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Found dirty crystal minerals of some sort, what are they?

I’ve been mining out in the desert, and have been digging up bizarre ugly crystals that resemble very short chunks or wide slabs (slabs smaller than my hand that is) of tourmaline. Some of this crystal stuff  are small glass like sheets that you can see through. However, some of it looks like warped dirty ice, others look like garbage asbestos. I came upon some veins of the stuff, and it easily crumbles into little short fibers. A small amount of rocks had some of these crystals embedded in them, and those rocks are light beige and smooth and feel soft, but when washed with water, do not melt away. A few pieces are like very thin burnt pieces of dry thick crepe (not at all round in shape though), only without a burnt look, but rather a look of mud. And they are covered in tiny protruding very stubby crooked finger-like structures (nothing beautiful). I also noticed that these crystals are poorer the deeper I go into the soil. I eventually got to thick clay, and pockets of this crystal stuff were in it, and as I said, they were poor from then on. What is this dirty ice stuff, and is there any value to it other than as specimens of mineral, and is anything more valuable usually found with this stuff? I’m hoping if I go deep enough I’ll come upon gem material, rather than this apparent pretty junk. This stuff is around an area where a volcano apparently exploded, because there are lava rocks everywhere, ugly ones that sometimes fall apart. Here’s one pic (click it to see more of what I found on Flickr).

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