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Unusual Survey: A UFO, Riches, Beauty, Invisibility…?

If you could have any of the following for 20 years, starting at age 20, and in perfect health (but can still grow old and get a disease), and exclusive of the others (as in you can only have one), and start out with any of these things in the USA in the town with the least crime, which would it be?:

1) A starship that can seat four with only enough space for four 120 oz coolers stacked on top of each other, able to destroy forty three ton asteroids made of iron in one hour before its weapon became useless, and able to travel anywhere in the universe instantly for a period of 20 years straight (but doesn’t come with a ready-made star map built in for automatic navigation, and no voice command or brain command) and which can be destroyed by armor piercing bullets when the shields are down (and they must be down to leave and enter the ship).

2) To be the most beautiful person of your sex for 20 years, but never rich for the same period of time.

3) To be the most rich for 20 years, but with average beauty at the time, and no restrictions but the usual ones in whatever country you were in as to what you could do with your money.

4) To be as wise as is possible for 20 years, meaning, to have the most useful knowledge of anyone on Earth, to know all that every other human on Earth knows, including military scientists, and ability to figure out what the best thing to do was in whatever circumstance you were in, BUT to have only average self-control at the time (with the possibility of improvement). But then lose all the wisdom after 20 years and revert back to average, (but not any gain in self control).

5) To be the most patient person on Earth for 20 years (meaning to have the most self-control, so that it would be extremely hard to anger and annoy you easily, though you could still become angry and annoyed after a long time of persistent provocation or long after the angering events occurred), but start out with just a little higher than average intelligence, and only average looks, and four gold coins.

6) To have the most beautiful woman (or man), age 14, on Earth as your wife/husband, who also has the most beautiful speaking voice (but only a little better than average singing), and who is also the most loving, who is a fundamentalist Calvinist type Christian, but who only has a little above average intelligence and wisdom, and who will be sterile for 30 years (at which point she/he will have high probabilities of having children who will end up being miscarried or severely brain-defective. And these are other things in the way: You are both famous and though it’s legal in your state to be married, in many other states, the law does not apply, and many liberal governors and police are dying to jail you as soon as you cross over into their state. Further: you will not be rich for 20 years, and will only have average intelligence and wisdom and looks to start out with, no car, no job, and only a crude bike and a small pure silver coin the size of a dime to start out with.

7) To have average looks and intelligence, average wisdom, no money, but, at 12 PM, become completely invisible (including anything within 2 inches of you) for one hour, ever day, for 20 years.

8) The same as 7, but rather than invisibility, you have the ability to withstand temperatures down to 20 degrees below zero and up to 190 degrees without getting injured or sick (however your hair will still freeze or dry out unless protected), for 20 years.

9) To be the first person to capture a living bigfoot and have it put in mass public display for all to see, and not once, but more within hours of whenever you felt like it, more. And not only that, to be the first person to capture living dinosaurs found surviving in remote places, including deep underground, large ones that were thought to have gone extinct by many evolutionists, like T-Rex and Brontosauri, Pterodactyls etc., and even fire breathing ones, even dragons, so that the entire world would be in wonderment of you as much as the animals you were catching. However, you start out with far below average looks, are five feet tall, start out with just a crossbow and a few crossbow arrows and will have a hard to overcome lisp for 20 years.

10) To be of average looks and a little above average intelligence and wisdom, poor for 20 years, with no wife or kids of your own, and no car, only crude to a little above average bikes to use at times, or a middle class bus or plane, much more sad than happy, nearly depressed all the time, and often uncomfortable, and rarely getting good sleep and often be persecuted and will die in chains with your head cut off. But for 20 years will be a genuine prophet of God and know for sure that he loves you and that after the 20 years of prophesying, at which point you will die, will die knowing that you will eventually wake up to find yourself looking like a god, feeling like you are in perfect health, and always at peace and happy, always, as in forever, but as for the other nine choices, you will not have such assurance, not even close, of going to Heaven, and should you ever attempt to, would only have weak faith, even after the 20 years had passed, and a little less than often would wonder if you were going to Hell, a thought that would sometimes interfere with your enjoyment of life.

Which of these ten lives would you choose?

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