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Yes World, Neo Pagans Are Stupid

A neo pagan named Aaron(?) is parroting the myth that Bush voters had a low IQ and Kerry voters a higher IQ (see American Voters Are Really Dumb). It’s is typical of goatbaggers to NOT CHECK FOR FACTS and to believe whatever they first hear as long as it fits their feelings. Truly it’s stupid to “trust first, but verify” and wise to “first verify, then trust.” But what should you expect from people who believe in “magick”? Who believe, “It just happens cos it does dude”?

And how can a neo-pagan not know that Bush and Kerry are pagan Skull and Bones friends? Talk about ignorant.

And here is another pagan spreading pagan myths about Christians as all being a single unified church. On that page the prideful pagan says:

“It is appropriate, at this point, to note the great hypocrisy of the early Christian Church at the time of this “demonization” of the pagan religion.  Though the Church was willing to expunge the concepts of nature and the Goddess from the minds of Man, it was not going to throw out the baby with the bathwater and it incorporated vast elements of the pagan religion within its own ritual structure.”

And whatever you say is true because you repeated it and feel it. How about learn what logical fallacies are so that you stop committing them? Stop being a hypocrite yourself and biased bigot and lumping in all Christians together as one, as if you never heard of the reformation or the Bible to be able to read it yourself. You’re a typical blind emotion basher who keeps calling Christians Catholics and in your hypocrisy also acknowledges Gnostics. Is that the limit of your ability to learn? You can’t take the time to seriously study the Reformation? And no: that doesn’t mean reading one or three pages on Wikipedia and then smugly thinking, “Now I know it all.” How stupid: please do tell me what Reformed Baptists and Presbyterians have to do with paganism. Nothing. Just your delusions, your parroting of myths and your “we came first and first is bestest and rightiest.” And going back further into the past: to God’s word: show us the pagan symbols every in the Bible that God used for the religion he put forth. You can’t, because besides there being none, you miss and forget the utter obvious that you pagans love to complain about: That God wants all other religions to be destroyed and forgotten, for even the “poles” to be taken down and all the idols to be destroyed. And wow, what extreme blasphemy and arrogance: what was the “baby”? So, “Do unto others as you would have them do to you” and “Love your neighbor as yourself” and “Forgive your enemies and bless those who persecute you” and “Do not oppress a stranger” and “Don’t lie” and “Don’t steal” and “Don’t commit adultery” and “Honor your mother and father” and “Don’t covet (what belongs to your neighbor)” and “Love the Lord your God with all your heart” who put forth those laws are throwing out the baby and the bathwater? HUH!!!!?!????!?!?!!!!!!!!!!!! Which was the baby and which was the bathwater and what were either?! See world: pagans love to make flowery speeches, poetic, eloquent, but the meaning behind them is vague, empty, vain, nonsense. Look at that page, look how it says, “pagan pride” in fancy lettering. Pagan pride of what?! And how is that mature and how does that show a serious attitude towards the truth? It doesn’t Instead it’s a bold sign that says, “Nanny nanny boo boo I take pride in what I say and you can’t hurt me, I’m happy and you can’t make me sad. Hah.” Of course it’s not that obvious, but that is what is behind that shield statement. How many Christian pages can you find that say, “Christian pride”? But how many White Power, and Neo Nazi and racist pages can you find, “White Pride” on? And as everyone knows who knows about racism understands, that statement is one which is meant to rebuff what they see as attempts to make whites feel inferior. And what things do they see as attempts to make whites feel inferior?: Other whites mixing with blacks by being near to them, eating in the same places, having sex with them, marrying them, having babies with them, using the bathrooms as them, sharing the same tools and going inside the same buildings, and finally: affirmative action. Except perhaps for the last one, there is no arguing that none of those things are in and of themselves an attack on whites and meant to make them feel inferior, anymore than pagans are being teased by Christians when Christians, build churches, worship God, refuse to acknowledge a “goddess”, when Christians excel in science or other fields, when they make and increase friends and live in peace with their non-Christian neighbors, when they refute pagan myths like “The Burning Times” that pagans and their Wiccan brothers claim lead to the death of millions of witches by burning (talk about simple-minded and gullible), and when they refuse to have sexual relations with pagans, marry them or raise children with them. It’s also interesting and shouldn’t be surprising that many racists are pagans, who believe the myth that paganism came before Christianity and that that some how makes it legitimate and Christianity not. This is about jealousy and a childish belief that Christians are out to get pagans and bully and murder pagans, much like how the Germans during Hitler’s time were lead to believe that Jews were out to get them and wipe them out or other stupid things, and similar to how “extremist” Muslims view Christians (most of whom seem to have the wrong idea that all Christians are Catholics, or that Catholics and other Christians are the same, just go to different teachers with different leaders I guess). Something also that shouldn’t be surprising is that Islam is also a pagan religion: many Muslims will journey hundreds of miles to kiss a rock, as if it were a person, and view this rock as holy. On top of that, their religion started out as a moon-god worshiping cult and Mohammed’s exposure to Catholic teachings (which lead him to claim falsely in the Quran that Mary was part of the Trinity).

https://eternian.wordpress.com/life – The true gospel, not the gospel of the Catholic, Mormon, JW, 7th Day Adventist, Pentecostal and Universalist cults.

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  1. Shannon
    January 17, 2012 at 7:07 AM

    “…who believe the myth that paganism came before Christianity and that that some how makes it legitimate and Christianity not.”

    There were many Pagan societies that pre-date christianity. The Romans and Celts both existed for almost a thousand years prior to christianity and recognized many Goddesses and Gods.

    The person who wrote the articles you quoted was definitely wrong about some things, but he was correct about that. I’ve been studying ancient Celtic history for a long time and they (both Celtic and Roman) pre-date the birth of Christ by over 800 years.

    If Rome were not already Pagan, Constantine would have never needed to convert it to christianity.

    This doesn’t mean christianity is not legitimate, however. Unfortunately, far too many Pagans these days are not as well educated as they should be in the history of the different Pagan faiths and specifically what each tradition believes. The newer ones seem to think it all fits nicely under the same umbrella. Like christianity, it does not. Eventually they learn.

    • January 19, 2012 at 6:24 PM

      ““…who believe the myth that paganism came before Christianity and that that some how makes it legitimate and Christianity not.”

      There were many Pagan societies that pre-date christianity.

      Miss “Pagan Momma” with her little cult following, you didn’t even get this simple point even though you quoted it? Read the sentence again. On top of that, you’re being insulting, and deliberately ignorant, acting like all Christians are just stupid and dumb (except let me guess: the liberal ones): in what part of the Bible does it not teach that false religions were being invented from the start? And that is what I mean by your bigoted treatment of Christians: you ignore the utter obvious, from the beginning of Genesis, that false religious were side by side with the true one, that which was properly aligned with God, and as if no Christian among the billions, has ever read Genesis enough to pick up that of among the most obvious of points, and which continues throughout the Bible. It’s not some, “oh and by the way there were other religions, now back to whatever.” My obvious point was: FIRST OR SECOND OR THIRD do not determine what is true, it’s a logical fallacy to say, “I did this first therefore my action was good and self-justified.” You could say, “I killed first therefore my killing was the most justified or the only just one,” which is nonsensical because there’s no logical reason as to why being first or close to first makes something good or more legitimate. It seems to people like me, who aren’t blind, and amazes us, that you’d try and be a little more careful in your reading as to what was being talked about on a thing titled “yes pagans are stupid too” and pointing out a glaring long standing example, at least one, yet you just go on right ahead in the usual careless pagan style of talking without serious effort in seeing if what you are saying is correct. And, on top of that, you’re being dishonest IF you have read the beginning of the Bible, Genesis, or at least Exodus, and pretending no one said anything about other religions. ON TOP OF THAT, are you kidding: you’re pretending to be an expert in archeology from 4000+ years ago? And are you seriously still pretending that after the past 100 years of it being pointed out Christianity existed BEFORE Christ (how long have you been studying religion and how long have you been an adult that you still haven’t come across the verse in the Bible that says the gospel was preached from the beginning?! or where Paul pointed out that there was no Law of Moses before Moses (and so what was the true religion that got people forgiven, hint hint?) and where he points out that Abraham was not saved by the Law of Moses (and so what then miss Pagan Mamma who acts like an expert on religion, got Abraham saved?)? You’ve never come across a Christian out the billions, who pointed out the symbolism of God clothing Adam and Eve after they sinned, with animal skin rather than the own garment they made with their own hands (symbolizing God clothing them with Christ’s righteousness, and animals being sacrificed for them which is symbolic of Christ’s sacrifice for them and God doing this by his work, not their imperfect ones which cannot get them saved — and did you still not notice despite you apparently watching my journal, or supposedly being more expert at Christian doctrine or history that those who truly study it carefully and for years, going over the many aspects of it (as opposed to listening to oppositional soundbytes and nonsensical babble in New Age books and pseudohistorical books, which I’m sure you’ve done), the division between Christians who believe they an save themselves by their own works and those who believe they can’t (hint hint miss expert on Christianity and paganism: The Reformation. Was that not a big enough or talked-about-enough whopper of a historical event for you?!). And once again: do you not notice that I have spent a large portion of my life studying Christianity, and the most important aspects of the religions of the world (the parts you ignore in your bias in favor of your ingrained logical fallacies: the glaring errors? But you repeatedly insult me by acting like I’m a know-nothing, speeding along what I say, not being careful, because you desire attention more, so much so, that you allow it to happen at the expense of making sense. You let yourself trip for the sake of being heard and hoping idiots will fall for what you say.

      “The person who wrote the articles you quoted was definitely wrong about some things, but he was correct about that.”

      Wow: you cannot even begrudge me some credt: admitting that I CORRECTED HIM, and that what I pointed out was wrong WAS WRONG, instead, in your resentment, you beat around the bush. Truly horrible. I and other Christians, especially creationsts I’d bet, point out the amazing works of the pagans, how they build beautiful microscopic things and massive things like the pyramids, and beautiful clothing, amazing plumbing and farming works, thleir long-lasting governments, faithfulness to their gods, and so on, which though were not out of love for God were still impressive and show dedication and hard work in general. But what have admitted about the Christians, especially the ones that split away form the Catholics? Can you admit anything good about us? Can you not damn us for trying to save babies and at the same time implying were murderers of the world? Or is it the usual “damn them no matter what they do for spreading their pagan religion and not admitting it’s pagan!” And that makes me think: how many “pagan” religions as you define them, tolerate the “pagan” Christianity (and you pagans do contradict yourself by calling Christianity pagan and anti-paganism at the same time)? Anything positive to say Miss New Age Positivity anti-Negativity anti-Negative Christians anti-Fundamentalist Christians Leader? Pagan Mamma? Anything?

      Pagan Mamma, do you know about ldoplhin.com? Did you ever read his facts pointing out that the ancient Greeks were aware of the concept of a universal God who WASN’T Zeus?

      I cannot bother reading the rest of what you say, since it’s obvious (and this isn’t your first comment) that you merely parrot and are biased against God, and have narcissism disorder. Is the email you’ve given working yet or just another pagan lie?

  2. Shannon
    January 20, 2012 at 4:50 AM

    Actually, I did say he was wrong on some things. I also didn’t call you ignorant or a know-nothing. You brought up a lot of things I neither said nor implied. There is also a tradition in Paganism that blends christianity with Wicca or Traditional Paganism and the non-christian Pagans get along with them just fine. There’s not a single Pagan networking site I’ve visited that has an issue with them and I’ve met several offline who have said they feel blessed to be part of such an accepting community. I used to be christian myself, for the first 27 years of my life, and while I wouldn’t consider myself an expert (you said this and I’m wondering where you got that idea?), I did learn a lot. I’m very familiar with the history of the reformation, since you asked. Admittedly, I’m more well studied in the different Pagan religions because for the last several years that’s where my interest has been, particularly Celtic.

    The original reason I stopped by here the other day was because I didn’t like that things ended up so badly and there was fighting between us. I don’t hate you because you’re christian. We both ended up saying some things that were unkind and I have no desire to fight with you now. I saw this post and figured it would be an opportunity to get more positive dialog going and if you look at it objectively, you’ll see that it wasn’t an attack upon you personally or your religion. I’m sorry for the things I said to you a few months ago and the arguing that we did. I understand why you’d feel hostile toward me but I truly feel bad for how things turned out.

    Also, the email works. I sent you a response.

    • January 21, 2012 at 11:01 AM

      “Actually, I did say he was wrong on some things.” No offense but do you have a brain tumor? I said that YOU DID POINT OUT THAT HE DID AND EMPHASIZED THAT. So, your first insightful statement to me is saying, “In reality Knight, which you missed, not me the great pagan who hasn’t paid careful attention to the Bible ever, but acts like because I read volleys of arguments against it am an expert on it now, is that I did point out things that he said wrong,” when in reality YOU are speaking as if I never emphasized that let alone pointed it out. So now is there any question now that I am justified in ignoring what you say at this point? Is this comment short enough for you to digest correctly? The only reason I came back to check the comments wasn’t because I saw you posted a reply by to point out that in Genesis where other religions or religious groups are mentioned: Abraham acknowledges Pharaoh, and the Egyptians are known for their various worship of gods, including the worship of their kings (and in case you didn’t know yet, the Egyptians were Christian-like in some of their values, not including the idolatry obviously), and Rachel stole her dad’s idols in Genesis 31:19. And from nearly the start of the Bible, wannabe god Satan tries to trick Adam and Eve into thinking they can become like gods, in order to subjugate or kill them off. And is there any irrational-type jealousy shown in the Bible then by the God of the Bible? Doesn’t he say that Satan is “the god of this world”? So should I seriously use up my time to listen to anything more you have to say? Once again: being the first to do something doesn’t justify a thing unless God had indicated that it were so by saying something like, “If you are the first to discover this, then you are justified in taking the credit for saying that you are the first discoverer, or if he had made a promise that whoever found something first would be allowed to keep it, but not, “If you make up your own religion first then it’s the right one” or “If you’re the first to say, ‘God doesn’t exist only a goddess,” then it must be true because you said it first, or “If you bow down to an image you made up that you claim is a god or represents one then it must be a real god.” There’s also no logical reason why anyone let alone God saying that would make it true. If he did, or anyone did, it would show them to be untrustworthy since no rational explanation can be given for that. And who can’t figure out that the ancients merely put their own spin on what they new about god, and allowed their biases to shape their religion and were trying not to offend the opinions of their friends, and so incorporated their opinions? So God couldn’t have told Adam or anyone else in ancient times that he was triune, and then Adam explained, but then his words were misrepeated or twisted later on, just as pagans claim the Bible was? And that gets me thinking: Why is it that pagans just happen t conveniently have no mistakes in whatever claim, including teachings, they come up with, and that all their ancient religious claims just happen to be right no matter what, but the “pagan” Bible, which “stole” from the precious pagan opinions, oh excuse me: religions, is “missing” books and was changed… meaning… meaning what? Meaning NOTHING, because change isn’t necessarily bad or something that causes errors, and shouldn’t you pagans, who are usually liberals, know that? Didn’t you all mostly vote for President Obama, who ran on the campaign slogan “change”? So your argument about the Bible being bad and corrupt (using the tone of your voice (it’s always about YOUR feelings), is nonsensical, and arbitrary, and hypocritical, you who worship the ever changing natural world, with all its violent animals and thorns.

      you imply with your tone (but it’s still a “begging the question fallacy since TONES DON’T EXPLAIN THINGS WHICH ARE NOT OBVIOUS”, that you h

    • Brianna LaPoint
      December 5, 2018 at 4:36 PM

      You cant play nice with people that think youll go to hell for not believing as they do. sorry, but the person that wrote the article is right here. This is why i am an anti Christian Pagan and not some fluff that wants to play with criminals.

      • December 5, 2018 at 5:48 PM

        Brianna, read the Bible and a study Bible and re-examine basic words you use in a dictionary. Your statement, no offense, shows you don’t know Christians or Christian doctrines and have a simple mind as you don’t examine your own beliefs for contradictions and hypocrisy. God says to avoid ignorant arguments like yours, and on an ignorance scale yours is a 10. Get it? So that’s all I’ll be saying to you, since you mistated something basic. Are you a 7 year old? No? Then stop arguing from assumptions. Get back to me in a month unless you’re going to read my perma-like on top on how to be saved. Stop ignoring what’s right in front of your nose? Do you even know this verse? “as you would have done to you so do to others”? Christ whom CHRISTians follow (and you know every single Christian, right Miss “don’t judge us all as wrong O christians!”, you know all of us, or IGNORING all of us based on your assumptions and bias, your addiction to disobeying that golden rule? Surely you know this verse, “it’s a fool’s shame to speak before listening”, and Miss Assumer won’t correct her beliefs, basic ones on WHAT CHRISTIANS BELIEVE. Till you get that right, don’t even bother arguing.

  3. Shannon
    January 21, 2012 at 3:47 PM

    I never said any of the things you’re attributing to me. Maybe you have me confused with someone else. Either way, I see it was a mistake to come here and try to make peace with you.

    I hope eventually you’ll see that every comment or message doesn’t contain an attack and in the process learn to back off a bit yourself.


    • January 24, 2012 at 3:51 AM

      “I never said any of the things you’re attributing to me. Maybe you have me confused with someone else” and once again what are you talking about? Simply make a claim and back it up with nothing. I’m quoting your comments and you deny making what anyone can read what you said in the comments and which I QUOTE by copying and pasting?

      “I hope eventually you’ll see that every comment or message doesn’t contain an attack” and “attack” means? You say not everything contains an attack to try and demonize me rather than RESPONDING LOGICALLY and pointing out SPECIFICALLY why I am wrong about something, instead you say, “you’re attacking me when I’m not attacking you” RATHER THAN POINT OUT WHAT ERRORS I’VE MADE, now THAT is an ATTACK, hypocrite. Stop being a hypocrite and instead of making hateful attacks like that, make a logical response. You might as well have said, “Nanny nanny boo boo I know you are but what am I.”

      “and in the process learn to back off a bit yourself.”

      Meaning what? You’ve committed “begging the question” yet another logical fallacy. You made no point with that but once again, have wasted my time with your vain words. You have utterly failed and I will no longer approve of your replies as you have thoroughly and clearly demonstrated that you are worthless for logical comments.

      Thank you God for providing yet another excellent example of a neopagan and New Ager and a person with narcissism disorder.

  4. January 27, 2013 at 8:26 PM

    I feel compelled to donate, as someone obviously has to pay for you to return to school (kindergarten, based on your “responses” to the other user). There is absolutely no basis in your argument besides more thoughts that have absolutely no basis. Then again, any human being that uses more than two question marks in a sentence already has some issues.
    Would you like to be the pot or the kettle?
    I await your response with giggles and glee. Do make it a long, hypocritical one. Oh heck, just a one-liner calling me a name with no basis will also do just fine, or, something as stupid as using my false Facebook name as an example of your sheer ignorance. I expect nothing but the very idiotic of responses. :)

    • January 27, 2013 at 8:45 PM

      “I feel compelled to donate, as someone obviously has to pay for you to return to school (kindergarten, based on your “responses” to the other user).”

      What user and why should I care what a nobody moron says? Oh you forgot that obvious part.

      So, based on “responses” to one user, and no other explanation, miss “crazypants” wants to donate so I can go to kindergarten, and no particular one, just any, so it could be a Calvinist Christian one, so that I’d end up growing up to tell off clearly crazypants morons again. And you think I need schooling? What a shallow petty prideful moron. Look around moron, the world doesn’t revolve around you and your feelings and your warped logic miss “crazy<—- pants"

      Thanks for punching yourself in the face for me moron who thinks wasting my time by starting out with a stupid insult is MATURE and not CHILDISH then follows with a LONG rant expecting me to read it. Hell no idiot babbler. What a blind, self-defeating hypocrite. You hear that all? Because Ally the Crazy Idiot was personally hurt by my responses to ONE user, she's gonna dive into Hell saying nanny nanny boo boo I'm going to spend $50 on you to be mature.



      STUPID PRESUMPTUOUS IDIOT: “THE OTHER USER” is a mentally ill atheist with narcissism disorder who repeatedly stalked me using fake names. That’s who you just defended. FAIL. MASSIVE, MASSIVE, FAIL. What a MASSIVE fail. What’s next moron, defend child abusers and child murderers? FAIL.

  5. Kat
    February 19, 2014 at 1:14 PM

    You are the worlds biggest hypocrite. You say don’t group all the christians together you just grouped all the Pagans together. What did a Pagan ever do to you or are you just picking on Pagans because your christian?

    • February 19, 2014 at 5:13 PM

      “What did a Pagan ever do to you”

      Since when does someone have to do anything to you for you to NOT believe what they say, or to point out what they do wrong, or even to even call them “a name” like “fool”? How old are you, six? Did “pagans” raise you to think so crazily and with such evil reasoning?

      Second: Did you notice the title? “Neo”, yet you say I grouped them all together. Now who is the hypocrite? How ironic too, you say “pagan”, when that is a vague term and can mean as the Bible uses it, or in three other ways at least. Now who is the hypocrite, who, careless reader, who cares so little for truth, she didn’t BOTHER TO READ THE TITLE CAREFULLY, A SHORT SIMPLY WORDED TITLE.

      “You are the worlds biggest hypocrite.”

      And oh perfect and righteous one: what ever did I do to you to be called the biggest hypocrite out of over 5 billion other people? Now who is the hypocrite?

      “You say don’t group all the christians together you just grouped all the Pagans together.”

      Title. And 7 year old, why did you capitalize “Pagan”, if it’s not a singular group? Now who is the hypocrite? WHO is stupid, too?

      “What did a Pagan ever do to you”

      Did you read the about me page, genius? See where it says “atheists”? Tack on “neo pagans” to that too. They, on yahoo answers almost harassed me as much as the atheists. And one did on my journal, severely, a female moderator in charge of a somewhat popular NEO PAGAN FORUM. If I remember right, this was before I even made this article. And on answerbag, there was a wiccan witch who blasphemed God’s name YAHWEH to guess what genius? INSULT CHRISTIANS, and not only that, was such an evil person she would combine her blasphemy with child-abuse sex jokes. And you called me the biggest hypocrite? And clearly you must be a very young person (or a very stupid one) to not know that in this world of 5 billion people, MANY “Pagans” (and by YOU using that word made it much more than the group “neo pagans”) might have harassed, bullied, or done something unjust to me for me to write that article. But regardless, you made a mole hill into A MOUNTAIN while pretending I made a mountain. What a hypocrite. Are you now going to tell us all you are for free speech and free thinking miss “I require A CHRISTIAN to have something bad happen to them by a non-christian of a certain type for them to be able to disagree with them sharply, and I will guess anyways that nothing happened BECAUSE THEY ARE A CHRISTIAN, and so will SEVERELY BASH THEM IN MY IGNORANCE AND BIASED PRESUMPTION”? Oh what a free speech, free thinking freedom lover you are. No. You are a stereotypical a stereotypical “control freak”.

      “or are you just picking on Pagans because your christian?”

      So being Christian means they necessarily pick on capital P Pagans, and yet you say you shouldn’t group everyone together. World’s biggest immature and crazy hypocrite = Kat. How old are you? I never met an adult neo pagan who made such a stupid implication and childish one as that. You must be very young and ignorant and have very immoral parents, or just one immoral or stupid one.

      And how can you make a super severe insult like that if you’ve just implied that “someone must do something upsetting to you first” if I’ve not done that to you? I personally attacked you as being “the world’s biggest hypocrites”? So you’ve broken your own personal law.

      And you said, “What did a Pagan ever do to you”, and so said, “I DO NOT KNOW WHAT PAGANS HAVE DONE TO YOU” but bash me SEVERELY anyways, and when the article I posted shows, not me to be a stupid hypocrite, but more so: PAGANS. So Kat has shown herself to be

      1. A massive hypocrite
      2. Very stupid
      3. Evil
      4. A resentful bully who attacked me, clearly, out of childish resentment over showing people like her to be stupid and evil and CARELESS ABOUT TRUTH, NOT BOTHERING TO READ CAREFULLY (AND WOW, KAT MISSES THE SIMPLE TITLE!) and yet, despite my big blog showing me to be way, way past her in maturity and wisdom, let alone any other “Pagan”, calls me the world’s biggest hypocrite, and with a pretense that she is not so immoral, playing, “I’m Miss Way Better Than You” with me.

      5. Doesn’t have the common sense yet to NOT ASSUME or not bash in ignorance of what you are bashing. To help you stupid people understand how stupid it is to bash in ignorance, it is like someone bashing a “global warming skeptic” for not agreeing with a “climate change” person, and not only that, saying, “What ever did climate change people do to you for you to say they are all the same: stupid and ignorant? You must be a global warming person, you’re the world’s biggest hypocrite” How hypocritical, how absurd.

    • February 19, 2014 at 5:14 PM

      Tell everyone your age Kat, so the world might not think so bad of “Pagans”. If you’re older than 17… wow, a shame.

  6. August 20, 2016 at 9:18 AM

    After meeting christian pagans and pagan atheists, i kinda agree with this article. But, I dont believe everything i read, however, some pagans are fucking nuts. Oh im not christian, i dont wanna get into it right now, but yeah, i just dont like anyone much.

  7. August 20, 2016 at 9:22 AM

    Thanks for the wall of text. All i know is this is some sort of slam. I just dont like people in general ok? Half the time im convinced the human race should wipe itself out. As far as Catholics being christian goes, it sounds to me the rants of a Protestant fundy nut job.

  8. Guest
    October 10, 2016 at 7:24 AM

    What confuses me is how someone says that Christianity is stupid then goes ahead and decides to worship Odin or Zeus. Does anyone really believe these are indeed gods or are they just pretending to believe in them just to piss off Christians? It seems really… stupid… to believe in a god of thunder or something.

    Then again some people think that contorted streching and breathing or meditating under a tree will make them godlike and wise.

  9. Brianna LaPoint
    December 5, 2018 at 5:31 PM

    Stop being a hypocrite yourself and biased bigot and lumping in all Christians together as one. Easier said than done. If you believe you are evil, so shall you become.

    • December 5, 2018 at 7:09 PM

      Wow, you are crazed. Do you hear yourself? I just implied not all christians are the same and sbot your baby minded argument down and you ignored all that and in pride made an oblivious comment and couldn’t answer one valid point, thanks for yet the millionth example of why the Bible says, “avoid arguments of jgnorance”. You made a fool of yourself, now all can see it, good.

    • December 5, 2018 at 7:10 PM

      And now that you’ve shown no interest jn learning but only Trumpian narcissist babble: ignored.

  10. Brianna LaPoint
    December 5, 2018 at 5:41 PM

    Pagans may be stupid, but at least the etymology of Pagan isnt Cretin. Have fun wrapping that around your head.

    • December 5, 2018 at 6:07 PM

      1. Do you know all Christians? So don’t judge them either or assume they all believe the same.
      2. Do you know all pagans? No.
      3. Why were you vague? Who is a criminal? If you’re so stupid as to believe only these stereotypes of Christians in your mind do crimes, then get lost, you’re insane then and ignore the obvious.
      4. Are you an atheist? Or pagan? Because: how do you define criminal? A ten commandments breaker? A golden rule of Christ breaker?

      You don’t think about the obvious or see your own hypocrisy as like Scripture says, you flatter yourself too much, blinding your own self to your moral flaws and hypocrisy. Now what is YOUR 10 commands and why must I agree with your beliefs or be called “criminal” o righteous one? Holy one? And do you sense how weak your stance is? So, I’m a criminal for having beliefs that disagree with SOME (likely most since you’re so ignorant) beliefs, but you’re above judgment by magical means, and don’t even face any eternal consequences (how convenient for you Miss I Need Know Proof and Don’t Need to Learn Yours, I’m Perfect) for aaaaaaany wrong thing you do, and you, Miss God, even get to define right and wrong for yourself. Laugh at your arrogance already. Bye.

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