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Noory Ain’t Interested In Solvin’ Nothin’

George Noory, makin’ money off the dead

George Noory boasted that his goal, is, “to solve the mysteries of our time.” I don’t think so. Tonight (11/10/2011) and this morning, this evil moron is once again indulging his hankering for time travel babble. He is letting an idiot waste the world’s time with disgustingly stupid childish lies about time travel with Barrack Obama. Stupid. So stupid. But, George is getting paid, and perhaps the time travelling liar is too, so what do they care? And did anyone hear how this Andrew D. Basiago’s explanation as to why children were used and that absurd holographic nonsense? Or how about how he and his team had to avoid “the predators on Mars”… AT AGE FOUR. OR IS IT AGE FIVE? Oh wait, he was repairing tv’s at age for and it’ was at age 19 that he was sent up to Mars, I see now. Did you know he was even given a suicide pill in case he was cornered by the predators, but, NOT  A GUN? Not an adrenaline shot? Not a grenade? How stupid!!! I wonder if Andrew is a skeptic who later plans on exposing George as a gullible moron. Update: Major Ed Dames (another delusional liar) was called by George during the show, because Andrew claimed the Ed was his teacher for the Mars colonization project, or um, was it the time travel one. But so George asked, and Ed said that Andrew was delusional and to stop emailing him and to go start a cult or something, oh but Ed said he did distinctly remember seeing ELVIS, yes ELVIS and Lady Gaga at his um, ok I missed that part but if he saw them both together there must have been some time travel thing going on. So this is what George Noory the Universalist Catholic wants us all to spend our time listening to. Awesomely dumb crazy people who get to plug their stupid websites or books to millions of people, and drain these gullible idiots of their money. So this is George’s concern for the poor and the economy and this is his way of making people smile. Sick.

But about yesterday night, (11/09/2011). So I’m listening to radio show host George Noory taking a call from a beautiful-voiced woman named Michelle telling her story about how someone unknown recorded a video using her cellphone of some being looking at her and her kids and hieroglyphics appearing on the video… does he ask her to send the video in or to upload it to YouTube and give the address? Nope, he instead lets the idiot guest comment on it who says, it may have to do with her past life and possibly menstruation and that she should have the video analyzed. I am so tempted to cuss these guys out. I wish I could throw something hard at their heads. George claims his mission in life is “to solve the mysteries” of our time, but how is he solving it when he repeatedly doesn’t bother investigating interesting stories like that hieroglyphics one with a supposed video, tangible evidence? And he always shows a flippant interest in such stories. Remember that time he said he was on vacation and in a taxi and the driver seemed so nervous that he feared he was about to be kidnapped, so left? Maybe there was a plot by Mexican drug lords who hated his show so much they were plotting to do the world a favor by getting rid of his ass. Why does he show more interest in things that can’t be verified, like the John Titor time travel (hoax)? Why is that more interesting to him? It reminds me of this time on his show he was asking some guest, I think George Tsoukalous, if he’d like to know everything, to know enough so there’d no longer be any mysteries, and George gave his opinion that he wouldn’t want that because then he’d be bored. Perhaps because of that insane attitude he doesn’t bother to follow any leads, but is content to let others do that and only have them on once and a while. Perhaps that’s why he’s content to sit and speculate wildly rather than use his own wealth to go to some mystery site and do a video/radio show. That’s what being “positive” and “open minded” gets you: laziness, chaos and insanity. My throat is sore over how sickening George is, and it’s very rare my throat gets sore.

A dangerous predator pumpkin from Mars captured in the wild by Villafane Studios.

  1. March 12, 2012 at 8:37 AM

    george noory goes gaga over guests prediction of all hell breaking loose. including tornados, earth quakes, & volcano eruptions. total power grid shutdown. i took all the batteries out of my cell phones and turned 3/4 of my bank account into coins incase atm & teller machines crashed. AND told all my friends what was comming. i’ll never get the egg off my face,i’ll never listen to another coast program. good bye george :

    • March 12, 2012 at 8:52 AM

      Just because there are false prophets making false prophecies, or silly people like George or con-artists trying to take advantage of you using scary statements, doesn’t mean scary things don’t or wont happen, and that there are no true prophecies or true prophets. You may have been wrong about certain things, but that doesn’t mean you’ll always be wrong about other things, or that preparation for disasters is bad. Part of the Christian religion involves preparing for bad things, from minor to major. And it’s what paid for insurance is for, and I’m guessing at least half the planet has insurance for something, medical, car, or death insurance, which ironically and deceptively is called “life insurance.”

  2. Goddy Benzoa
    June 24, 2016 at 3:15 AM

    I agree about false prophets & false prophecies. What about false christians? Especially the kind that claim to be christian, then demonstrate their Christ-like love and compassion for others by writing a very long, detailed blog that does nothing but criticize and judge another person. What would Jesus say if he blogged about the tax collectors and criminals he dined with? Would he point out all the flaws of the prostitute he defended after he saved her life?
    I agree that Noory is either an imbecile or a shill. His listening and questioning prowess is so lacking, it’s a wonder he got anywhere as an interviewer (notice I said interviewer and not journalist). What chaps my hide more than listening to Noory repeatedly pander to morons as a means of increasing listenership, is to read a holier-than-thou blog written by a self-proclaimed christian who obviously has no clue about who Christ was, or is humorously blind to their own hypocrisy.
    BTW, I’m not a christian. If I had to pick a spiritual path (instead of a religion), I’d go with the Gnostics, like Christ did.

    • June 26, 2016 at 9:12 AM

      You are ignorant, arrogant and hypocritical, opinion-driven, you don’t,carefully observe or listen:

      “their Christ-like love and compassion for others by writing a very long, detailed blog that does nothing but criticize and judge another person”

      1. Is long and detailed = to evil? Are you insane? Your feelings determine anything long and detailed is bad huh? Are you five years old?

      2. What do you think your commenf to me is there? Where’s your “short and non-detailed PRAISE” of me?, hypocrite.

      3. So Jesus WOULD WRITE A SHORT, NON-DETAILED, PART JUDGEMENT, PART NON-JUDGMENT (so he’d say, “no opinion of you” after judging?! what!?) WITH NO DETAILS OF A PERSON HE LOVED? You are stupid and nonsensical.

      4. You didn’t bother reading my long and detailed blog or Jesus’ very long and very detailed Bible, because if you had you’d have noticed it’s not what your short, a little detailed yet mostly vague and baseless rant made his word (Jesus is God) or my blog out to be. Since when was God’s word short and only about how much he loves you you ignorant angry babbler, you judgmental criticizer?

      5. Since when, Mr. Opinion King is judging and criticizing wrong or about those you love? You obviously do not listen or read patiently/carefully as you don’t know or care to remember basic word meanings like “judge”. In fact my blog has an entry on “judging” and “do not judge” and is tag linked, but you don’t care about details like that because you are too busy obsessively judging and criticizing in ignorant hypocrisy to make well-informed factual judgments. Everything you fool is judging. Minds work by judging details.

      6. How dumb are you to say you are not a Christian yet endorse Christ’s word? Moron: stop babbling and read his word for once. If you endorse it how can you disobey him?

      7. What is your evidence Jesus was a Gnostic? None. In fact the Bible mentions philosphers as having fruitless wisdom.

      8. Did you notice (no) my top tabs on John Hus, Calvin or How to get to Heaven? Did you notice I fully support Christ’s word: the Bible, Christ who is the God of all Christians and all? How then, moron, do you say my blog is loveless? Because: you are full of hate and have an evil religion (you don’t even have that as you are basically insane and childish) that doesn’t recognize love or truth. If you believe it is wrong for everyone to correct, to think, jugdge, recognize mistakes as you did to me (hypocrite) then there is no discussing with you. You just babble your half-read sentences and nonsense feelings. The truth is is you hate seeing your evil judgments about those you hate which are Christians who love Christ/God/God’s word/morons like you not praising your stinking evil heart and feelings-based babble from your evil mouth. Learn to make positive loving long detailed judgments about Christ and Christians and to stop being impatient.

      9. Why WOULD you only say you’d go with Gnosticism if Christ who claimed to be God did, why haven’t you? Because you don’t actually care to do anything good and are ranting for attention like a stupid kid. How does, “Jesus chose to do good, so if I was gonna stop being hateful, eviL, hypocritical and stop making long detailed critical judgments about Christians I’d choose the good way Jesus did.” So you believe Gnosticism is the good way but remain evil. Shut up already. There is no learning anything useful from you.

      10. The Bible you refuse to stop making assumptions about says:

      “foolish and unlearned questions avoid, for they only lead to (useless and harmful) arguments.” Don’t ever ask anyone a stupid question about the Christ of the Bible again.

      11. Why, how, could I know, or you, anything about Christ from a short not-detailed Gnostic letter? Make sense.

    • June 26, 2016 at 9:33 AM

      {What chaps my hide more than listening to Noory repeatedly pander to morons”

      That is grammatically impossible to understand. You made no sense.

      “as a means of increasing listenership, is to read a holier-than-thou blog”

      I didn’t say “I’m holier than you” anywhere you evil critical imbecile, GOD, all Scripture says Christians are “HOLY”, not “HOLIER”. You’re repeating a baby insult and making yourself out to be holier and God with your know-it-all My-feelings-matter-more-than-your-reasoning-and-evidence babbling.

      “written by a self-proclaimed christian”

      Your rant is by a self-proclaimed nothing, a not-even-gnostic self proclaiming everything of his own self, including that it’s wrong for everyone but you to self proclaim. Such grand arrogance and delusions. Are you God? So, if you don’t bother reading my blog in detail, how do you know only I say I’m Christian, and can you hear Christ in Heaven? What a strife-loving, self-condemned demon you are.

      “who obviously has no clue about who Christ was,”

      Obvious how, and to who, yourself or the world you self-proclaim to speak for, including the Christians like me (millions of them)?

      “or is humorously blind to their own hypocrisy.”

      Your talking about yourself, and you babble isn’t funny, it’s evil. Your next comment will be marked as spam and not read at all. If you believe in karma, think about that.

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