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Calvinism vs. Arminianism: Is Carm.org Controlled by Free Willers/Arminians?

A few minutes ago I just looked at a site on carm.org that had explanations as to why “If God is love why would he send billions of people to Hell?” which are topics I wrote about a day or two ago and last year and which related to free will, because groups of certain belief types bring it up. While reading it, I came to this disappointing answer:

Second, if someone says that it is wrong for God to allow someone to be born and who will go to hell, then would he rather have God remove our freedom to rebel against Him so that no one can be blamed for sin? If the critic says he only wants those people born who go to heaven, then how are they truly free and how would that fulfill the ultimate plan of God to sacrifice His Son for the redemption of mankind?

This answer seems Arminian-like to me, because they have an obsession with free will, as in a belief that their free will is above God’s or free of his will (which are wrong and false beliefs). It makes no sense, because by that logic than the angels that never sinned, which God’s Spirit no doubt prevents from sinning (just as it directly or indirectly causes humans whom God loves, to do true good) are not free, or that humans that are “filled with the God’s Spirit” don’t have free will or rather, are “robots” or “zombies” as certain Christians, especially Mormons, would say. It also does not make sense because it implies to other wrong things: 1) that free will is sacred and must not be turned off or it’s some sort of sin God would be committing, and 2) that God could somehow get a person to sin by controlling their will directly, which I think is implied because of this part: “would [you] rather have God remove [your] freedom to rebel against Him … then how are [you] truly free [unless you can do what offends him? (etc.)]” Do you see how sick that sounds? That is how those who hate God, and Arminians think though. It sounds very sick to a person like me who loves God.

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