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A Good Example of a Conservative

Conservatism, pro-Israeli and anti-Muslim are not substitutes for morality, good religion or Christianity. (I found out the day after posting this that this person is most likely a Jew, which is sad and embarrassing, to me at least).

This is a response from last to first comments by some hateful pro-Israeli-government anti-Muslim pseudo-conservative, with no life apparently, and another reason why conservatives are not sincerely moral nor true Christians and are morally illogical:

“oh and by the way… what does the title has to do with the video? trolling much? where are the so called “spies” celebrating?

They are mentioned in the video, that is what the video is about you moron. And do you really think the U.S. government would allow Israeli spies to be outed? You truly are stupid and ignorant.

“this is a clear propaganda…”

No idiot I just uploaded the video to show the Israeli government is corrupt you idiot. You’re obviously someone who thinks that only those you arbitrarily side with are good. You must love watching police feel people up based on “oh because you made us uncomfortable”.

“sorry… a free speech pending approval.”

Sorry: not all speech should be posted, and speech isn’t “free” in and of itself, and there is no law that says, “All speech must be listened to and posted on Youtube” (and if you love free speech so much why did you complaining about Muslims making comments before you said this?) nor did I say I was pro-“free speech”, and what is that phrase supposed to mean? And who made me the keeper of free speech? You’re very stupid. Also, you’re comment made no grammatical sense, and so was illogical in many ways. Why would you be sorry? And who said anything about free speech? And so it’s okay to scream “fire” in a theater, or make bomb threads? Make sense. This is you, summarized. “I will mock you unless you let me say and do whatever I want.” Wow, evil. You’re not my God nasty argument maker, stop trying to be him.


I care that you are “laughing your ass off” because? And wow I’m so impressed you can type that, I’m so hurt too.

“oh hahahaha!!!! this is priceless,”

Why is it “priceless” and what does that term mean and why should I care and why are you laughing like a hyper-hysterical insano? Maybe you have narcissism disorder.

“you who are supposed to be the ones allowing the maximum freedom of speech”

No idiot, no one said anything about that, and who is “the ones”? Delusional assumer much? I’m a JEW. Are you even one or some dumb white republican who thinks Jews are a magical rubbing stone?

“and truth filter comments with approvals! AHAHAHA! omg…”

Grow up idiot. And “AHAHAHA! omg”? You must not be am ultra orthodox Jew. Probably a white republican Shawn Hannity worshiper who spends too much time watching silly Pokemon cartoons (I found out a few minutes later after typing this sentence that one of this few vids on this guys’ profile that he shows off is the intro to Ghost In the Shell, which by the way was also blocked over a copyright claim).

“you people are so delusional……….”

…said the insane idiot making conspiratorial references to unknown people again. And wow: enough pretentious dots?

“lol this scene is just amazing… a bunch of so called anti neocons”

You’re freaking out all over the place yet you babble about “fapping”? Why are you so easily excited? And did you bother to look at my channel? And anti-neocons? So you’re one of those losers? And who is so obsessed with politics as to care about what neocon means? Just no-lifers like you. I don’t even know what one is and don’t care. Just insane no-lifers like you. Fail.

“fapping over concpiracy theories,”

What your language immoral oaf. What about your anti-neocon conspiracy theory? Nonsensical contradictory idiot much? Yes you are. If you can’t accept conspiracies and don’t like thinking about them, flush yourself down the toilet and stop babbling conspiracies of conspiracy discussions. Everything is a conspiracy theory to you you weird oaf, not the other way around. And why is it bad to think about them? What, no answer, just repetition of “oh u like conspiracy theories hahah!”? Then shut up you evil nit wit.

“and all the enthusiastic muslims go like “oh look they are angry with israel, lets boil the pot more and add some comments and troll israel!”

“Troll israel”? What a conspiratorial idiot. And why don’t you tell your imaginary perfect Israelis to stop trolling the Negev Bedouins? Is it also okay for zionists or Judaizers to go around randomly assaulting Palestinian women or Muslims?

“go like”? How old are you? And who is “they”? The secret conspiracy anti-neocon people right? And who cares what others like you say? So: I shouldn’t show the truth about insanos like yourself, so that you don’t have to see other insanos like you make comments about insanos like you? That’s your problem.

“wow… wow… what a bunch of… deluded mob”

Wow you can’t even make a proper or complete sentence without drama pretention dots. And what mob? Pray that your delusions go away and that you will grow up already.

“Where’s the proof” said the conniving idiot who knew he could use a search engine but was a lazy conniving insano with no real interest in truth: http://911research.wtc7.net/sept11/israelispys.html People like you and Mark Levin are crackpots.

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