateur boxing, street fighting, stick, knife or sword fighting, without head, hand or foot protection. They should also be forbidden from knocking on the residence of a person not know for the previously mentioned evidences of being violent when wanting to investigate a person or persons in that residence without first, or after knocking, identifying that they are police, and of what type, and whether they are their to question or enforce a warrant.

6) Correctional/Corrections organizations, whether state, country or private, must not forbid inmates from using their intercoms or electronic notifiers (devices in their cells used to summon a corrections officer) to report an abusive inmate, inadequate reception of food, supplies or severe pain (the severity of which is determined by the inmate, so that he cannot be punished based on the opinion of the corrections officer, who isn’t a medical professional). This law is because of corrections officers threatening inmates who use them for those reasons, when locked in their cells.

7) Inmates may not be locked in cells which have no non working electronic notifier, including intercom, because that endangers the life of the inmate.

8) Inmates who were accused of murder or harming a minor, but for which no evidence has been found within 10 days, may request to have an inmate, rather than being kept in isolation, and must be given as much time to be free as inmates not accused of those things, even if it the inmates accused of those things will have their free time in the early or late morning hours of the day.

9) Citizens accused of murder or harming or trying to harm a child must have those accusations removed from their record if no evidence is found within 10 days, whether still under investigation for those accusations or not, and may not be forced to be in isolation.

10) Inmates may not be jailed without receiving a clean bed and pillow (cleaned by water mixed with a certain amount of bleach that will not cause injury to the skin, eyes or lungs, throat or nose of an inmate) and a clean cup, and a cup of filtered water, that does not contain fluoride, and which must come near to the top of the cup.

11) Checks must be done on the inside of jails and prisons, whether state, county or private to make sure that all the water filters that filter water for inmates are still in working condition, by testing the contaminate levels of the water for common contamination (arsenic, mercury, fluoride, cyanide, ecoli, etc.). If the filters are inadequate they must immediately be replaced.

12) Inmates must be allowed to control the individual temperature of their cells by being allowed to enter their preference in a digital device. If there is more than one inmate, the temperature will be the average of both their choices.

13) Air ducts/registers in the cells of correctional facilities may not flow air directly on the inmates, but must blow the air out the bottom or top of the door, without irritating the inmate from air deflection (air blown back on the inmate).

14) Correctional facilities must replace their air filters once they have reached their obvious limit for filtering dust, especially if they have been used past their stated functional expectancy.

15) Correctional facilities may not allow dust or debris to visibly accumulate on their ceilings. The ceilings must be cleaned at least once every 15 days.

16) Corrections facilities may not use vacuums that do not have more than 10 positive reviews in a consumer magazine from later than the year 2007. They may not use vacuums that have an overall rating below a maximum of five or ten stars or other symbolic methods of measuring the quality of a product. Correctional facilities may not use vacuums that were given away or bought used. Correction facilities may not use a broken vacuum, it must be replaced immediately.

17) Corrections facilities must be regularly cleaned with a vacuum, at least twice a day, using a vacuum that was not made before 2007 and which has at least 10 positive reviews on the Internet, and with an overall positive rating.

18) Correctional officers when giving directions to inmates, for example when inmates or being told to go to a certain place, if not allowed to go on their own, must be given hand signals by the officers as to which way to go. This is because some inmates have a brain disability preventing them from immediately identifying left from right and who have a hearing or visual disability or are exhausted, perhaps from chronic fatigue whether from insomnia or not or some other reason.

19) Corrections officers may not yell angrily or excessively (abusively) at inmates for not immediately going to the left or right when told to do so, or for going in the wrong direction, unless the inmate did not state a disability which would prevent them from easily going in the proper direction instructed to them, or, and even if not stated, if the officer has been later made aware, either by his own observation or the inmate’s observation, that he has a such a disability. Disabilities are not always immediately recognized.

20) Inmates in correctional facilities may not be denied the use of a wheelchair if they report having severe back, neck or foot pain either when entering a correctional facility or after.

21) Inmates in correctional facilities who report having severe back, neck or foot pain, or who have high arches, flat feet, or other foot disorders, must be allowed the use of their insoles and regular shoes and/or a wheel chair.

22) Inmates in corrections facilities, whether outside or inside of the building, who have not been accused or convicted of theft or violent crimes, must not be forced to spread their buttocks or uncover their genitals with their hands, as they have not been accused of anything that would justify such a search. If the accusations are without evidence for 10 days, then an inmate must not be forced to spread their buttocks or uncover their genitals.

23) Food given to inmates under the care of correctional facilities must not be past the expiration date for dogs, cats, pigs, horses or humans, and must be determined by the FDA to be fit for human consumption by at least five FDA and USDA employees, who, on video, can clearly be seen inspecting the regular food and drink given to inmates of the correctional facility.

24) Inmates under the care of a correction facility must be given an alternative to food and drink that do not have questionable preservatives or supplements, such as aspartame, Red Lake 40, MSG and other controversial additives.

25) Inmates under the care of a correction facility, when first entering, must be allowed four generic buffered aspirin pills a day, if there is no known allergic reactions that they have to aspirin or that amount of aspirin. They must also be given that much within four minutes after they report a severe headache or migraine.

26) If an inmate reports his food or drink is contaminated with debris, including hair or skin not of his own, his food must be replaced, and even if he has eaten most of it, so long as a portion remains that is contaminated. It must be replaced up to two times, unless the officer, finds through forensic investigation, that the inmate is lying, or unless the inmate has been convicted of major fraud or three times for fraud.

27) Inmates under the care of a correction facility must be given the choice of toothpaste: fluoridated and non-fluoridated, mint or plain.

28) Inmates under the care of a correction facility must be given uniforms that do not give resistance to their natural body movements. For example a uniform must not pull down on their shoulders or in other ways that cause them discomfort or pain. The uniforms must also not be made of wool, but cotton or a mixture of smooth cotton and hemp.

29) Inmates under the care of a correction facility, if in a room alone, or if they have the agreement of their roommate, must be allowed to have the lights in their room on or off.

30) Corrections and law enforcement officers may shine their flash lights in the faces of inmates during sleeping hours, unless they see the inmate doing something illegal.

31) Inmates under the care of a correction facility must not be given their meals at unusual hours, for example, at 4 A.M., but at the earliest, 6:30 A.M.

32) Inmates under the care of a correction facility must be given meals given to inmates must be uniform to the others given to other inmates. This is to prevent violence and favoritism. If an inmate receives what he believes is a portion of his meal that is over lower quality or less than the average, the corrections officer must compare it to a picture taken of the meals taken before hand, if necessary, to make the meal uniform with the others.

33) Inmates under the care of a correction facility who have psoriasis of the scalp or on their body of a large area like the area of a scalp, must be given two meals to make up for the loss of calories and fluids caused by that skin condition.

34) Inmates under the care of a correction facility with diabetes or hypoglycemia must be allowed to have meals appropriate to preventing either of those conditions they may have from worsening.

35) Inmates under the care of a correction facility must, before entering a cell of a corrections facility, or if detained outside of one for more than thirty minutes (unless they report mental distress for not having one, because such stress could lead to violent behavior or a worsening of their mental condition) be given a common religious book, new, without missing or unreabable pages, and if used, must be sterilized, that have existed for more than 40 years (due to financial limitations, that is the time given), of their choice. Examples of such common or books under a total of eight American dollars: the NIV Bible, the KJV Bible, the ESV Bible, the TNIV Bible, The Tibetan Book of the Dead and the Quran. If the books are not readily available, then they must be ordered within two hours unless an emergency delays the ordering.

36) Inmates under the care of a correction facility must not be punished for the offenses of others, nor detained because of them. For example, if one inmate is smoking, the others must not be “locked down” or “strip searched” because of the wrong doings of that inmate.

37) Inmates under the care of a corrections facility, who have been accused of a crime against a child, who have had violence occur to him three times as a result of giving up their right to isolation in a cell or outside of one, has the right to be given immediate isolation again, however, they may only make this switch twice in one week. For example, if they ask to be amongst the inmates, they may, but if three violent acts occur against them, they may request isolation again, but not for another week afterwards.

38) Inmates shall have the right to take a shower without torment as a result of doing so. Inmates under the care of a corrections facility must not be forced to take showers under what they report is scalding or freezing water. The temperature of the water must be from 70-80 degrees and no higher or warmer.

39) Inmates shall have the choice of a microwave or infrared oven with a time and temperature limiter to prevent excessive and pointless heating, to heat their food and drink. This is because microwaving food and drink has become controversial.

40) When inmates of correctional facilities are given replacement supplies, such as toilet paper, they must not be put on the floor, unless there is dry, clean material, such as laminated paper, placed under those supplies to prevent them from contamination from the floor.

41) Food trays used for the inmates of correctional facilities must not have cuts or deep scratches in them lest food poisoning occur.

42) Dust, debris and spilled liquids, when swept or vacuumed in a correctional facility or outside of it but within the jurisdiction of it, must be contained and disposed of unless it is dirt or construction material being bulldozed or pulled away from the facility. They must not be swept into grates or into common areas where they can get in contact again with the inmates or corrections officers or visitors. Liquid, if a drink, ammonia, bleach, saliva or urine, may only be swept or poured into a shower grate/drain if it does not have the potential gas upwards (due to heat, evaporation or the drain being clogged) to pose harm to anyone’s body or to be so offensive or strong in smell as to cause anyone nearby or in the shower to feel ill or often miserable.

43) If an inmate of a correctional facility complains of sexual harassment by a person within the correctional facility they are in, or while under their care, it must be documented and reported to the local police.

44) If an inmate of a correctional facility is not getting medical attention that he has requested within the hour due to the facility being overpopulated, especially a serious medical problem, such as a migraine, bad toothache, or severe itching and burning from a rash or other ill skin condition, or if the corrections facility has repeatedly not been able to cover the expenses needed for proper operations (repeated meaning not being able to carry out things lawfully and to fulfill the rights of its inmates for three days in a row), the corrections facility shall make a request to a local judge for the speedy dismissal of accuastions against persons charged with petty crimes or crimes for which no evidence has not been found against within four days of the accusation that was made against them, or for such persons to be released with a pending trial date to resolve the accusations made against such persons. Examples of petty crimes: trespassing on commercial property with no apparent intent to do damage or harm and in which no harm or damage resulted, especially if the apparent intent was to get to another location outside the property more quickly (taking a short-cut), minor damage to a common plant belonging to a neighbor, mere, repeated yelling resulting in disturbance of the peace, minor drunkeness in public (unless while driving a vehicle or being still in traffic), possession of small amounts of a drug or drug paraphenelia whether in a school zone or not, possession of brass knuckles, stealing property with a value less than $10, stealing an amount of money under the amount of $10 (unless doing so resulted in a the person who was stolen from being stranded, losing more money, an inability to pay a bill, phone call, send an email, loss of computer data, a wedding dress or tuxedo, a prom dress or tuxedo, a bad grade of a work for school, physical injury due to not being able to purchase the proper equipment for an activity done for profit, like a helmet or goggles for mining, or humiliation from lacking the money to hide an embarassing skin condition like a rash or psoriasis, if any of these things resulted within one week.)

45) Law enforcement persons, when legally detaining a person of their interest for mere question, rather than making an arrest, may not rub their hands on the genitals of a person or between their buttocks unless they can see part of a gun, knife or pepper spray item in that area, or unless the person they are questioning has indicated that they will unlawfully harm the law enforcement officer with a direct threat or through use of a common cliché, like, “I will cause you to drop dead if you search me,” or “Try searching me and watch watch what happens.” But this is not a justifiable reason, if a person who the police merely want to question, and for which they have no evidence against for having committed a crime to make a lawful arrest, says, “Don’t touch my genitals” or “Don’t touch my private parts.”

46) Handcuffs used by law enforcement must be fitted with soft foam and rubber linings to prevent injury to that they are placed on and if the person with the cuffs on complains of pain to their wrists due to excessive tightness, the officer must loosen them if the person they have placed the cuffs on are not known for trying to escape when detained or arrested. If Law enforcement officer must arrest a citizen, but sees that that citizen is wearing a medical bracelet with “Raynaud’s Disease” written on it or “sensitive wrist and arm nerves” or some other clear indicator of easily damaged nerves or already damaged nerves in the arms (like a medical card), then specialized hand cuffs that do not put pressure on their wrists or arms must be used, or around their feet. If no such specialized restraints exist, they may be allowed to go under arrest but without restraints. The only exception to this is if the citizen is resisting arrest or attempting to grab a weapon while under arrest or has a long history of flight from arrest.

7) If a citizen that law enforcement have detained or arrested tells them that they are being caused great, severe or “a lot of” pain from their hands being cuffed behind their backs, and that person complaining has not been accused of a violent crime or stalking, attempting to escape when justly detained or arrested or trying to touch or grab something the law enforcement officer legally forbade, such as a weapon or another person, the officer must allow the person complaining of pain to be recuffed with their hands in front of them.

48) A person may not be convicted of “luring a minor,” because the mere act of luring is not a crime any more than luring anything else. Rather, it is harming a child that is a crime.

49) A person may not be convicted or “annoying a minor,” because there are already adequate laws against harassment.

50) A person may not be forced to be isolated in a corrections facility for any crime against a minor that does not include a charge of violence, if they so request. Such persons who forfeits their right to charge a law enforcement or corrections officer for misconduct if they are injured as a result of their request, such as by violence from another inmate who commits violence against the inmate who forfeits it, unless the that officer saw the violence about to occur or while it was happening and did not act right away to stop it.

51) If a citizen of the United States calls another a “faggit,” “fag,” “homo,” “a homo,” “gay” or “a gay,” in writing or verbally, including electronically, and makes such a statement, accompanied with a threat of violence, or with clear malicious intent (words used in such a way clearly meant to cause emotional pain to the person or to provoke them or another to unlawful violence, rather than merely to inform them of some news and common speech not meant to be malicious) it shall be considered harassment and hate crime. If such a letter hurts the reputation of the person who it was sent to, including by causing the person it was sent to to reveal his identity to others in order to seek justice or psychological counseling, than it shall also be considered the crime of false light.

52) If a citizen of the United States calls another a “pedo,” “paedo,” “paedophile”, “pedophile,” “child molester,” “a danger to kids,” or “a danger to children,” “kid-toucher,” or anything else meant to convey those things (for example, “you hang out with kids”), in writing or verbally, including electronically, and makes such a statement without evidence, accompanied with a threat of violence, or with clear malicious intent (words used in such a way clearly meant to cause emotional pain to the person or to provoke them or another to unlawful violence, rather than merely to inform them of some news and common speech not meant to be malicious) it shall be considered harassment and hate crime. If such a letter hurts the reputation of the person who it was sent to, including by causing the person it was sent to to reveal his identity to others in order to seek justice or psychological counseling, than it shall also be considered the crime of false light.

53) If a citizen of the United States calls another a “Chester” (meaning “pedophile” or “child molester”) or anything else meant to convey those things, in writing or verbally, including electronically, and makes such a statement without evidence, accompanied with a threat of violence, or with clear malicious intent (words used in such a way clearly meant to cause emotional pain to the person or to provoke them or another to unlawful violence, rather than merely to inform them of some news and common speech not meant to be malicious) it shall be considered harassment and hate crime. If such a letter hurts the reputation of the person who it was sent to, including by causing the person it was sent to to reveal his identity to others in order to seek justice or psychological counseling, than it shall also be considered the crime of false light.

54) A law enforcement or corrections officer may not remove the the hat of a person suffering from psoriasis of the scalp or forehead, nor bandages meant to cover such, unless that hat poses a clear danger to them (for example has sewn in or glued on spikes or or toxic materials) and which must be documented. If it does, that person must have their hat or bandages replaced. The hate or bandages may only be removed to inspect for weapons or illegal items, and only if it will not cause physical harm to the person whose hat is being lifted or removed. The officers must first ask the person if they have psoriasis of the scalp before removal, and if the person does have it, must allow them to sit or stand out of public view or with a covering, like a piece of large cardboard or an open umbrella, shielding them from view of the public (if in public) to prevent them from being humiliated.

55) Any recorded accusation made by the police or government officials against a citizen, for which there is no evidence, especially if that is determined in a court of law, must be deleted from police records, and if on paper, must be burned or finely shred and mixed with other shredded papers. States in violation of this law, who recorded the accusations of law enforcement from another state and who did not delete the evidence under these conditions, will be in violation of the law of this state. This law, once in force, requires that all such accusations made in the past by law enforcement, which meet the conditions for deletion and destruction. Law enforcement may also not personally keep such records in their records or elsewhere once scheduled for deletion and/or destruction.

56) If a law enforcement officer arrests a person for photographing, video-recording, or audio-recording, but there is no evidence for a privacy violation or harassment by doing so, except for the testimony of three witnesses (none of whom may be biologically related), and only after first passing a psychological test to determine that they do not they are psychopaths, sociopaths, narcissists, or have anti-social personality disorder, or have any other mental disorder or conflict of interest (for example a past grudge against the one they are accusing of a privacy violation or harassment, that they feel they did not get justice for) that puts into question their ability to tell the truth, that officer shall be guilty of wrongful arrest and harassment. Note, “harassment” does not include a person feeling annoyed merely because they were photographed or recorded in some other way, unless there is clear evidence that there recordings are being done to annoy the person complaining.

57) Anyone brought to jail or court (for example a so called “pre trial” under accusation of a crime, if they have no legal representative or counsel, must first be questioned if they suffer from any mental disorders, organic brain problems (like abnormal memory problems, depression, dyscalculia, dyslexia) or severe hearing or visual impairments. If the defendants admit to having any of those things, they must be appointed legal counsel before appearing in court. This is because such a person may be too impaired to give a proper answer to the court when questioned. A police officer then should, when bringing a person to jail, question them as to whether or not they have such problems, and have them fill out a form for a medical person at a correctional facility to keep in their records and pass along to a judge whether or not the medical person has evidence of such problems existing or not.

58) When a law enforcement officer comes to arrest a person, they must declare that they are a law enforcement officer of the city (or whatever their jurisdiction is) in the hearing of whoever he is going to arrest before he arrests them and give them proof unless the person he is coming to arrest is known for repeatedly fleeing from officers or has been physically violent to an officer more than once or has made a death threat or threat of physical harm to an officer once. This is to help prevent a situation in which the person being arrested claims he believed the officer was someone impersonating law enforcement officers or one in particular.

59) Anyone who points a gun at a law enforcement officer, including a toy gun meant to look like a particular gun model that can fire bullets and a gun that can fire liquid (or other projectiles) in order to hinder the officer from making an investigation of a crime is guilty of obstructing a law enforcement officer (and no other crime).

60) A judge must release a person who is in jail for a petty crime if that person either:

a) owns a pet which needs frequent regular feeding or care,
b) has a job that requires regular attendance to that job,
c) must pay housing rent, mortgage bills, bank fees or bank maintanence fees,
d) has children that need care
f) is a caretaker for another adult
g) has left valuable property exposed to theft (which includes an unlocked door or window to their house or apartment)
h) has evidence that can show another person guilty of a severe crime, such as child abuse or rape,

as long as they do not have not failed to appear in court more than three times when summoned or so long as they do not have have many serious criminal convictions. If they do, and admit to any of the above, the judge must send out or request an appropriate person to secure the person’s property so that they are not unjustly impoverished or punished beyond their crime, etc.

Any violations of these laws should carry a fine of $500 on the first offense, payable (and not taxable) to the person whose rights have been violated (the victim) and double each time the offense is committed by the same agency or person. If the inmate is the victim, they may have the corrections facility or victimizer pay the money to a person of their choice, except for a stalking victim who refuses any gifts from their stalker. A law enforcement officer or corrections officer who commits these crimes must be fired or suspended for up to one year without pay. In the case of a law enforcement officer or judge failing to investigate evidence of child abuse or rape which an inmate admits to having (or a corrections officer failing to report such an admission to a law enforcement officer of the city in which he lives), that person must pay an additional $1,000,000 to any established victim which the evidence reveals.

Please let me know you’ve read this letter in full and what you think of my request.

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What’s Been Going On

For many months now the SSA has been withholding $300 a mo. from me, out of what’s sposed to be $708 because, despite me volunteering that I changed addresses, didn’t give three proofs of address change, which my state requires. The operator I spoke to didn’t indicate this at all. They owe me something like $1,200 by now but I’m too depressed, exhausted and cash strapped to the SSA, where ever it is around here.

And on eBay, I made a bad auction, because there proper category wasn’t provided, and not being so wise at the moment, decided it would be okay. But I started to see the bad sign of only a few people looking at my auction despite me selling very good items. And despite it getting about 7 watchers, not many, maybe two, bid, and it only went up to an astounding $41 out of what should have been $300 at least! So, angry, I eventually decided to not go through with it and stating why, basically, eBay’s incompitence in not, after a decade, providing a basic category that should have been there. Further, they didn’t notify me, despite this being the first time selling with the account, that I wouldn’t be able to change the categories once I chose them. And why shouldn’t I have been allowed to? And having lost tons of money and valuables over the years, including from a major burglary (which was devestating as I lost refinements of my books and four harddrives, one which was packed with information and video and audio documentation of insane police harassment, and which I suspect an officer set me up for, the burglary that is) — as I was saying, having last tons of money, I couldn’t bring myself to go through with the auction. The buyer was merciless despite apparently being very wealthy (had about 1000 ratings), and gave me a bad rating.

I also had some minor purchases and bids on eBay to pay off, but ugh, Paypal, which eBay owns, won’t let me use it: they limited it right when I was about to pay all my debts! And why? Because I forgot I’d get charged a seller fee for that auction (even though I refunded the buyer’s money). My Paypal account was tied into an old bank account that had expired. I tried to close it and reopen it with a new debit card to pay off the sellers, but of course, Paypal wouldn’t let me close it. And out of curiousity, tried to see what would happen if I put in a new working debit card, but it kept rejecting it, telling me I was invalid or wrong info, yet I know it was correct, 100% correct. I also tried to at least go through two of the limit gates, and got up to the verification of identity by a phone call, but never got a call. And why were they putting me through this, that is, trying to ID me? Was there any indication I wasn’t who I said I was? No. And now that I think about it somemore, I’m not even sure this is about a seller fee. I thought it might be because Wellsfargo told me by email my account couldn’t be charged, but, I never linked it to Paypal, so, mostly liekly, that’s Wellsfargos’ recurring monthly fee, $15, which they’ve been hurting their customers with. I only got one email months ago from them about this fee, and though two or three months ago trying to close it, was denied because despite having other ID and my debit card, didn’t have a state ID (it was stolen months ago). So, they’ve been charing me maintenance fees I can’t pay AND TACKING ON BOUNCE FEES FOR THEIR OWN MAINTENANCE FEE! Can anyone say sick, greedy, psychopaths? How about “ursury”?

Paypal and eBay are just hurting htemselves since I can’t pay the $200 I owe to the sellers and that is a loss of money for both companies. It also provokes their sellers to go in search of some other place to sell other than eBay and to use another money transfer service. I wonder why eBay hasn’t been sued by any government for their breaking some monopoly law, being that they won’t permit any other electronic transfer other than Paypal.

I told the sellers about the Paypal problem and asked to pay by cash, and they accepted, however one seller, strangely, hasn’t responded after days.

Meanwhile, I’ve been mining for gypsum, and hoping to find precious minerals, but only found one beautiful gypsum display piece. My shovel and hammer were stolen, so I’ve been having to use a chisel and large rock, which is exhausting, so exhausting I decided this morning to instead go look to see what a nearby construction site had dug up, and looked at some pinkish boulders near the entrance to the construction site. To my amazement some of them were covered in beautiful druzy crystals, not anything big, but still beautiful and sparkling in the sun. And when I just about finished that last sentence just remembered I’d found a large rock near my house that had light pink druzy coating on it. But what was on these boulders was much more beautiful and some crystals, though small, were large for their type. It nearly made me cry to see that there was much damage to these boulders, including on the druzy areas, because these rocks could have been making money rather than being pushed around and damaged. So tragic because such boulder crystals are rare. I’m hoping I can afford a rock saw and cut them off the boulders before worse happens to them. I’d chisel them off but seeing what happened to those other beige crystals I found on the boulder about last month, would only do that as a last resort. I saw there were construction guys at the bottom of the construction site, and didn’t want to get caught, so went farther down past the boulders, down as in to the side of them, and after about two hours, found some great display pieces of various types of crystals on rock. Most of them are still down where I left them because of the awkward ditch/hill spot they are in and because the main gate was closed by the time I got out of it, and a car was parked in front of it, making me wonder if the owner of the area or head construction guy was around. Of course didn’t wanna get caught, so am taking a break till the car is gone to go retrieve what I found. Hopefully I’ll have so many good pieces to display I can make money off of them. I’ll try to add pics to this post later in the day, but due to my last digital camera breaking, and owing the sellers most of my income for the month, am stuck with two webcams for now.

Update 5:53 PM:

As if things couldn’t get any worse, I discovered, after repeatedly trying to get into my Amazon account, that it had been closed, forever basically, because I got “an extraordinary amount of refunds.” Of course: blame the customer when items aren’t packaged well, who cares if you even have a package review system due to such problems, blame them when an item breaks within the first few days of normal use, blame them for defective products, blame them when they merely suggest a little refund and the seller on his own obliges, and blame them when you, instead of crediting them for reporting seller violations, are given a refund on their last order, which they didn’t ask for. Oh and thanks for locking me out from replying to anyone who leaves a comment on my reviews, even when they ask me for a response, because you moderator decided I’m in “bad standing with the Amazon community” over his anger that I didn’t agree with that the world would be flooded from global warming in 100 years, and his deleting years worth of my replies and comments on other reviews. Thanks “we strive to have the best customer service” Amazon. How about: don’t punish me for your own and seller decisions to refund me, and don’t let them happen in the first place if you don’t agree with one being given? How about read the individual cases before locking someone out of their case before deciding they’ve a scammer and threatening to blackmail people unless they get refunds? That is what was implied by banning me. And how about not letting a single moderator claim a member is in bad standing with others over their personal views? Like maybe: have a panel of judges whose beliefs are common in America and the world, but not all the same, who must all agree on a vote to ban a person or not, so that personal retaliation won’t be so easy. And how about crediting me for those ideas? Can I get $10 towards my next purchase, it’s your choice Amazon, not mine.


A careful review of your account indicates that you’ve requested refunds on a majority of your orders for a variety of reasons.

In the normal course of business, we expect there may be occasional problems. However, the rate at which such problems have occurred on your account is extraordinary, and it cannot continue. Effective immediately, your account is closed, and you will no longer be able to shop in our store.

All other accounts related to yours have also been closed. If you were to open a new account, it would also be closed. We will not accept the return of any additional orders placed under a new account, and we won’t issue further refunds for those orders. We appreciate your cooperation.

Best regards,

Account Specialist

And let me guess: this is a hand typed letter, and not a copy and paste one, right? Right. Carefully reviewed my pet golden sea serpent. What’s very outrageous about this, on top of the other things I mentioned, is that I’ve repeatedly told them about their community moderators harassing me, including one deleting years worth of replies to other people leaving replies on reviews, mine included, and allowing clearly unlawful ones to stay, like one which called me a child molester, which was totally unrelated to my review. It stayed for years after my replies were deleted. Add to that the moderator claimed I was in bad standing with the community as a reason to prevent me from ever replying again. And why did he do so? Because when I asked one how to make a product link to “The Skeptical Environmentalist” on a review by a problem stalker who left a review on a global warming book, the moderator said my comment was hateful, so hateful apparently it required his action to delete years worth of comments on all the reviews I’d ever commented on, including my own replies to Amzn. members who questioned me. Obviously he didn’t bother reading them, despite me previously and recently pointing asking the mods to read the harassing ones being left for me by the anti-creationist stalker!

The harassing comments I got remained, after complaining at least ten times about such comments and a stalker behind most of them, who spent his time leaving one star reviews on creationist books, and making fake accounts to vote reviews and replies out of sight.

So, Amazon hates to give too many refunds, whatever that is, but is okay with its income being permanently curtailed by an anti-creationist who always, always rates a creationist book one star, regardless of any points it makes that he has no logical way to explain away, but who would have to rely on arguing a few points and pretending that that settled the matter and that nothing else was a significant problem. What a dysfunctional company.

For those of you wondering what my reply was about that upset this moderator so intensely. It was in response to the reviewer, scaremongering, by saying that in 100 years the world would indeed be flooded. My reply was, without any insults, basically this:

“So you bash the prophets of the Bible whose prophecies have come true, yet you state as a fact that the world will be flooded in 100 years, when you will conveniently be dead. And why does a global flood sound so familiar? Hmmm, isn’t that a Bible story? Could someone be ripping off the Bible they bash? And aren’t atheists supposed to not care about what happens in the far future since they only have one life to live and are supposed to be having fun?”

I don’t think I said the last sentence, but may have been trying to add it later, when I discovered I had been banned. May not have even managed to get the sentence in before that one either. But as far as I know, there was no “moron” or anything like that, at worst, I may have said “moronic”, especially being that I knew the moderator might look at what I had to say, and when I’d already been repeatedly punished by the moderators for leaving a positive review on Roman Catholic Controversy, a short review, and for leaving a long one on some pro-Buddhism anti-Christian book, which a moderator said was deleted for being a “dissertation.” Yet anyone can find a “dissertation” on Amazon left for all kinds of products with a huge number of votes up. My guess is that the mods are discriminating against and harassing what they believe are fundamentalist type Christians. It was clear from my profile I was a type of F.C., so, no one can say I’m just being paranoid or irrational. Last year I even had a customer service rep stalk me a little because he thought I thought all Indians in India were stupid (but anyone who has had extensive communication with Indian customer service reps knows they are far from perfect, and that’s even joked about in the first Transformers movie a little).

Let me guess what will happen next: Google will decide this blog is hate speech and ban me from ever, everyly super everly everst more super ever from ever showing up on the search engine ever again, x infinity. But “” gets to stay, right?