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Another Strange Synchronicity: Friday Nights

A very strange coincidence happened to me this morning: I was writing down the lyrics to a song to find out what song it was, “it’s Friday night” (and “Friday night” seemed to be the theme of the song) and about two minutes later some man on the radio said that a teacher said to her students that the most important day was Friday and that she used it for studying rather than partying, I think she meant when she wasn’t a teacher, but a student. I tried figuring out what the radio discussion was about, like if it was a guy selling some book, but it got boring and I zoned out while working on my laptop. I did record it though, but missed the repeated comments he made about the importance of Friday. The song I’ve found out was called, “Last Friday Night” aka “T.G.I.F” by Katy Perry.

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