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Strange Ice Explosion/Formations Appear Russian Ural Area

This is a translation of a news report on what is either an ice fall or some strange carving or cutting and lifting of ice:

An Anomaly of Unknown Origin Noticed In the Urals

The fall of a meteorite or a natural phenomenon of unknown origin has changed dramatically quiet rural way of life of the inhabitants of the village Rubezhka. In the morning, January 12, a local forester Paul Singilevtsev found a mile from the village uprooted from the middle of the Urals huge chunks of ice and giant sagebrush.

“How this is bothering me!”

Nikolai Sitnikov of the Akim District of the County Rubezhinskogo was obviously tired of answering questions from visitors from various regional agencies. He met us, if not with outright hostility, then at least with a solid share of irritation.

“Everybody has been here – he says – rescuers, committee for national security, police. we are fed up with journalists! I will show you how to get into the place so you can do it own your own. I will make up a way for you to get there.” The journalists barely have time to talk back. “I’m tired! I will escort you to the place, I will no go there myself. Now I will draw up a plan on how to get there.”

However, despite the mock sternness …(he) clearly wanted to talk about the incident. …he drew up an impromptu map, taking a lot longer than necessary, while also talking about the details of anomalous phenomena.

We have a forester Paul Singilevtsev – said Akim. — In the morning, the 12th, he went around a lot. On the way back, as he says, he decided to cut off the path and walk across the ice of the Urals. He says that the unusual lump of ice immediately attracted his attention, went and looked, realized that something strange happened, and went straight towards me. And I was brought here along with DESM professionals and all those supposed to have a reason to investigate such cases. The most striking thing is that no one had seen or heard anthying (related to this strange occurrence). One night the ice was quiet, yet later was broken – but no cod to be seen, no explosions, no impact.

According to Nikolai Sitnikov, for the moment he is most interested in the cause of the strange inversion of the ice. He says there is nothing dangerous for the inhabitants of the village (to fear).

“Cheesniki” arrived, and they analyzed samples of soil, water, ice, even measured the radiation levels using a dosimeter, but no change was found. They said that all of the parameters were normal. … To me the main thing that people do threatening. They are then told that the spring is to hold the bottom of a large study of the Urals and just be told what had happened.

By the end of our conversation Nikolay Sitnikov also told how the incident affected Rubezhintsah. According to him, the villagers were “inflated” from a science fiction novel anomaly.

Allegedly, someone has already seen in his yard “green men” as one of the villagers got up at night to relieve himself he saw them flying… [can’t translate]. However, on January 16 he saw a… [can’t translate].

It should be noted that the chart Nicholas Sitnikov made was not very good. Anyways, in his homemade plan, we went quite far from the village. Having strayed a couple of hours in the woods, thoroughly, we froze a few times while firmly stuck in the snow, we finally managed to get to the shore of the Urals.

Here, we had four people in the form of foresters. They immediately understood what we [“were looking for”?], and pointed in the right direction to a strange hole in the ice. [“We questioned”?] Paul Singilevtseva, who discovered the anomaly, who was among the foresters, and… [can’t translate].

After a half or two kilometers of hiking paths on the ice of the river, we found the desired spot.

To say that the fault of the ice cover of the Urals here looks like a strange anomaly is an understatement.

Right in the middle of the river is clean strip not covered with snow and ice. The length of the strip – 100 meters, width – 6 to 10. Around the middle of all this there is accumulation of ice hummocks. Moreover, solid blocks, weighing 200-300 pounds… [can’t translate]. In order to have dispersed these blocks of ice, as in ice thrown from a possible “ground zero” of 10-20 meters, it would have been necessary to use powerful explosives or using a heavy blow of high speed.

On some blocks of ice are visible traces of river sand, as if after a break on them dramatically splashed with water mist lifted from the bottom, and then abruptly left without even having [can’t translate] sand. There was ice of different colors – from transparent to almost black. This fact could be blamed on a different index of refractions of light, though the photographer, [can’t translate] Raul Uporov specially photographed them at the same angle, to minimize this error [in the photos]. The edges of the ice [can’t translate] we thought had been melted.

Cracks are visible on the ice for a few dozen meters from “ground zero” and the ice cracked by strict geometric rules – at right angles and equal rectangles. By the way, uprooted ice, with rare exception, has the shape of equilateral triangles. In short, out editors have never seen anything like this before.

Now we have to wait for the official conclusions of the study, which, as promised, Nikolai Sitnikov, will begin after the ice flow. In the meantime, we can only speculate.

That is my improved translation of Google’s automated translation of this article.

More information:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tLCp1palAdI (there’s an English and French translation in the “video info, they are probably bad translations)

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