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Kenneth Miller’s (of Brown.edu) Evolution Propaganda Fails

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Evolutionary Biology is very much like the pseudoscience Phrenology

Professor or former Professor Kenneth R. Miller, of Brown University, said, “Though some insist that life as we know it sprang from a Grand Designer’s Original blueprints, Biology offers new evidence that organisms were cobbled together layer upon layer by a timeless tinkerer called evolution.”

An Evolutionary Tree Made by the Fraud Scientist and Evolutionist Ernst Haeckel

A weird coincidence, after posting this article on the 27th,
and then this morning looking for evolution trees, found
this circular version, but then looking to the right noticed
a smaller version, placed against this phrenology looking ad!

Here’s yet another evolution tree I found before the one on New Scientist,
and is in conflict with the others. Interesting to note that this comes from
the nih.gov website (a US government website), and that on the page it is
described as a “Phylogeny showing evolutionary relationships”.
Very strange how much that sounds like phrenology!

Question: why do evolutionists keep resorting to flowery speech and poetry? Can they talk plainly and straight for once instead of like narcissist goof balls? That evolutionists keep talking like that is a clue that many narcissists take to this stupid theory, the reason being that it frees man from having to be responsible to God and makes out man to be the Intelligent One for revealing and understanding evolution (which is a weak way of trying to come close to being the Designer) and opens up the possibility for man to be a Creator himself by genetic engineering and finding out how to create life (which evolutionists imagine they will one day learn, because they tie in evolution to how life was created yet hypocritically accuse creationists as being the only ones who do that).

Second question: Why is Kenneth likening evolution to being a designer? Evolution isn’t a designer of anything, it’s a natural process according to the definition, just like the wind and space dust eroding a rock away. The wind and space dust aren’t designing anything by eroding away a rock.

Third question: what evidence? Kenneth like all other evolutionists are all talk and no substance. On the page from which I got those quotes is NO EVIDENCE. Rather, it’s THEIR DELUSIONS, their day dreaming:

“But evolution can be used as an explanation for complex structures, if we can imagine a series of small, intermediate steps leading from the simplex to the complex.”

Yes, just imagine it people, and look at a few pictures of made up steps or watch a cartoon of dinosaurs running around on the Discovery or History Channel, or pictures of an angry T-Rex eating meat in Discover Magazine or Scientific American, which never stop preaching Darwinism or Evolution. Talk about “all you say God all the time:” Shut up yourself with your 100% faith-based materialistic preaching. The evidence for evolution is chanting, dreams, poetry, cartoons, coloring books and liberal dandy’s playing dress-up in movies. I have no problem with hypothesizing, with imagining how something might be possible, but if there is no evidence to support it, and there is none to support evolution theory hypothesis, then it’s not something you can truthfully teach as being factual or proven or evident, especially if there’s evidence against it, and there is plenty, easily found, on my journal, throughout the Internet, books in libraries all over the world, and from what can be observed of nature.

Keep your cult out of God’s universe and shut up with that stupid vain “keep your religion out of my science” line. It’s “my twisted reality disguised as science so that I don’t have to admit responsibility for my actions and how completely not good I am” that should be used in place of “science.” May I ignore you evolutionists now, or are you going to break “your” logical fallacy lists again and leave me a comment appealing to emotion, ad hominem, mere rhetoric, or concluding before examining the evidence, like this one which commits all four fallacies at once: “You idiot. You know evolution is right and creation wrong, right?” Or how about begging the question: “Just look at this website right here about how bacteria learned to eat citrus fruits which it could never do before.” And your point is? It would have to be: therefore God wasn’t needed to make the universe, life, lightning and mud can come to life, and mud can turn into men. If we can just imagine it, just have faith, it will be true, and the Christians will finally disappear. Just name it, and claim it.

Update 12/30/2011: A blog I found while looking for evolutionary tree pictures. Notice the description of the blogger here, “Callan draws cartoons.” Third story on the blog of this geology teacher: “19 December 2011Video book review: cartoon books”. Can you smell the science? I checked out Alexa (an unreliable site for statistics on websites when if they have a small amount of traffic) and saw that it says mostly 65 year olds and older with no kids go to this website mostly from some location at school. Can anyone say, “Old evolutionists stuck in their ways”?

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  1. December 29, 2011 at 11:25 PM

    I’ve run into many atheists on Instagram who* [and]* all they do is throw ridiculous garbage at me & want me to prove myself, my religion & my God. I was complying but I’ve realized that nothing I say is worth anything to them. The verse about casting pearls before swine comes to mind but OH MY GOSH is it hard to let these people have the last word when I know how disgustingly wrong they are. The red text above really stood out to me ( & not just because it’s bright red… ;p) thanks for speaking out. So many lost people out there…

    *edited by Knight

  2. February 26, 2012 at 6:11 AM

    From slipalica@yahoo.com, submitted on 2012/02/26 at 5:51 AM

    “I took the time to read this whole entry and I just wanted to shed some light here. No pun intended.”

    What pun?

    ” I have no problem with hypothesizing, with imagining how something might be possible, but if there is no evidence to support it, and there is none to support evolution theory hypothesis, then it’s not something you can truthfully teach as being factual or proven or evident, especially if there’s evidence against it, and there is plenty, easily found, on my journal, throughout the Internet, books in libraries all over the world, and from what can be observed of nature. ”

    “You’re right you can’t really teach it as fact because in the end it’s just a theory that could be absolutely wrong. That doesn’t mean you can’t at least learn about what it all has to say, though.”

    And you said that because? Also, if you know a theory to be false, and baseless, then why listen to “anything” based on it or supposed evidence of it? If you know someone is a liar and always trying to come up with new but false ways to deceive you, whether they are doing it on purpose or just sick and can’t help it, should you keep listening? The Bible says no, that to do that would corrupt you. It’s also why God will ban everyone who is rebellious and won’t repent in Hell, forever, so, the Bible says, they can’t cause anyone else to sin any more.

    “And your whole argument wasn’t even based on “facts””

    You just said what you quoted was true, therefore it’s a fact, but you said “whole” so lets see what you’re talking about.

    “you just bashed people with names throughout the whole entry”

    You just claimed I did without evidence. Explain how I “bashed”, and why you used the word “bashed”, otherwise it remains an ad hominem attack and putting me in a false light.

    “and talked out your ass for the most part.”

    Is that a scholarly, professional, reasonable, polite, respectful, or mature thing to say? Is it scientific? Is it evidence of anything, or are you getting to ranting now? You’re beginning a rant.

    “You’re really no better than the atheists who preach their theories because the Bible is just as unfounded as the theory of evolution.”

    So, another ad hominem attack, rather than pointing out the supposed errors in my article or the Bible with evidence, instead you just insult me. And do you know me enough to say that? Obviously not. You supposedly carefully read this one article, and then condemn me, without any evidence, as a person who is no better than a group of gullible mass murderers who based on feelings and clear propaganda killed 200,000,000* over 110 years and most of whom approve of endless brutal abortions and who are mostly uncharitable and who won’t give God the glory, and IGNORING the evidence that I’m against all those things, being that the article makes that clear. And so then, you’re a liar. You’re obviously ignorant of not just who I am, which makes you evil to have judged my entire life then and who my personality is, but also ignorant of all Christians and atheists since you can’t tell the difference, or ignore the obvious differences in your arrogance. With that stupid, careless and evil statement you’ve just shown your ignorance, and the Bible commands me to avoid arguments of ignorance. You’re a stupid person who doesn’t know any Bible basics, otherwise you wouldn’t have said that. Begin this way, it’s easy: type into Google, “evidence for the Bible” or even +”evidence for the Bible” +eternian.

    Simple thought for someone who is supposedly concerned for truth enough to say, “you’re talking out your ass guy I don’t know and who rushed through an article and then bashed you with my feelings while just accusing you of bashing a bunch of people”, right? So why have you never done that? Because you’re biased and under Satan’s control. Pray that changes, the rest of your rant is ignored, just as you ignored the rest of the links and 680+ pages on my journal. Next time, don’t make assumptions that you’re talking to someone ignorant and inferior to you, you’re talking to someone who carefully listened to over 500 arguments against religion and refuted every single one in multiple ways often, is that a big enough hint of your bad presumption of me, condemnation, and judging before listening? I think so.

    God bless you as he always does, till he opens your eyes to the fact that besides there being a worldwide flood of evidence for the Bible, but that so is, according to the Bible, the faith that Christians have that God exists and will keep his promise to keep them eternally at peace, and the Bible, which God inspired by his Spirit by various men and women throughout thousands of years, surviving to this day, is clearly true except to those whose eyes Satan is covering. (The rest of his comment was ignored because he’s arguing out of smug hatred and extreme ignorance which I pointed out.)

    *50 million died as a result of Hitler’s war, a man who promoted atheism, but also supported Lutherans (not Calvinists) for a time, to get Christians to follow him.
    *Other figures for other mass murders besides Hitler:

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