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Dr. Hugh Ross’ ”UFOs and Little Green Men = Demons” Claim Refuted

A picture of a cigar/blimp shaped UFO in 1870. It’s the oldest known photo of a ufo.

What may be the first or second picture of a saucer shaped ufo, made in 1932. Did any human government on the surface of Earth have saucer shaped airships? How many people knew about saucer shaped airships?

The famous Battle of Los Angeles saucer-shaped ufo. I ask again: how many humans on Earth had heard of any aircraft that was saucer shaped or circular?

Dr. Hugh Ross, a long earth type creationist made the following mistakes, logical fallacies on Coast to Coast AM yesterday by claiming that UFOs and aliens must be demons for the following reasons:

1) stars were very far away, and because of what we know about physics, there is no way anything from there could get to us

2) Aliens lie and each time we learn “it’s not possible” for life in exist on other planets nearby “they change their story”

3) Aliens only do damage

4) UFOs only matched our current technological developments. He said, (fireballs in ancient times, dirigibles in modern (he meant the 1800’s I guess), and didn’t say this, but saucers from 1940s-1970s and triangles later.

5) No one has recovered alien crash debris

This is why he is wrong:

1) Concerning reason one: It’s not a surprise to me that Ross is an evolutionist or leans in that direction and also parrots skeptic propaganda and statements indicative of extreme delusion, confusion, bitterness and/or mental illness, that is, denial of the obvious and plain contradictions that evolutionists and other God-deniers make, like, “Design is not a reason to believe in God, I don’t see any amazing design” and yet when talking about design and trying to get people to believe in a Godless version of science, say, “These designs I see are amazing and it’s amazing what nature can do.” It’s arrogant and in ignorance of science and the facts to claim that our understanding of physics is so good that we know nothing light years away could have reached us. It’s also a contradiction: things light years away HAVE reached us, even when using “old earth” chronology, examples: asteroids, space dust and even planet-sized objects. And why couldn’t beings living on some sort of planet that outputs enough heat and light of its own have made it’s way near Earth close enough for beings to get here from it? Why couldn’t there be beings living on the inside of Earth, or other planets in the solar system, or even some unseen planets in the nearest stars around us? Why wouldn’t there be natural wormholes all over the universe for beings to get through and many of them taking them near Earth? Does he not know that it’s been “discovered” by some mainstream scientists that nearly every stay has a planet, and that there are hundreds of billions of galaxies in the universe? Why would, in his old earth billions of years old(?) version of the universe wouldn’t many aliens become so advanced as to be able to make huge ships filled with other smaller ships that have been traveling for billions of years, and that many come across Earth during their explorations? Why is that impossible, and that some could have set up bases or homes inside or outside the planets of our solar system, or the nearby planets outside of it and from there discovered Earth?

2) Yet another obvious lie made in apparent bitter laziness. Anyone can read about alien encounters and read witness testimony of aliens not saying a thing, or a few words, or just one word, and not saying anything that can be determined to be a lie.

3) Yet another obvious lie. So whenever genuine imaginary flying saucer or whatever shape appears, it’s doing damage, or even mental damage by confusing people? By that logic, anything that can’t be identified right away is doing some sort of spiritual damage, which is obviously wrong and a stupid thing to say. One Christian told me that angels will always praise God when you see them. Says who?! So if we see an angel on it’s way to do whatever, it has to say, “Praise God” for anyone who sees it? That is stupid. By that logic, human Christians too should say, “Praise God” whenever they are seen in public, or else as this Christian implied, they are really demons or showing hatred for God, and therefore must not be true Christians.

4) If his claim that aliens are just copying whatever technology humans have made at the time, then demons are not super intelligent, or rather none of them are, and instead they are very stupid. Further, what is the deception point when imitating a known technology? How would imitating a hot air balloon get someone to think, “Aliens, lets abandon God and worship aliens and conclude that hot air balloon must have come from outside Earth, from the stars.” What other word for such a claim as Ross’s is there than “stupid”? Isn’t this copy-cat reasoning the reasoning of an insane person, a liar, someone highly confused or someone very lazy in thought? Since when did anyone have regular airflight ability before the 1800’s? Were people regularly travelling around in balloons? Even if they were, why would seeing a glowing balloon get someone to think, “Aliens from some star.”? And when did an alien ever step out of a hot air balloon to say, “Jesus isn’t real, worship something other than Jesus.” or something heretical like that? And what in the world would demons be imitating if making “fireballs” as Hugh mentioned was seen? So humans were travelling in fireballs and demons copied that? Here is a chronology of the best documented flying devices or flying-enabling devices humans have made  and here is physical evidence left behind that humans were able to make aircraft in ancient times: http://www.ctie.monash.edu.au/hargrave/timeline0.html, http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/esp_aviones_precolom02.htm. Two Youtube videos also show that both of those planes shown in the second link can fly very well. Some of you might be wondering if the alleged aircraft of the “Abydos Heiroglyphs” are evidence of ancient flight; apparently not: http://members.tripod.com/a_u_r_a/abydos.html So, if Ross’s claim that demon’s are just imitating what humans know at the time, then they should have been imitating people flying on wings, helicopters, balloons, spears, knives, flying carpets, and really, anything, even bricks. He seemed at one point during Coast to Coast AM to refer to the airship sightings of the 1800’s, however, as the monash chronology shows, there were toy helicopters all over the USA long before airships/dirigibles and balloons were widespread. So then, shouldn’t demons have been imitating helis, flying around in glowing helis traveling super fast? Powered ornithopters had also been invented long before the 1800’s: http://www.ornithopter.net/history_e.html, http://www.ornithopter.org/history.electric.shtml, but were any demons imitating flying planes? Were any demons ever imitating planes as much as they were saucers at any point in history!? And why in the world would they be imitating saucers for decades in modern times, let alone all throughout history, if planes were the most common form of travel and when hardly anyone knew about flying discs/saucers? How many people knew about the avrocar project? Not many, because it was highly classified! So Ross’ explanation is just ignorant, lazy hatchet job nonsense.

Even many skeptics know already that UFOs are rarely the same (unlike Ross’s wrong claim that they are all neatly one type depending on the time in history/what technologies were known) and use that fact as evidence that they aren’t even real, because they reason, that if aliens were here, we’d be seeing “stock” UFOs, as in UFOs off some production line. But that is a logical fallacy, and “begs the question”: “Why would UFOs come off a production line and why would they all have to look the same even if they did?” Are all cars the same? Are they all the same color after being put out for use? Are all boats and airplanes the same? Does our military only use a few types of vehicles? Why would aliens be the opposite? Or why would they not be so advanced that they could reconfigure the design of their ships for fun, to make room for new things or decrease room and on and on I could imagine reasons. It’s also a fact that witnesses often report UFOs changing shape, splitting apart, merging, passing through solid objects or becoming transparent or invisible. So to say, “they never look the same” ignores the fact that many aliens who get here could be so advanced that they can easily change the shape and internal design of their ships. There is no reason that after even thousands of years that no alien race anywhere could have developed nanotechnology, microscopic robots that could allow ships to reconfigure in seconds. But he didn’t make that they are always different an issue, rather he made it an issue that they were different during various time, which is also false. Anyone who does a thorough study sees that ancient glyphs show saucers or other shapes, that ancient paintings show saucers and in one or two cases, rocket-like ships,(1 note that link has ads to the right where scantily clad women are sometimes shown)(2 this and the 3rd link don’t have such ads but is nearly the same as the first link)(3) and a French coin from the mid 1600’s with a UFO on it, and on back, more UFOs or rather the UFO flying in various places. And in modern times, 1800s and later, the same shapes have been reported.

Go to http://www.ufocasebook.com/ufocoin.html for more info about this coin.

He is also wrong about “matching our current” level or understanding of technology, because no ancient civilization, at least not for long was known to UFO/anti-gravity, ion or rocket ship tech. He claims that in the far past people saw fireballs, apparently in reference to a single painting, of BLACK orbs and some triangular objects, with some of the orbs smoking, but notice how he takes the picture out of context and only focuses on one part of it? Further the picture doesn’t show any plain fireballs, so that’s a lie. Further, the same shapes seen in the past are seen today. Even Ecclesiastes, probably by Solomon, says, “What has been is what will be, and what has been done is what will be done, and there is nothing new under the sun. Is there a thing of which it is said, “See, this is new”? It has been already in the ages before us.”

5) Concerning claim five, that is just stupid and a flat out plain denial of the truth. What grown person with the Internet hasn’t heart of Roswell, or other crash incidents? Yet this person wants us to believe his long-age creationism is worth listening to when he flat out lies like this? Does that show he has an honest or dishonest mind? It’s horrible to know that those who think that all Christians are liars will use Hugh as a “perfect example of a Christian”.

As for the claim that UFOs and aliens all being demonic: Hugh forgets that Satan is “the god of this world” not “the universe”. If Satan were busy causing trouble all over the universe it would mean that an insane amount of demons were causing havoc in the universe and he is managing it all. Does the Bible indicate anything like that is going on? Rather it teaches his focus is here on Earth, not the entire universe. It would mean that Satan has control over countless demons and I’m sure then, that then there would be even more countless angels so to speak defending these other planets against the full damage demons could do if they were allowed to do whatever they wanted. Though possible, it doesn’t fit what the Bible implies and would truly make Satan a god, someone able to manage the entire universe. I really doubt Satan is that organized being that he’s a mentally ill (narcissist) bitterness-plagued person. God says he goes about like a roaring lion not “a very angry ultra-multi-tasking manager with his attention repeatedly refocusing on countless planets throughout the universe.”

I wondered myself about a certain verse at times in the past, if it was an indication that UFOs were demons, that being that Satan is “the prince of the power of the air.” Should that be taken literally or figuratively? The Bible doesn’t indicate any symbolism there, and there’s no reason not to take it literally. However I found at least a couple of Christians were using that verse as evidence, or at least an indication that UFOs were demonic. However the verse would have to be taken as not being literal then, or interpreted to mean that Satan can manipulate air (like God was able to manipulate water and transform it into other forms of matter) and transform it into solid objects or cause energetic effects with it so that he can make ball lightning or lightning and other things that appear to be advanced starships in some sort of so called high “vibrational” state so that they become massless and weightless. But the Bible doesn’t indicate that, it simply says “air”. There’s only two verses I know of that are related to that one, and they are:

“he (God) makes his messengers [as] winds” (Psalms 104:4) and Job 1:19  in which Satan murdered all of Job’s children with “a great wind” that “came across the wilderness”. There is no logical reason to make the leap that Satan can transform air into matter, or would need air to do so, and couldn’t just use earth, as Revelation says he will one day to create a beast made in the image of the man he will possess called the “anti-Christ” by Paul. I don’t see why it’s a stretch that if Satan could cause a tornado or hurricane, that he could also cause storms if allowed too. But remember he is called “prince” of the air, not “king”. God has ultimate control over Earth, not Satan, so it may be, that Satan can’t make anything stronger than some violent gusts of winds, or perhaps nothing more powerful than the most powerful known tornados. Maybe God will allow him greater freedom during the “tribulation” so that he can do even more damage during that time of pre-judgment on the world of this age.

I believe that maybe very early after the flood some of Noah’s sons or daughters passed on knowledge to their children as to how to build some of the greater technology that mankind had once achieved, but wherever that information or technology is now, is lost, derelicts in space, buried or at the bottom of the ocean or was destroyed. I think maybe sometimes, just as demons pretend to be humans, they sometimes pretend to be aliens, or UFOs, or rather project such images. But there is no true way of knowing unless you had access to the same technology, could see what was going on “behind the scenes”. If some UFO is acting odd in the sky and aliens falling out of it and disappearing before they hit the ground, could be a joke played by an alien projecting a video.

I’d bet a bottle of grape must that Hugh Ross is an Arminian, which are a numerous group of false Christians, who are blinded by Satan themselves, and given to parroting stupid, contradictory and slanderous reasons to justify their belief that God wouldn’t destine a person to Hell.

You can also read these various explanations here as to why Hugh’s long-refuted claim that the word “day” in Hebrew (yom) in Genesis can mean “a very long time” is wrong. Here’s another page refuting more old earth creationism points. Here’s another link with various criticisms of Hugh Ross.

Ross also claims that Noah’s Ark won’t be found, and that no one should try to find it, because it was found on the mountains of Ararat, not Mount Ararat, which think about that statement, it’s utterly stupid. The reason is because he’s making two logical fallacies i one, one being that people have said that it’s on Mount Ararat, therefore it must not exist there because the Bible says “mountains”. Now does that make any sense? He’s also gives no evidence for Genesis using the plural form of mountains, though he may be right. It’s also a strawman, since not all creationists say it’s in one spot, namely, me. Further, there’s no reason to believe that a piece of Noah’s ark, or rather a large portion of it DID NOT land on Mount Ararat, being that the ancients and modern explorers have found what apparently was once a single piece there (which later broke into two). My theory is that the bottom half may have sheared off when it landed or later on broke off (which is why there is a boat-shaped impression with metal underneath on one side of Mount Ararat, which may have once been on top of Mount Ararat or near it and later fell or slid down to the bottom, and rotted while being covered in dirt over thousands of years. It could also be that God said “mountains” because he considered the drogue stones to be apart of the ark, and that it was those that originally tore off and ended up in various parts of the Ararat mountain range. Some of the drogue stones are still around the Mount Ararat range.

Apparent drogue (ship anchor) stones from Noah’s Ark

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  1. Ty outcalt
    February 23, 2016 at 6:54 PM

    Your obviously not a Christian the bible plainly states there is only one creation Christ died for this world – as for worm holes is been proven by mathematics that nothing could go through and not be obligated so not only are you not a Christian you are ignorant to the facts sorry to say

    • April 15, 2016 at 8:23 AM

      You’re obviously a lazy reader have no concern for truth know little about Christ and are desperate for any attention. I didn’t read past your first phrase, learn to read, pray to understand what evidence is, stop hating God and THEN you’ll get the time of day, but if you refuse to listen carefully, therefore misfire on every argument, who will keep listening? Grow up, ask God to give you understanding, maturity and to forgive your sins.

    • April 15, 2016 at 8:24 AM

      And by the way, babbler, where’s the evidence for your “facts”? See? You’re a moron.

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