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Gavin Menzies Discovers Ancient Evidence for Historical Accuracy of Genesis

(This cover is only on the UK version)

Gavin Menzies, former submarine Captain in the British Navy, the author of the famous book 1421: The Year China Discovered America, wrote a book called The Lost Empire of Atlantis: History’s Greatest Mystery Revealed which goes through his findings concerning the Minoans (who supposedly later became the Greeks) and how the island called Thera aka Santorini was Atlantis. This is wrong however since not all the evidence matches up, and Atlantis was already rediscovered a long time ago with all the evidence to match. But whether he is right or wrong, what he discovered, perhaps without knowing it, was more evidence that the Bible’s indirect teaching that mankind became very advanced at least after hundreds of years after God created them. He discovered that the Minoans, about 4000 years ago, had built up a very advanced naval fleet which traveled all over the world, and that these Minoans were skilled at metalworking and had very advanced mathematics, though perhaps no where near as advanced as we are today in math. Like so called “out of place artifacts”, like the ones detailed in the book Forbidden Archeology (which so that you know contains a baseless story concerning some coal mine and things discovered inside the coal) and gone into in depth with pictures on s8int.com, the Minoan level of math and science can also be classified as “out of place” in the Big Bang-Darwinian Evolution chronology (which is because the BBDEC is false). And the Minoan technology itself also qualify as OOPARTS, just like the most obvious OOPARTS of all, the pyramids all over the world, which God uses as clear testimony to the trustworthiness of Genesis.

The Lost Empire of Atlantis is introduced by Gavin with this paragraph:

After a chance conversation in Egypt in 2008, bestselling historian Gavin Menzies launched himself on a quest that would reveal the truth behind the mystery of Atlantis and her destruction. Through an examination of documentary and academic research, metallurgy, ancient shipbuilding and navigation techniques, artefacts and DNA evidence, Menzies slowly and painstakingly reveals a trading empire that spanned from the Great Lakes in North America to Kerala in India. And in doing so finally explains the incredible reality behind the legendary civilisation described by Plato and its disappearance. Reading like a real-life Indiana Jones story as ex-Royal Navy submarine captain, Menzies travels round the world in pursuit of his goal, this is epic, iconoclastic popular history.

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