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Stargate Universe, Second Critique

Note: there’s a little spoiler info in this review:

I finally got done watching the so far last episodes of Stargate Universe and the actors did an excellent job completing the rest of the episodes. It was unfortunate that the claims of cancellation and the really bad episodes in between were coloring how I was watching the last episodes, putting me in error-looking mode, which killed a lot of the enjoyment I think. It was too odd, yet clever how they managed to squeeze in the dead hotties for one more episode, but unsatisfying as to how it was resolved, and the explanation for how the dead scientist in the computer was done away with was an obvious after-thought, poorly executed by a one-liner from Rush. What should have happened was, instead, him doing it for the episode, meaning cutting the dead guy off in that show, rather than, “you missed that significant part, now just watch the rest of the show.”

I think the show ended well though, it was a clear loser, but cleverly ended so that it was like a short story rather than a churn mill for whatever could be dreamed up and rehashed till the audience got burned out on the characters. I thought the other Stargate Series characters were also mostly annoying and shallow, way more shallow now that I think about it that the SGU ones, so, they were superior characters, and the acting was better, even if they were given bad story lines to act out. The time travel part was confusing though, why wasn’t Rush shown getting into the shuttle to escape? And then there was some myteryishness thrown in by making it seem as if Rush might be lying. It was as if the show was being made up without pre-planning or being changed all the sudden, and coming up against a deadline maybe so that they had to skip parts that obviously should have been shown. For now it’s left to the imagination as to how it would have ended, to storybook writers and someone willing to come up with the money to finish it off. I think it would be worth the investment for a spectacular third series, carefully planned so that logical errors and oversights are eliminated. I just hope there is no more evolution garbage thrown in, like was done in the V remake, which came out nonsensically and was evidence as to how poorly people understand the evolution propaganda they listen to. And please, no more ascended masters garbage if a season three is made. Oh: that city made by the family of the crew was awesome. If only there really were such a city on Earth as that, now that would be a place to live.

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