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Mark Levin, Ron Paul, and Donations to Israel and Egypt

Ron Paul Speaks Out Against Meddling (and Donating Money) to Egypt

I was listening to the Mark Levin show, and a substitute host (Tom Marr) said that Ron Paul doesn’t complain when donations are given to Egypt (but does over Israel getting money from the U.S.) and the host implied that the Israelis get most of it via giving money to American Jewish citizens in department of defense jobs. He repeatedly asked the caller for the source of his claim that Ron Paul gets more donations from the military than any other presidential candidate, yet the host gave no source for his donation claim either. The caller however did cite the website opensecrets.com, to which the host immediately responded with a “ahah” type tone saying “aaaaawh” and then said, “the web.” Yeah, and? Is there some better source Mr. “The (TV) Media Lies”? What’s it matter if it’s on the web or not, doesn’t Mark Levin have a website? Yes he does. Doesn’t he teach through it? Yes he does. Further, yesterday, Mark Simone, a hateful liar, cited that Ron Paul “for ten years” made racist statements. No liar, there were a handful of arguments spread throughout the years mixed in to many more statements that weren’t racist. Mark seemed to be twisting that Ron Paul or others argued that these statements were made “ten years ago.” The host right now is using a logical fallacy to claim that because “tons of them out there” (racists) support Ron Paul, that therefore Ron Paul must be bad. So if racists voted for McCain or whites over Obama does that mean that McCain and all the other white presidential candidates were racist too? This is conservatism: arbitrary arguments and using conniving cheap shots when threatened, just like liberals do. Hypocrites. Further, that stupid people support Ron Paul, or illogical people support him, is evidence of? What? In other words: is it a surprise that stupid people don’t check the facts and support the wrong people? Isn’t that what conservatives accuse liberals of doing? But again, arbitrariness: if it’s racists, and if your opponent is winning or threatening your power, forget that liberals or stupid people do stupid things, just change your tune to a sour note and say they are always clear-minded enough to recognize any like-minded person (which is not true as history repeatedly has shown through the repeated failure of pagan governments befriending and supporting people that turned out to be their enemies).

Concerning Ron not speaking against donating to Egypt, false: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HjnfHuCrCLc In fact, the host said near time of his “Ron Paul didn’t complain about donations to Egypt” statement, that Hosni Mubarak “was a bad guy, but he was our bad guy.” He said this because of Ron Paul’s policy to NOT intervene in the affairs of MUSLIM nations and to get our bases out of foreign countries like Germany due to not being able to AFFORD IT, AND, perhaps deceptively, because he knew Ron Paul was against arming Muslim dictators which would ENDANGER Israel, as Ron points out on that Youtube link. It’s Ron’s desire to withdraw troops and money from foreign lands that Mark Levin (a Jew, keep that in mind because it can be considered evidence of bias, and keep in mind that I am also Jew, biologically at least half), Mark Simone, and Catholic conservative propagandist and radio show host Shawn Hannity (and maybe Rush Limbaugh), are always complaining about concerning Ron Paul. Michael Savage also recently claimed that RP hates Jews and supports terrorists (good job ruining the last dregs of your reputation Michael Bean). Michele Bachmann also has attacked Ron Paul’s position on the military (and federal donations to foreigners?) as suicidal in her presidential campaign. Something to note is that very recently a top spokesperson for Michele Bachmann withdrew his support for her campaign and is now giving it to Ron Paul. As far back as January 31st! 2011 Ron Paul spoke out against meddling in the affairs of countries like Egypt: Ron Paul on Egypt: U.S. Meddling Leads to Unintended Consequences So, these conservative hosts contradict themselves and are lying.

Concerning Iran: at least, or only one Ron Paul supporter attacked me on my position on attacking Iran. There was a stupid person on a pro Ron Paul Youtube video who made the stupid remark, “Why can’t Iran have nukes? They’re surrounded by them” or something like that, which I said was stupid because Iran has a violent government that oppresses it’s people, which I likened to beating or killing your wife, or family, I said something like that. So, I believe Iran’s government and military should be attacked if they don’t change their stance on attacking Israel or not. But, I also believe Iran should be prayed for, and for an attack on them to not be necessary, for them to be at peace.

Tom? also claimed that Ron Paul said that Martin Luther King seduced black children. Tom then said, “oh yeah, he’s really going to get the black vote.” Even if Ron had said that, so what? It makes no point. And are blacks too stupid to investigate a comment like that? Martin Luther King is known for having been an adulterer, so he was unfaithful and allowed himself to be seduced. That’s a little evidence that he wasn’t someone to simply trust outright. The FBI even tried to blackmail him with the evidence that had on his adultery, but failed. Further, he was a worldly type Christian, NOT saved, and preached a worldly version of Christianity, one that appealed to blacks most I’d imagine. So to say that he (spiritually seduced) black children wouldn’t be wrong. If there was evil sexual implication behind that statement, I don’t know, but not knowing him to be a homosexual or not, have no opinion on that and it’s not a big concern to me, because that was long ago in the past, and there’s plenty of evidence he preached a false “social gospel” which is enough to disregard him as a worthy teacher of the Bible, someone who can be trusted with God’s word.

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  1. Laura
    December 30, 2011 at 5:54 PM

    Thought you had a section on Seventh Day Adventists. Checked the site out and could find nothing.
    Do you have any info on Steve Quale’s education. Heard him on last night on KFI CTC.
    Other than a blowhard claiming to have more degrees than a thermometer he sounded extremely uneducated. Can’t find out anything bout him online.
    He is really strange. Changed to listeneing to KFI after KGO took away my favourite nightime hosts. Still looking for good night time radion. Noory and his crew just don’t meet my criteria for good, intelligent programing.

    • December 30, 2011 at 6:19 PM

      Stupid Google; I knew it was still misdirecting people to wrong pages on my journal. Being that wordpress is one of the top trafficked sites in the world you’d think they’d update their search engine to correctly keep up with it, but maybe they don’t like how wordpress is coded. But here’s the links on Steve Quayle:


      Here I talk about Robert Tilton because he’s a known conartist, an obvious one, and yet people still fell for him.

      And this one I found yesterday, but I found too uninteresting to read much, but from what I read it shows that Steve is someone who brings misery to your life.

      Steve sounds to me like a narcissist. You can read the personality traits of one here: https://eternian.wordpress.com/2010/03/16/psychopaths-sociopaths-narcissists

      He has all the signs: immaturity (he’s childish stories about giants fighting people with mind powers and other absurdities), rambling, ranting, not letting people get a word in hardly (an extreme desire to be the center of attention), grand delusions and paranoia (remember his statement to Rob Simone about the government making fake citizens complaining about him to Coast to Coast, I don’t doubt that the feds will do sneaky things like that but against a half-crazed person like this who is best known for his anti-government rants and silly stories about giants?), and his dramatization of everything.

      As for Seventh Day Adventists, they are free-will type Christians who place value on their free will above God’s. They may not say that out right, and probably don’t, or realize they think that way, but that is what they feel, as do all false Christians who’ve studied decently the subject of free will vs God’s control over all things (and by full control I don’t mean, as false Christians might thing, that he directly controls everything and that we have no will as a result, but that he is able to do things in such a way that his plans succeed regardless of what we want to do). Their found is also a known false prophet who made absurd dietary claims, and if your found is evil, guess what? There is also hints that she was possessed by a demon when she went into a trance. As for whether or not Sunday or Saturday is the weekly sabbath, the Bible says not to argue about it or condemn anyone for regarding a day as holy (not as in pagan holidays). So when SDAs claim that Catholics for example, are being Satanic by worshiping God on Sunday they are showing a lack of common sense and disregard for the Bible on the very matter they act like is most important next to free will. Also, they nonsensically call it “the mark of the beast” even though the Bible clearly says the “mark” is the number or name of the anti-Christ that will make war with Christians during the last years of this age.

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