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Batgirl Hits On Guy, Guy Tries to Break Batgirl’s Neck: Romantic Dreams Gone Wrong

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Yesterday, while shopping, I saw a cute 1 year old with blue eyes sitting on top of a shopping cart while her mom was shopping. She kept waving to me when she saw me, it was so cute. And yes, I waved back.

The next day, I had a dream. I’ve never heard of anyone having one like this before, because it was a cross between a dream and a nightmare. It was a short dream, and in general was a little blurry, not sharp and vivid. I was near some village, and it was at night. It seemed like I was outside of the village boundary, because I only sensed houses to the left side of me. They looked like they were made of dark gray stone, and the few windows I saw were lit with a bright yellow light. I saw moon illuminating a blue sky and showing white clouds and maybe some dark ones. I was playing with a large-sized dog and a giant cat with long black shaggyish hair, but the cat may have started out as a dog at first. Then a black whispyish humanoid with bat-like wings flew overhead and I sensed terrified people running around. And from miles away I saw this creature land on the highest peak of the mountains where the moon was overhead and it crouched there with it’s huge wings, and I mean huge. Of course, if it was miles away, it would have had to have been a giant, but that wasn’t the impression I got. I’m not sure if it was at this point of when it was flying overhead, that I stopped playing with the animals and let out a screech like a bird to show the creature I wasn’t afraid, I guess to show it I would fight it if it attacked me. It reminded me of a nightmare I had many months ago when a demon attacked my mom, and without any fear I ran up to it to make it go away. This time it was different though… the creature (flew?) to me and transformed into a very beautiful woman with medium brown hair, a little longer than a bowl cut, blue eyes, red lips, and an average-looking gray sweater, like one a guy would wear at Walmart, and blue jeans, and I picked up that cat in fear of her, so that it was facing her while I held it around its chest area. At least I didn’t pick up some villager’s baby right? Or my own. She walked up to me and was looking at me in the face and smiling the whole time and with her arms was trying to move the cat out of the way. She looked about nineteen or twenty. And I think the cat got loose and it went away, though not fast. Then I tried to break her neck. Don’t worry, I wouldn’t actually do this to you if you trying to hit on me, unless I thought you were going to eat me.

I thought she might eat me, so I put my hands on her head, though didn’t see my hands since I could see the side of her face clearly, and tried to break her neck while my elbows were near my stomach (not the best position to have your elbows when trying to break someone’s neck). And I got her head to turn to the right, but she showed no sign of pain, and I was too filled with fear to get the strength to snap it. I think then I woke up.

I wish I had hugged and kissed her instead of the stupid cat :(

No I didn’t kiss the giant shaggy cat.

Maybe she would have taken me to a giant nest in the mountains and I would have had changeling babies with her, among other things.

I think this dream was a result of a hot white girl with long dark hair, blue eyes and another significant feature, living in my neighborhood, and having heard a Van Helsing son a few days ago and then thinking about that movie and the hot vampire girls in it. Did Kate Beckinsale have blue eyes in that movie? And rather than me thinking the girl was romantically approaching me, maybe it was a reflection of the baby’s friendly inquisitiveness that my mind infused into this bat creature, or a cross between that and romance.

I wonder why the changeling girl that tried to get close to me had brown hair, and not dark? And why a bowl cut? And what was with the red lips? I don’t remember thinking about those things recently.

Oh, I just realize something a little while after copying and pasting this story to here, I think the thought about the changeling biting off my head came from watching V, when I saw that blonde clone girl (with blue eyes right?) bite whatever his name was’ neck. Why did they kill that guy? Maybe he got sick of the show, and wanted to go. Didn’t he have blue eyes too? What about his mom?

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