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World War 3 | Why To Avoid Wells Fargo | Major iTunes Annoyance | Free Will and Salvation

Some yummy food I ate called Daifuku, from Japan, on the 11th.
In English called Melon Rice Cake. Click here or the pic to buy some.

This Wouldn’t Fit On Twitter

I bought an iPod two weeks ago, and connected it again, and using a nice data cable I found (which I had found it two weeks earlier so I hadn’t bought a pair for nothing) and now have gotten the absurd message, “The iPOD “Mark’s iPod” can be synced with only one iTunes library at a time. What would you like to do?”

And the absurd options are “Erase and Sync” replaces the contents of this iPod with the contents of this iTunes library.

“Transfer Purchases” copies iTunes Store purchases this computer is authorized to play from this iPod to this iTunes library.

Well, the first option sounds horrid, being that I bought (unknowingly) with 699 songs son it and a total of 1,344 files, most of which I haven’t heard yet. Over 120 of the files were purchased. I have no idea what the second option is talking about, but do know I’ve not bought anything from the i Store yet, so why in the world would it ask me something so stupid? It seems true that Apple is worse than Microsoft as someone said about a week or two ago on the radio show on The Alex Jones Show, I think, either that or it was Coast to Coast AM.

[Update, discovered this: iTunes Store: Transferring purchases from your iOS device or iPod to a computerI’m not sure if I should be disgusted, and my nose is curled after having read that page, or to just think that it’s clever business practice. It does make me want to find a way to get the songs copied and to then install Rockbox though.] [Update Feb/21/2012: I found out the next day that Rockbox doesn’t work on 3rd generation nanos.]

I recently downloaded some pretty ancient style Chinese music. Some of the songs make me a little hungry for Chinese food.

Other news: found a nice 24″ wheel dual suspension bike in the desert. Looks a little moderately beat up from the sun and dirt and weather wear, but they tires I pumped up haven’t gone flat at all it seems for over 12 hours, and it works well other than the shifters [update: hours later after making this post and more riding on the bike and happy to say the tubes are holding the air]. My knees got in some pain because of that. But hey, that’s an $50 gain, extra transport options, and another $7 gain from having found that iPod data cable last night. Found some some nice linens at the same time as the data cable and a beautiful photo book of some sort in very good condition. Haven’t look through it hardly yet though, seems interesting though. And about thirty minutes ago discovered that I had succeeded in making something better or just as good as yogurt. I’m very much looking forward to trying it because it smells and looks good. Now if only I had a decent income so that I wouldn’t be hungry all the time like I usually am these days.

A Disciple of Christ cultist made some heretical comments to me yesterday on my About Me page and I made very thorough replies to him showing how a major part of salvation works and does not work, and which concerns “free will” which I’ve written about before. I hope that for those who don’t understand free will, or how it works in relation to God’s salvation plan, will benefit from reading my two responses to him. He made two long evil comments after my last response to him, starting them out also with mere insults I could see, but like I said to him, am ignoring them (and don’t know what they say after the insults, other than having glanced and saw that one was sloppily packed with a large amount of various verses that he no doubt misused). You can learn more about this cult from these sites: (1) (2) (3).

I lost my Wells Fargo bank card again. It was the only one with money on it. I was really looking forward to buying some chocolate icecream a few hours ago, but can’t find the card. I’m seriously considering closing my WF bank account because the shareholders sneakily allowed a new policy to be made which negated the one I agreed to, so that under my nose they stole $26 from me ($13 for two months) rather than making it clear they had changed it. Instead they repeatedly refuse to give it back, ignoring that I’m disabled, claiming they told me by email, as if no one ever gets junk from Wells Fargo, or anyone else. How are they so stupid that they are unaware that people are constantly distracted by junk mail? Oh wait: they know that, hence why they used email rather than signs on their bank, and warnings from the tellers. Wells Fargo is allegedly making people pay $15 a month unless they agree to their new schemes, because the government has forbade banks to gouge people when they (accidentally?) bounce an account. So if they get forbidden from steal from accidents from some customers, they will try and REGULARLY steal from all customers, and for about the same amount as a bounce. Is that honest, or is that SICK? And of course, they show no concern for the disabled, just sweep all their customers’ money up as if impoverishing customers that you’re supposed to be trying to save for long term profits was a good thing. But perhaps, Wells Fargo doesn’t see any long term profits, and is trying the grab and run method, since they see that World War III is possibly very close. Perhaps they have a very long term plan in which their weakest customers are eliminated (and making it harder for there to be a regeneration of any middle class or new rich people to compete with the existing ones, which is desirable by the elitist globalist New World Order no doubt to me), a very long term goal in which they will use their giant money boost to survive WW 3 (at the expense of their poorest customers).

If any of you are Christians, truly saved Christians (remember to read what I say about saved Christians on my About Me page if you don’t believe a Christian can be saved now), pray that Christians hold up to WWW III, which I believe is not 100 years away away, but will happen within 20 years. Pray for me too, that I will have always have pleasant food and drink. Times are hard for me; I discovered four nearby homeless people that were living much better than me, in that they regularly ate and drank well. I wish I had food stamps too. It seems to me as if almost everyone else is enjoying them but me, but, I hate to “leech” of others.

On the 20th I discovered that I had accidentally made butter in trying to do a certain something. It tasted better than butter, but not olive oil butter. It was almost equal to olive oil better in taste. It had more of a neutral taste. It was like a cross between butter and mayonnaise.

Other Photos I Recently Shot

These are photos of an outdoor fire place area I made on the 8th. It’s incomplete. I want to add two more boulder-seats. It’s the best fire stone circle/sitting area around in the desert. The rest look like junk made by brain-damaged ogres. I put a dime in the middle in one of the pics to give an idea of how big the objects in the photos are. I had to move most of these stones, and the farthest boulder seemed at least 15 feet away. They were not easy to move or position or keep from moving around when sat on.

A tiny nearby cave I found on the 15th. I saw some metallic stuff in the left corner inside and spider webs, but no spider, and stupidly extracted the item which turned out to be a chain. And when I looked afterwards at the pics I took of the web, saw an adult black widow on it. !!! Thanks to God I wasn’t bitten:

I made a little fireplace in the cave after exploring it using a nearby rusted metal grill and rocks:

The frustrating iPod Nano 3G I bought. I got it from the same store and same time as Next comfort bike in the next picture below. I also got the iPod with a future replacement warranty that gives me the option to trade it in for another model within a certain amount of months.

A blue dual suspension Next brand comfort bike in very good condition to like new condition (except for punctured but probably repairable tube, which I’ve already replaced) that I bought on the 3rd. It was $50 but got it at $40 because a genius homeless sociopath haggled for me.

The Next brand d.s. mountain bike I found in the desert on the 15th.

A humble but tasty dish of hamburger, mushroom and lettuce I made on the 14th.

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