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An Open Letter To Steve Martin

About two months ago I think, I noticed an apartment being emptied out nearby. I noticed all kinds of stuff being taken to a truck of some sort meant for hauling away trash. The workers were apparently getting rid of stuff the owner no longer wanted. I noticed that many vinyls were about to be thrown out in a crude wooden box where they were shelved in. Besides some a little junky stuff, I took that collection as the owner watched me take them away. I told her I would have paid her if I had the money, and she said nothing as I walked away with the treasure. Later, I think she may have died, or moved out and her apartment was being cleaned and emptied. A little while later I went back to the door to see what was sitting there, and saw that there were many more vinyls and I took them back to my home. A long while after I finally breathed in a lot of dust sorting through them, trying to find out their values and eventually got a record player to listen to them. And eventually I found one record that seemed the most interesting, an album called Tartans and Sagebrushes by Marie Rhines. I didn’t expect it to be anything amazing, but did read that it was fiddle music. It was described as being unique, so I thought it might sound displeasing and strange. I knew I liked at least some, because I had heard some songs I can’t remember from long ago in my search for good Irish music, and then much more recently heard your album The Crow, which I loved, and reminded me of traditional fiddle music. I looked for more info about her and found she had a website that was down at the time, but archive.org had saved some of her pages, but was missing some pictures. I also found some low res Youtube videos with her in it, but they seemed to marginalize her, or maybe bit seemed that way because they looked so poor. I thought it strange that for someone who made such beautiful music that her music wasn’t being shared and that she wasn’t popular. A little while before or after I found those videos I found that she had an album for sale on Amazon called The Reconciliation and upon hearing the music found it was beautiful.

The next morning, this morning, I decided to test out the somewhat used and cheap vinyl player I got the day before, which I found when first using it was misdescribed by Ion and the seller from whom I bought it. That’s all I’ll say about that for now. After first listening to a very rare organ music record on it, I then listened to T&S, and it immediately brought a smile to my face. Her music was sweet and flawless and not strange at all. After listening I looked up the organ music record again to see if there was anything about it, but still nothing. Then looked up Miss Rhines again, and tried out her site again, and it was working this time. That let me know she was still in action. I’m hoping that you’ll find her music as pleasing as I did enough to do an album with her and keep her from being overlooked any longer. How about this for an album title? Martin and Rhines: The Fiddle and Old Banjo. I hope to hear some Christmas songs from you all too.

Happy Thanksgiving,

  1. February 9, 2012 at 10:25 PM


    Thank you for your comments!!!

    I personally know Marie Rhines and I am confident that she will appreciate your comments about her music.

    I [d]o not know if she has played along with Steve Martin or not but I am sure that he would thoroughly appreciate and enjoy her tremendous musical talents.

    Keep up the GREAT work. Even if you only “save” one person, it is more than zero.

    Please add my e-mail address in order that I may receive updates to your blog.

    Best wishes,

    Don Cordier
    Southern California USA

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