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Atheists Do Worse Than Eating Babies: Response to Darrel the Atheist

Darrel, an atheist said,

“If someone is insulted by my using a label that attributes two nice adjectives to myself, to bad. Want insulting? See “I am a member of the one true religion.” (“Jehovah’s Witness”, “Church of Christ” etc.)” (source)

Me: “etc” meaning what? What does “etc” include Darrel? Why would someone who believes they have the absolute truth be “ABSOLUTELY insulting” Darrel? So if someone believes they have the truth they should always qualify it with, “But I could be wrong and you could be the one with the absolute truth, oh Darrel the atheist.” What with your double standards and insanity? So if math teachers say, “10 X 100 = 1000” they are insulting for stating it as a fact? Or far more complex equations that are flawless?

And in response to Darrel’s, “Considering most people associate it with eating babies, yes, it’s pretty bad.”

Do you know what a strawman is? Who thinks atheists eats babies? How is that not insulting to say to those who disapprove of atheism or think that they are wicked? And hypocrite, they might as well eat babies: forcing abortions on the Chinese, aborting babies every day (that includes atheist Buddhists) WITHOUT ANESTHETIZING THE BABIES, and brutally murdering them.That’s not including the 500 million killed in the past 110 years by atheist leaders and those that went along with their “progress” and “evolution” or the atheists that supported the DDT ban and who continue to spread myths about DDT and all kinds of other lies that rob people of their health, wealth and life.

And Don the atheist, whom Darrel was replying to, said at the bottom of his blog (pretending that they were how theists would respond to being told that the person they are talking to is an atheist):

# They do not believe in God.
# Outrageous! How can this be! I’ve never met someone who didn’t believe in God before.

Don what Christian (not living in desperate poverty or far from a city who lacks an education) has never met an atheist or been informed that there are many of them? Oh the two-year old ones right unfunny, genius joker? Ever heard of the Internet either? Oh yeah no one ever meets an atheist on the Internet… So I shouldn’t think atheists are very dumb (at times), because? Though up until I read that part this post was unusually insightful for one made by an atheist. I found it by typing in that I thought the term freethinker stupid and insulting to Christians.

It’s thoughtless truth-careless hypocritical answers like yours Darrel, one that over looks the gross immorality of atheists over their blooming in the past 110 years, and which is in our faces every day, that many people consider atheists baby-eaters. You’re worse than that: you cut them up mercilessly and trash them or promote taking advantage of them even after that by trying to use their pieces murdered of them for the benefit of sick people psychos like yourselves, who defend all that evil. You are the ones who deserve to be cut up with anesthesia and trashed in Hell forever. Like it or not Darrel, absolute truth doesn’t agree with your lies, and it isn’t a sin to say that you know and understand God and that he loves you and that God doesn’t approve of “whatever” or only Darrel’s absolute truth, only Darrel’s fundamentalist, only what atheists believe is true. Just because atheists are offended, doesn’t mean the ones who offended should change their behavior beliefs or words, or now is “offense” the standard for truth, what offends atheists? Aren’t you blind and arrogant? Who made you God or our gods? How is it you don’t see design anywhere? Since you don’t see the obvious, it’s obvious you will have trouble seeing your own hypocrisy either.

  1. juju2112
    September 2, 2011 at 12:39 PM

    You know, there are pro-life atheists. Atheism doesn’t have a set of beliefs. So it includes people with all kinds of political views.

    I think the “atheists eat babies” thing is just a joke in atheists circles about how much we’re hated. Don’t know why Darrell tried to say people really think that. It’s kind if an intentionally facetious joke.

    Almost every Christian I met knows nothing about atheists. Those who are into apologetics do, but most Christians I’ve talked to have never really spoken with an atheist who’s thought their beliefs through.

    • September 2, 2011 at 1:14 PM

      “You know, there are pro-life atheists.” yes i know, im talking about atheists in general, not the few who rarely speak, even if having honorable beliefs. If the few atheists who are pro life made themselves louder, like so called fundamentalists Christians like me are, then maybe i’d think differently, and if i knew there was a very large amount of such ones. But, in my investigations, which are thorough and on going, i don’t meet any atheist i can call anything but, at the extreme most, decent. Also, having met many narcissists, my parents being narcissists as well, i don’t trust people who merely give a friendly impression claiming to be atheists, or even Christians anymore. I don’t assume anymore, because I see where assumption gets others and how it derails me. As for lumping in all Christians together, that can’t be done unlike atheists, because there are tens of millions of Christians who clearly are very charitable and selfless, and not like many liars claim, trying to take over people’s lives by handing them a Bible, as if that’s the hidden agenda. Anyone can go to a reformed church and ask to review their charity programs and see they are not doing it for some devious propaganda. Not that you won’t meet fakes among such churches or angry Christians or jerks, or ones with some stupid beliefs among the good beliefs, but in general they are a little above decent, sometimes spiking with righteousness.

      • IvaFenwick
        December 6, 2011 at 1:47 PM

        “The few atheists who are pro-life’…… Wow, you know, you’re really making yourself seem quite uneducated, and like you’re pulling statistics out of your ass. I’m an atheist, and the vast majority of my friends and the people that I associate with are, and I’m sorry, but most of us, and most of the people that THEY associate with are pro-life.. Now allow me to ask you this.. If your God was so great, then why would he allow helpless babies and fetuses to be aborted and murdered? And don’t throw me the ‘he gifted us with free will’ line, because thats just a catch-all for anything you can’t explain.

        Lets see.. on to the ‘charitable christians’ part… I’ve read SEVERAL documented/researched/legit articles both online and in newspapers/magazines that christians are in the lead for tipping the worst among all religious denominations. That doesn’t sound charitable to me.. And those massive churches that I see everywhere… Could the money spent on building those behemoths not be better utilized by giving it to the needy, or donating it to schools, or some other, you know, HELPFUL thing? Now, that isn’t to say that ALL christians are like that, and I DO NOT claim to know the percentage that are or are otherwise, unlike you and your claims that group in all Atheists.

        In short, I suggest you pull your head out of your ass and get a glimpse of the real world before you go about making assumptions of things you clearly are uninformed about. Thanks for reading, and have a nice day.

      • December 6, 2011 at 2:47 PM

        “The few atheists who are pro-life’…… Wow, you know, you’re really making yourself seem quite uneducated, and like you’re pulling statistics out of your ass. I’m an atheist, and the vast majority of my friends and the people that I associate with are, and I’m sorry, but most of us, and most of the people that THEY associate with are pro-life.”

        So you’re statistics are “the atheists I met” and you crudely mock me about where I get mine? Moron: everyone knows traditional Christians are pro life, a billion sites will pop up of Christians supporting not murdering babies. … God do I seriously have to go over the rest to explain why you’re stupid? Think you idiot. You’re so dumb I have to explain this to you?: If atheists were against murdering babies or CAUTIOUS with what should be “killed” then LOGICALLY “pro-life” atheist sites would also pop up in proportion to the number of atheists in the world or they would have more sites up then Christians. Common sense idiot.

        As for making myself seem uneducated, wow: you read a page of my journal and didn’t bother doing any critical thinking, but no doubt wrote up a pot shot reply on the fly. Typical atheist.

        “Now allow me to ask you this.. If your God was so great, then why would he allow helpless babies and fetuses to be aborted and murdered?” you ever heard of a search engine? yet you don’t use it to look for the answer for a 60+ year old question, and one that can be answered with common sense? you’re a superior minded person but still don’t know logical fallacies, which atheists keep reposting as if they are the ones that came up with the list? (says a lot that atheists cant get other atheists to pay attention to logic). And obviously, you never read the Bible, not carefully at least, otherwise you wouldn’t be asking that ignorant question. And the Bible, that you haven’t read, says to avoid arguments of ignorance. You’re not making me do the leg work for you. Stop being lazy, and start typing and start reading without bias and presumption, which by the way, the Bible says is a sin.

        Not reading the rest of your rant since you don’t even know the answer to a basic anti-Bible question that’s extremely cliche and which is answered all over the planet. Truly stupid.

      • IvaFenwick
        December 6, 2011 at 4:01 PM

        Maybe Atheists don’t need to proclaim Prolife on all their stuff because its a ‘DUH’ sort of thing… You think about that?

        About the stats, how many atheists have you actually met? How many have you had an intellectual conversation with rather than just judge them and deliver your uh, hahha, condemnation? (btw, I thought only ‘god’ was supposed to do that?) I’m sure ‘god’ loves your insults and and that you’re doing that whole judgement thing for him. I’m sure he’s so busy!

        So, what part of your journal requires critical thinking? Critical thinking is more of a scientific thing, which christianity, among other religions, seems to enjoy rejecting. Dinosaurs or evolution, anybody? Also, why assume I haven’t read any of your other items, is it just because I chose to respond to this one in particular? hahahha.

        I’d also love to point out how you group all atheists together. “typical atheist’. Yeah, don’t you hate it when people do that to christians though? Practice what you preach.

        And I’ll take your answer on the ‘why does god allow abortion’ thing as a sign of your ignorance. Whenever I ask a religious person (regardless of denomination) about such things, its always deflected, never answered.Must be a reason for that eh? lol I’m pretty sure my answer is what you’d say if you actually responded to the question rather than fling insults, which is all you seem to know how to do.

        I guess you’re not reading the rest because you hate to see the truth about your pointless spending and your penny pinching ways with people that perform services for you. OH, and the thing about me not reading all your stuff? Great way to support that. Once again, practice what you preach, ignormaous.

      • December 9, 2011 at 5:35 AM

        “Maybe Atheists don’t need to proclaim Prolife on all their stuff because its a ‘DUH’ sort of thing… You think about that?”

        Because it’s something that even retarded people can understand is what you just said. In other words, “very obvious”. No, I didn’t think of that, because atheists are known for denying the very obvious. Did you ever think of that? Further, who said, “on all their stuff”? You really are stupid. Did I say that Christians put “on all there stuff it’s wrong to kill babies”? And take a step back, and pretend you just said that to God in front of hundreds of billions of people looking down on you. Can you imagine the outrage and silence? “But God, while millions of babies were being killed each year we let the delusional Christians speak out against it who believed in your sky daddy meanie GENOCIDE killer murderer tyrant self God, yeaaaaaah, duuuuuuur.”

        Silence, then thunder, then lightning all over your body, rebuke, struck again, picked up by an angel, cast into Hell. You’re truly “very wicked” just like the Bible says in that Psalm. “The fool has said there is no God.”

        And “so obvious”? The point, fool: is that ATHEISTS are the one denying the very obvious, and due to evil ones like you there are psychopaths, sociopaths and narcissists being birthed more and more who though at least sensing there is a God, deliberately deny that he exists to make money or to have sex with a girl, like, “We’ll just abort it because it would suffer if poor, and raising a baby in poverty would be a sin deary girlfriend. Plus, scientists say it’s not alive probably. Plus, it’s not even got a personality yet, it’s just a protolplasma, n stuff, like that’s what all duh scientists say it iz on der stuff. Deary. Now common n lets hav dah sex.” Then the Christians end up having to speak out against your “liberal” nosnense. And then here we are, an atheist, supposedly pro-life, saying, “We don’t hardly say anything on all our stuff you know what I mean cuz it’s just a big duh you know?”

        You’re one of the main reasons the problem exists in the first place. And it’s getting worse and worse. Next the atheists will be silent when army starts arresting people for being Christians and putting them into detention camps under the pretense of, “You might be a Christian patriot, Christians have been labelled as possible terrorists suspects. What, what’s that, atheists are known as the most murderous group on Earth? What about the past hundred years and communist governments? Shut up Christians I have a job to do, get in the truck with your friends, you’ll have someone there to talk to who cares.”

        Then as I’m being led away you’ll think, “They should have known what would happen if you kept protesting, it was just a big duh wasn’t it? Now look, your God is punishing you because of your ignorance.”

        Your group is the same type in Nazi Germany that was silent when you saw crimes being committed. A few might voice their concern, but were too afraid or happy to see the Jews go. Ignoring the rest of your rant just like your group ignores their responsibility to speak out when they see the defenseless being harmed.

        Let me think of your excuse for your group being far less charitable then Christians too: “Because Christians are the ones already donating, duuuuuh. Forget that they are all deluded sky-daddy believers. Hahaha flying spaghetti monster believers.” So full of wisdom your group is. “The dah-lewded peoples with their sky daddy already donate haahahaha. *Pats his wallet*. I luv me money, only one life to live, me keepin my money while they waste it on homeless scumses. Yes! Become poorer u stupid qwistians, waste ur money hahaha!” And let me guess who some of the ones are that go to the Christians? Atheists, pretending to be open minded.

      • IvaFenwick
        December 9, 2011 at 9:09 AM

        I find it to be vastly hilarious that you keep saying I’m evil and that I’m going to be ‘struck down’ and what not, because I thought I made it clear from the start that I’m AGAINST abortion… What’s evil about that? Or are you so wrapped up in your delusion that all Atheists (or all of ANY group you don’t like, for that matter) that you missed that part? Uh, again, the part that I’M AGAINST ABORTION? Also, let me clarify a bit more, I believe that life starts at conception. I believe there is no sex without consequences. I believe that if you are responsible for creating a life, then you are responsible for bringing that life into the world and nurturing it. I DON’T believe in an easy way out. So keep your demented claims to your self, Mister Fool-hardy.

        So what do Atheists deny that is ‘obvious’, kind sir or madam? You were pretty sketch about that, don’t you think? We already know (those of us paying attention that is) that not all Atheists believe in abortion. Sooooo there’s THAT taken care of. BTW , you meant to say
        ‘christians put on all THEIR stuff.’ All ‘there’ stuff doesn’t really make sense. I think you’re a bit too good at that ‘pretend’ stupid person vernacular you were emulating.

        Your verbal illustration of me being condemned and struck down doesn’t bother me or even give me a second thought, except ‘LOL LOOK, HE THINKS HIS IMAGINARY FRIENDS ARE GONNA DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS TERRIBLE, PRO-LIFE ATHIEST! HAHAH!’ Truly, I just find it very, VERY funny! Why would I be bothered by something thats made up? Thats like saying “Santa is going kill you” or ” The Easter Bunny hates you”. I can’t be bothered by illusory characters, hon.

        And you’re kidding me about that army mess, right? Last time I checked, Christians are the majority… And a lot of the people in power claim to be christian… So anyway, why am I evil? Why am I wrong? Why am I a problem? As previously mentioned, I’m AGAINST abortion… I’m AGAINST bigotry, racism, ignorance, and letting people suffer when something can be done… So what’s wrong with me? Other than that some half-wit is judging me and finding me lacking (though without a reason) lmao

        Also, DARLING, atheists aren’t the most murderous group… Have you forgotten the dark/ middle ages? Where christians were killing everybody in the name of their ‘god’? OH, dare I say it, the INQUISITION? Have you forgotten the bloodshed, the horror? What about all our little American Wars? It was pretty much illegal NOT to be christian then, so everyone was going along with it, and I’m pretty sure that those were all rather bloody too, weren’t they? Christianity commands 1/3 of the world. Think about that. The other 2/3 belongs to inumerable OTHER religions.. Yet so very much of the wars and killings (as listed above) are fought by your dear, loving christians..

        SO AGAIN you want to ‘ignore’ part of my message… Is it perhaps, that once again, you don’t have the answers? Or are you going to do what you did with this one and take several days to give me a bullshit, ignorant answer?
        So what are they donating to? Their big, powerful churches? Dear one, haha, I wouldn’t claim for a second that there weren’t tons of good, brotherly christians out there doing good, and helping to make the world a better place. Unlike you, oh enlightened one, I won’t pretend that a few people who do badly make up a whole group. And you’re wrong, once again.. Atheists are more in the habit of tipping and such, because we have a more realistic view of the world and know that ‘god’ isn’t going to reward those people for bringing you dinner and being a good waiter/tress. Sources: person experience, friends, acquaintances, family, and being the server/waitress/delivery person. Wheres does your experience come from? Sounds harvested from the ass to me! Hahah

        As to the second part of your response, I wasn’t going to leave my typo un-fixed and have you use it to point out how supposedly stupid atheists are. I’ll use what seems to be your favorite word, ‘DUH’. Also, no, if I were mad, I’d be correcting the numerous mistakes YOU made, not my own lol I did correct one here, but that was my limit.

        So, with the book part.. Math is proven, hon, math works. Math, and science, provide MIRACLES. Not your ‘god’. Prove anything regarding that lol

        Also, my dear friend, I’m 22. October 3rd, 1989. Do the MATH, it adds up. It makes sense. It’s able to be PROVEN.

        I won’t look for an immediate response to this, I understand if it takes you days once again to send me a childs garbled excuse and dismiss half of it as unread.

      • IvaFenwick
        December 6, 2011 at 4:06 PM

        *Ignoramous, excuse my typo.

        Also, I have read the bible. I treat it as any other work of fiction. It’s a book to absorb, and take morals from where presented.

        Btw, I’d REALLY love to see your response on the latter half of my post that you claimed to not have bothered to read. If you’re so enlightened, then enlighten me :)

      • December 9, 2011 at 5:48 AM

        Oh yeah I’m a petty atheist who cares about typos. You really needed to tell me that because I’m like an atheist. You really don’t know Christians. Yeah, real Christians go about pointing out typos like atheists do when atheists catch them on one. What world do you live in? Talk about not noticing the obvious. “YOU TYPOS ATHEIST! SEE HOW IGNORANT YOU ARE! OH MY GOD YOU SAID “WHICH” IN STAID OT “WISH”! SO UR DUM! OH, MY, GOD U SAID “U” AND “DUM” INSTEAD OF “YOU” AND “DUMB” YOU CAN’T SPEAK PROPER ENGLISH!” No those are the arguments of atheists when they are offended, which is often.

        “Also, I have read the bible. I treat it as any other work of fiction. It’s a book to absorb, and take morals from where presented.”

        Translation, a kid who refuses to read says to a substitute math teacher: “Also, I have read math books. I treat it as any other work of fiction. It’s a book to absorb, and take calculations from where presented.”

        Substitute replies: “You said it’s fiction but ‘take calculations’ from it.”? *Wonders if the kid is just very arrogant, has narcissism disorder, is a psychopath, or all three.*

        So what is a teacher who teaches what is true to do with a student who simply says, “I read it, think it’s false, and learned what I needed to” and then goes off to “have fun”?

        And with the way you talk, the way you think, I get the impression you’re a 16-year-old or even younger.

        Let me know when you get saved. You can learn how from the tab on this journal if you hadn’t noticed, despite it being very obvious.

    • September 2, 2011 at 1:24 PM

      Oh look, http://www.godlessprolifers.org/library/jones1.html I found one…

      Next day, found another, with a little difficulty: http://www.fnsa.org/fall98/reed.html

  2. September 2, 2011 at 11:58 PM

    I’ve responded to Knight’s comments and questions here:


    • September 3, 2011 at 1:03 PM

      I’m sure it’s stupid since very stupid people rarely become intelligent overnight. I’ll pass on reading it.

      • September 3, 2011 at 5:04 PM

        Well if you ever gather the courage to defend your claims and stand up for what you believe, you can always change your mind.

        “. . . ye should earnestly contend for the faith.” Jude 3

  1. September 6, 2011 at 1:48 PM

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