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New Age Ghost ”Facts” and Psychics Refuted

I’m listening to Annie Wilder on Coast to Coast AM right now, making annoying girly sounds as she speaks, as if trying to sexually seduce her audience, either than or she has a bad habit of saying “um” and “uh”. I have questions for you Annie:

Hi Annie, you said on Coast to Coast AM / implied that ghosts must exist because Custer appeared asked for troops. Can you explain how that is evidence? Here is where you logic fails:

1) Were troops all Custer cared about? Obviously not:

1. food
2. drink
3. clothing
4. peace
5. happiness
6. love
7. escape

How many people who die of murder come back to let someone know they died by murder? Under 1 percent, yet people are being murdered violently all the time. Further, many who die violent deaths don’t even mention it. Did the Custer ghost mention it? So, why does it make sense to you then that Custer mentioned he wanted more troops? So what? So what if he asked for someone to clean his uniform, would that also make sense to you? Why not: he has a uniform and it needed to be cleaned. Or if he asked for food, wouldn’t that make sense, because he’s a human who needed to eat. You’re logic is arbitrary.

2) You’re contradicting yourself: which is it, is it impressions of energy or is it living souls? You’re not saying why which is which, but conveniently mashing them both together without thought

3) Why wouldn’t intense sexual activity leave behind energy imprints, or joyous moments? Why not moments of extreme fright like on a roller coaster? Shouldn’t there be a huge amount of ghostly energy imprints all over Disney Land, Busch Gardens and Magic Kingdom? What do violent deaths have to do with energy imprints? When you die you die, it doesn’t matter how violent a person is TO YOU, that’s just a silly idea with no evidence. Since when does violence = leaving energy imprints. Using that logic there should be ghost clones of people who haven’t even died yet left behind by violent acts, especially if the person survives the act, because they worked themselves up into a large amount of fear or anger rather than simply dying right away.

4) Why would an energy imprint ASK for anything? Does Kirlian residual energy every ask anyone for anything? Does residual heat left behind by your body ask for anything? Where do you get this idea that “energy imprints” have the ability to ask for things let alone hang around for decades? Do you know what “New Age nonsense” is? You’re someone who tries be a scientist, and logical, but you fail because you haven’t actually studied logic, and if you have, you’re a truth-rejector and truth-hider.


Besides that, I noticed Annie say that she leaves in a haunted house, and that she’s had bad experiences there (because of the ghosts), but she’s comfortable living there, comfortable living with demons. She said, “Ut’s a very energetically cool house.” Can anyone say “New Age babble?” and “word salad”? Sickening.

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