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Reasons Why ETs Won’t Help or Converse With Us, In the Way We Desire

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This post may seem crude and the points not entirely separated into distinct points, but I think it’s got some good points that can be learned regardless of how nice and neat this article or whatever you want to call it is:

An Analysis of Extraterrestrials and UFOs

In the context of a Biblical reality, there is nothing that would exclude the possibility of extraterrestrials, or even other beings made in God’s image. The Bible does not teach that mankind will rule over the universe, nor that any of the individuals among them will, or that any of them will rule over angels. It therefore remains a possibility that aliens will govern themselves if they exist, and angels will govern their own kind,

The evidence that extraterrestrials are not all demons is great.

1) Traditionally, as is known from endless accounts of ghosts, demons, when they manifest them usually do so in ways so that it’s reasonable to argue that what was seen was demonic. The most obvious is when an ethereal being is harassing someone, ethereal as in can be seen through, looks like mist, takes on the vague shape of a human or an animal, or even distinct, but then suddenly disappears or goes through a wall. They also act in ways that seem hostile, unfriendly, malicious, and cold. How many pictures are there of alleged human spirits smiling? How many looking friendly, or giving a nice message, like, “We love you,” or “Go with Christ,” or “Follow the five precepts of Buddha” even? But finding a creepy picture or video of a demon, aka ghost, is easy. It’s not friendly to rock a chair in front of someone, especially in an unnatural way, like very fast, or very slow, or intermittently as if the person sitting in it was trying to annoy or was insane, which are the types of phenomenon associated with ghosts/demons. UFOs and aliens are rarely if ever hostile, and rather than annoying, put on amazing shows. Demons also often make it easy to capture their sick behavior up close, UFOs however often do things without the concern of allowing themselves to be easily recorded. A good example of this is ones that can be seen using powerful night vision, at night, and which appear to be dozens or hundreds of miles up in the sky. Why would Satan be imitating aliens up so far where the only ones who can see them are a few military people with radar? On top of that, it’s known that UFOs often don’t show up on radar.

2) Some think aliens and UFOs and the things aliens say are a Satanic deception. However accounts and observation of videos show that aliens and UFOs act like tourists, excited teens, humorous adults, and biologists and geologists who are interested in learning things. There is rarely, very rarely, if ever, a moral message from them. At best they show a scary scene of a city being wrecked, or some larger areas. I know of no messages like, “Go with Jesus,” or “The Bible is good” or “bad”, or “Buddha was a genius” or “LGBT is awesome, support gay marriage, don’t discriminate against the LGBTs” or “be vegetarian” or any liberal or Christian comments like that. Even if it were so, they sure are poor at getting their messages out! How hard would it be for a UFO to transform into a bling and flash the message, “The Bible is only partly right” or “The Bible is about love, God loves you, do as you will but do no harm” like a Wiccan might say? or “The Bible is too violent, just do what you want but harm no one” as a Wiccan might also say? But no, instead, like visitors, they occasionally put on a show, as if to say, “Hi, you’re not alone, we see you and are interested in you and have no bad intentions.” Or simply, “We find you interesting, here’s even a glimpse of us even for you who are hateful.” Or some might say it’s also an indirect way of saying, “Yes, there really is other life, Roswell and other events that your governments try to hide have happened.” But demons on the other hand, through psychics or possession, are known for sometimes giving direct messages concerning morality or that can lead someone astray from the truths of the Bible. For example many people voice their confusion or wondering over how the Bible can be true if non-Christians, when they die, are still floating around Earth, miserable, or allegedly happy, or free to live as they please. Or they say they are confused because people are apparently reincarnated which contradicts the Bible, or show the Bible is not reliable (reincarnation can easily be dismissed as demon possession or false memories implanted by demons). But are aliens or UFOs known for creating false memories? Rather aliens are known for attempting, often, hide that they’ve abducted a person. In the case of the ones that kill cows, it’s been found that the cows have been doped with a calming chemical, L-tryptophan if I remember right, which is evidence that the person or persons killing them are concerned about the animals’ mental well-being, and that they don’t want the animals to feel pain or to be traumatized. But Satan could care less right? Is Satan someone who is concerned with the well being of anyone other that his fellow rebel angels? Satan hates humans, and there is no sign he has any love for animals either, since the humans he poisons often end up abusing animals. It seems God is allowing us to get a very good understanding of why aliens come here, through the repeated experiments they do. Some “skeptics” claim that it makes no sense that if they had the ability to get here that they’d be using crude tools, like probes, but they are assuming these tools are crude and that the level of technology needed to get to Earth is equal to being able to do medical examinations or experiments WITHOUT material objects (which is nonsensical since they need them to travel) or tools so advanced they can’t even conceive of them, which also makes no sense since if you can’t conceive of it then how can you rule out a probe you can’t see or examine? It also assumes that aliens have unlimited resources or no sense of nostalgia, or that they could simulate a cut or scratch on human skin without the instrument to do so. For example if an alien was curious to see what would happen to human skin if cut, what would they do it with? An anti-gravity powered laser? A nuclear-powered rocket scalpel with fancy lights all over it? No, if they were sane they’d just use a little knife or some sharp thing. I’ve also heard the argument that UFOs wouldn’t have dials like some have claimed, but again that assumes every alien in the universe has the same technology, unlimited resources, that they all live in the same environment and situation so that they’d all be using LED panels, and that everything has to be smooth and beautiful without knobs or dials or levers anywhere. But that’s a design philosophy and one that assumes all situations, including technology, is the same everywhere in the universe, including that all aliens have had the same rate of technological development, and all have the same design-philosophies. Mainstream scientists and Skeptics forget that asteroids can hit planets, and it shouldn’t be surprising to them then that many aliens have had their home planet or others they’ve colonized that were hit so hard that it was a great technological setback to them, and heavily damaged their economy. So, that all aliens aren’t all or always using gloriously high technology should not be surprising. North Korea is a good example of alternate tech philosophy due to their poverty, due to their bad atheist government: they use “outdated” technology as some might say, like vacuum tubes as opposed to solid state devices in their military craft, but do so as a low cost way of making them resistant to an EMP attack, solar flares or the EMP blast that would result from a nuclear missile strike. It’s cheap and it works. Aliens who use levers and dials might do so because they are a simple and easily repairable back up way of controlling their ships, as opposed to touch screen panels. On earth are much more expensive then typical keyboards, and there’s no reason it would be any different on any other planet since the laws of physics are the same everywhere. It may also be that some aliens on the same planet, just like here, are less wealthy then others, and so can only afford to make ships at a certain technological level, or, their ship was damaged during their journey, and not having the time or energy to repair their consoles, modified them so that they were simpler, knobs, levers and dials, and if they had enough time, could do so in a way so that you wouldn’t notice that it wasn’t originally designed that way.

3) The behavior of aliens, which is their very limited interaction with us, also indicates that there is agreement among them to mainly observe us. Even if aliens are abducting thousands each year, that’s a very small amount of people compared to the number being born, aborted, and murdered, and who are known to have been kidnapped by humans. A lot of missing persons are children, and not say, a famous lab worker or someone whose skill is needed to make some cold fusion device on the verge of changing humanity, so it’s easily argued that even abducting thousands of children each year, and not returning them, is not interference, figuratively. Demons however are known for giving lengthy messages when possessing people, or through automatic writing, or many, though burst-like, messages on tape and digital recording devices. Aliens don’t. At best they only talk to you when no one else is around, and allegedly when you’re no longer near Earth. Demons also sometimes will talk to you when you use Ouija Board, but aliens and UFOs are not known to be associated with those devices. None are reported suddenly showing up when someone uses an OB, no one sees a UFO suddenly appear out there window, and no one thinks to ask such a thing, which can be taken as evidence that demons are as separate from aliens and UFOs as humans as we are from demons. Even the most evil humans known don’t have the ability to walk through walls, make themselves invisible, suddenly disappear without any understandable way of doing so, or other supernatural things.

4) Demons are not known, not on the ground level at least, to make UFO-like phenomenon. At best they make ghost lamps and little balls of light, and at the most are responsible for the Brown Mountain Lights, which might however be angelic. The Brown Mountain Lights rarely if ever come close to looking like UFOs. There also have not been any reported ghost planes, which if Satan was able to do, you’d think he would, but it is apparent that God is limiting Satan greatly to the ground level, which in a way, matches what God said he would do to him in Genesis, though speaking to the father of snakes, which is that he would lick the dust of the earth all his life. Clearly that message wasn’t just meant for the snake that allowed Satan to use it, but to Satan as well. The Bible does call Satan the prince of the air, but that can easily mean Satan has great speed, is like the wind, which the Bible likens angels as, and in a way, is everywhere. He and his servants are clearly able to hover, in human terms, and to travel above the height of humans, but, as can be argued, can’t do much up in the sky except to do his usual emotional manipulations of people who are there, while traveling around in planes or whatever type of vehicle.

5) Aliens show a superb control over their emotions: no alien is known for attempting to conquer any place on Earth or taking revenge on humans on behalf of others it thinks were wronged. And the the only debatable time that happened, maybe, was in Mexico, when Quetzalcoatl came to power, but the evidence that he was an alien is very debatable. There is also the account of a man named Antonio, a farmer, who claimed he was raped by a female alien (this happened decades ago), and no other report is like it except for women who claim to be impregnated by aliens via instruments. There is also the Mothman alien, and Spring-heeled jack, who caused terror, and one I heard on Coast to Coast AM of some aliens who showed up in a forest, bizarre-looking ones, and banged on the window of a cabin, and left soon after. And perhaps, there was one that terrorized a few times some people in California who were in their car, leaving scratch marks on it. It may have been an unknown type of humanoid animal however, like the one in South Carolina, “lizardman” that did the same thing to a car. And there is also the case of the beings that repeatedly come to Dorothy Izat and her daughter, whose behavior to me, strongly suggests that they are demons. I say that Becacuse her daughter is often visited by small transparent orbs (small visible spheres are strongly tied into demonic activity in some houses) and Dorothy has said that she has seen shadowy figures some times, but didn’t say she saw any UFOs at the time. She was also given narcissistic messages from some beings who told her she was singled out for a great gift (which she still hasn’t received despite this happening for decades and her being in old age). She also seems to imply that they told her that the light from their ships is the light that gave life to humans (and Dorothy is supposedly a devout Catholic) and said it herself, as if it were true that light was needed to give us life. Yet the Bible doesn’t imply this, only that light is needed to help sustain the life we are given, life which came by God breathing into us, perhaps meaning giving us a soul, which the Bible says is required for the body to live. These visitors of Dorothy also do things that are not typical of aliens, which is to almost regularly show their UFOs, even upclose. It may be however that Satan is trying to muddy the situation, so that though aliens are indeed appearing to Dorothy, but some demons also show up at times to confuse the situation. It is noteworthy that Dorothy is a devout Catholic, as Catholics attract demonic activity due to their idolatry and many idolatrous teachings.

Even if all those creatures were aliens, that still shows that 99.99% of aliens are much more patient and peaceful than most of the most peaceful humans who ever lived.

6) Another problem with trying to associate demons with aliens is that UFOs have crashed, along with bodies, and have been retrieved. And a few aliens, that we know of, have been caught. Since when is Satan able to make anti-gravity ships that can stay material, crash, be retrieved, and living beings made of some sort of material? If he can do that, why bother with trying to possess a human and become the anti-Christ, if he can just make his own bodies? Some aliens are reported as looking just like us, even having human-dna, so why doesn’t Satan make for himself a false human body, even a baby one, let himself be adopted by some rich corrupted family? Instead he’s making aliens that do us little to no harm, and supposedly every day? That doesn’t make sense. That makes as much sense as a psychotic human with the ability to do that, spending his time doing that. Why would a psychotic person spend his time making spectacular UFOs or all kinds, all kinds of aliens, who only sometimes abduct people, who try and block them from having traumatic memories, or who take some dirt samples and then leave? Psychotics are malicious, they don’t they don’t put on shows to make anyone happy and want people to suffer and to remember that suffering. What good does it do Satan, someone who takes joy in tormenting humans, if he blocks the memories they have of that suffering? I think to say Satan is the cause of UFOs and aliens then, is attributing to him too much power and distorting his personality as someone who likes to peacefully entertain humans now and then, and even arbitrarily heal them, as one UFO is reported to have done (as documented on Unsolved Mysteries). And I think that it’s almost paranoid to attribute Satan to UFOs and aliens. It’s like saying Satan is behind anything spectacular, mysterious or very hard to understand.

7) Concerning the lack of communication from aliens, as one person asked, “Why don’t UFOs try to communicate with us”?: This could only be for one or two reasons:

We are violent and they don’t want to interfere much if at all with our development, especially knowing we are a prideful people, and that God would probably not allow it. It’s no different then a genius Christian who knows he could make some super weapon to force everyone to follow him, knowing that even if he did make such a weapon, even if he could become invincible with it, that God would not allow that Christian to control the world in that way. It would go against the plan he’s laid out in the Bible, which is one of misery for Christians until Jesus returns. And for aliens that don’t believe in a peaceful involved God, and I doubt many exist, they clearly are being kept in check by other aliens who do, or by angels, or demons whom God uses in clever ways. For example God once asked if there was a demon who would deceive a person, on God’s behalf so to speak, and one volunteered. Similarly, God could allow demons to harass aliens that intend to do something that doesn’t fit with his plan for us. God uses all kinds of means to get his way, and he always gets his way.

8) If the Bible were wrong about only thousands of years having gone by, then shouldn’t by now our skies be filled with alien visitors, not just gods or super-hero like aliens? Where are the aliens that are only a few decades or hundred years ahead of us, that are on our level so to speak? Instead it’s all races that are much farther ahead of us, and who seem to get along fine with the aliens already here.

9) The type of aliens that come to Earth refute the Mainstream Science Cult’s beliefs about religion their cults’ core beliefs, and the belief that Genesis isn’t literal (not that it isn’t also symbolic) and anyone who believes the universe is millions of years old or older, because if millions of years have gone by, some of these aliens, if truly millions of years old in technological development, would not need saucer shaped anythings, but could transform into ships or travel in whatever form they wanted. They would be like angels, and gods. But, where are they? Where is any sign of millions of years old technologically developed beings? Where are their god-offspring? Why has no god come to Earth to bring peace to it, since they know that they’ve obtained their existence through peace, and that peace is good therefore, why have they not spread it throughout the universe? Why haven’t they made at least robots that go throughout the universe wherever there is life, multiplying themselves to some limited degree to get out the message of how to obtain perfect peace and obtain godhood? Surely a being transformed by technology millions of years old would have mastery over the universe, and not allow horrendous suffering to go on and on. Some might argue, but only evolutionist theists, that God wants it that way, so we can learn, and these virtual gods know that, or, and this is ridiculous, that God perpetually keeps the creatures of the universe from passing a certain technological level so that none can benefit from anything close to technology that has been improved over millions of years (which would be endlessly miraculous, continuous direct intervention, and that isn’t God’s way as we can all see from the endless debates over whether he exists or not, hence its absurdity). What makes more sense is that, as the Bible says, Satan is restricted to this planet, to licking the dust of this earth, not the universe, and as Revelation implies will be during the millennium reign, there will be an astounding level of peace because Satan won’t be around to manipulate anyone’s emotions. So then, if that is the kind of peace we would have apart from Satan, the same must have been true for the entire universe since creation. Now, can you imagine even crudely how advanced we would have gotten had there never been interference from Satan, no flood that wiped out 1000 years of technological advancement, no major wars, no mass murders, no Hellish boredom in classrooms for hundreds of years? We would be as advanced as the aliens coming to us every day, exploring their worlds for the past thousands of years as they have ours. That they are all peaceful, have a limited degree of technology short of god-like, is evidence that the Bible is right about our world alone being polluted with demons. It doesn’t hint at all that demons bother any other world, but that there were a limited number of angels, and the ones that sinned all went to Earth. It mentions no other enemy other than unrepentant humans and human sin, and figuratively, death. The aliens that come here show technology that is thousands of years old, not millions. If millions, there would be a regular flow of aliens coming here appearing as gods, the Bible would be invalidated since these gods by their existence would be evidence that the universe is at least millions of years old, not thousands like the Bible indirectly shows, and these gods would do as they pleased since if the Bible were not reliable, then the best anyone could say about God was that he was a creator who created and mostly decided to leave the universe to itself. So, where are these gods who need no ships? Where’s anyone like the Greek and Roman gods of old, who now have a pathetic amount of followers? There’s no sign of even one, no hint that anyone has reached a level of technology older than 6,500 years.

10) It’s clear to me why many non-Christian materialists, so called “skeptics” and materialist scientists, why they refuse to acknowledge UFOs as anything other than natural or lies: the behavior of aliens shames them. What I mean is that these skeptics are very prideful as television always shows us. They pridefully and confidently brush off UFOs and miracles and often make evil remarks about theists, especially fundamentalist Christians, and call themselves rationalists, objectivists, free-thinkers, moral, and say they are free from delusions. They say it’s healthy to be skeptical and call theists biased. They say they are in pursuit of the truth and against lies, and some will be violent to show this supposed love for truth and hatred of lies. Now if all that is true, they must wonder: Why do aliens show no interest in them, or no more than what they might say is a “idiot redneck” or a lowly farmer? The only logical answer, the most honest, is that aliens at the very least see them as no better than the idiot in the woods. It’s also interesting that few if any fundamentalists report having been abducted (though I think if that were happening they’d be quiet about it, since they wouldn’t want to be rejected by their church as being under Satan’s control or aiding him and being a crazy-New Ager). I do know of one Christian however who has happily admitted to having been abducted, and an alien implant was recorded being removed from him. That aliens reject the Mainstream Science Cult, eco-terrorists and environmentalists, or rather don’t treat them any better than anyone else is evident, and to me it says that they are not better than anyone else, and perhaps even that they are worse then the “ignorant living out in the middle of no where.” And also, it shames such people because many of them have spent their time vehemently denying their existence to the point where if they were wrong, it would show them to be not objective, logical, rational, trustworthy or humble as some think they are, but arrogant, untrustworthy, idiots for having ignored and made fun of, so arrogantly, the obvious, merely because they felt it wasn’t true and went against their feelings of self-assurance, rather than true evidence, the kind they claim must be shown for anything to be believable. If aliens and UFOs were simply demonic creationists for the most part, why would Satan be shaming his ministers of deceptions? Again, as I pointed out in an earlier point, why is there no message to lead astray? Why not even a very simple one like, “Go with science” or “Science with religion is blind” or “Be one” or “Mainstream science is right” or “Michael Shermer speaks the truth” or “James Randi had the best philosphy” or “skepticism is the way”? Not even a one word message like, “evolve”, which would suggest that Darwin’s philosophy and theory was right for many. But there are a few times when these beings have made the sign of the cross, not a Darwin Fish, or pentagram, or LGBT signs, but the cross that the world recognizes as being a symbol of the suffering for the world Christ went through, even though it hated him. Some people might argue that those crosses are the exception, just violent aliens are, and that it’s too vague to take as an endorsement of Christianity. I agree, and it’s in keeping with what seems to be their policy of general non-persuasion and non-interference.

11) Clearly, God has a plan, the Bible makes that clear, and the Bible is backed up by countless evidences, archeological, scientific and logical (evidence from logic). God makes it clear from the prophets that aliens are not going to rule over us or conquer us, at least not in a significant way. Clearly, he’s set up things so that it would be futile for them. It would be self-defeating for aliens to try and conquer us for this reason: If the universe is filled with countless types of advanced races (there’s over 200 billion galaxies according to some scientists, and there’s reasonable evidence for that), they would be engaging in endless money, time and technology sapping war. War only has temporary benefits and takes the enjoyment out of life, aliens must also know this, and they know that someone else would try and come along and take their place once they took the place of our current leaders; it would never end till everything was dead. It’s more practical to let a race to itself, and only to fight back if they significantly threaten you. Some have crudely implied that the aliens who have been watching us  for thousands of years without intervening have done so because they are afraid of us or to make sure we don’t harm them, as in their race on their planet or wherever it is they live off our planet (although apparently some have bases on Earth, but that’s often forgotten by the ones making the guarding-against-humans-theory), but after thousands of years it’s surely apparent to them that we are almost entirely only a threat to our own planet. After 6,500 years the world is still at war, still oppressing itself, still enslaved to passions, pleasure and hatred, and no government is willing to share anti-gravity technology with its citizens. And I imagine, that even if such tech were sold, the price would be far out of the range of most people because of the value of such tech. People who owned it could become millionaires over night, billionaires in a few days, and take over third world countries in a short time if they were clever enough. So, by giving aliens wisdom, he’s made it clear to them the futility of attempting to rule us. On top of that, in God’s wisdom, he’s kept Satan grounded to Earth, keeping his chaos away from the rest of the universe. He’s also made it difficult to conquer Earth by placing us at a great distance from other races. And in his wisdom he’s made it clear that certain humans on Earth  is so special to him, that he’s placed the planet they live on at the center of the universe, as if to say, “Don’t harm this race or I will harm you”. Some might instantly think, “Ridiculous! Are you a flat-earther, a geocentrist nut! Only geocentrists believe Earth is the center of the universe!” Such is the response of a gullible ignoramus. The deceiver NASA itself has admitted that Earth is at the center, but twisted the truth by pretending it was 60 million years away from it, knowing that saying, “millions” would make it seem to the gullible ignorant masses was then significantly not at the center, knowing they would, in their bias against Christians and the Bible and God, fail to realize that 60 million is less than 1 percent away from the center of the universe. Being that NASA is not trustworthy, and biased, and works for a corrupt government that hides the evidence that Earth is surrounded by countless types of life and visited by it all the time, and that tries to push God out of everyone’s view to no end and failing to no end (which some would say is insane behavior), can it really be trusted to admit that Earth is at the center, when it pretended and/or believed since its existence that it wasn’t, and was and is friends with those who hate the Bible and Christians? Not surprisingly, the anti-Christian propaganda machine Discovery, known for lying to make it appear as if evolution is true and twisting facts about it to make it more easily disgestable to the masses, recently put out a website called  The Earth is the Center of the Universe: Top 10 Science Mistakes as if NASA never found the opposite. Apparently, not all evolutionists are willing to completely hide the most relevant truths, however damaging it is to their agenda. Really despicable of Discovery to lie like that isn’t it, when NASA, whom they rely on for propaganda, says the opposite?

12) There’s another reason why aliens won’t give us their technology or scientific information, or even religious: we might fail to take responsibility for our own actions when we cause disasters from what we get and learn from them, not all of us of course, but at least the very spiritually ignorant and the most rotten, of whom their are many on this world, like so called extremist Muslims and those who support them.

13) Another reason aliens might not be helping us with anything more then showing us that they exist and that faster-than-light travel is possible, is, ironically, to help us: If you give a child whatever it wants, you will spoil it, and if you give anyone whatever they want, they will become lazy leeches. And, I am sure, all aliens of a certain age, who had a fair amount of experiences in life, know about games. The significance of games is that they teach us what gives us fun in life. For most or many people who play a game, they do so for a challenge, not to start out at the game hoping to be told, “You win” with a few presses of buttons. Everyone knows it would defeat the purpose of the game by not giving a person a challenge to rid them of their boredom or to keep themselves from being bored. It would also prevent them from having a feeling of accomplishment, from saying, “With my own mind and hands I did this.” The Bible warns however that you can say that, but to acknowledge that God made it possible. Imagine if you start a game of chess, and all you have to do is press a button to checkmate your opponent, or the other player makes it fully so that you can win by making the worst moves. Is there fun in that? Or if you want to impress a girl you want to marry by working hard and earning money to care for her, would you do that if you an alien simply gave you money and she knew it? It’s no more impressive or showing you love her then if you fed her using food stamps or wandering around asking people to give you what you wanted when you could easily work for it. I imagine that aliens know not to just give hand-outs no matter what to people among their own race too.

14) Another reason aliens (who know the past 211 years of our history or who have scanned Area 51, Wright Patterson and other military bases hiding alien tech on the planet) wouldn’t give us any technology is because what we have gained from the alien tech and biological material we recovered, and clearly we have a good amount (Aurora Texas USA, Roswell, Kecksburg Pennsylvania USA, Varginha Brazil, Coyame Chihuahua Mexico, Dalnegorsk Russia and some others) is not being shared for study with the rest of the world, and little technological knowledge if any of what has been learned by the ones who possess it has been shared with us. Supposedly, the transistor, nitinol and maybe thermoplastic, is what we’ve been allowed to have. And obviously that doesn’t include the propulsion tech, the video tech, audio tech, or hull tech. And perhaps they are taking note of what those who have such tech are doing with it, and consider that an example of what we’d do with it: use it selfishly.

15) Another reason aliens wouldn’t communicate with us or help us is because they have their own problems to deal with. I imagine they are busy with other things, and are taking orders from others over them, and giving out information and technology for free, especially which might endanger them by giving us all access to other planets, and bringing our corruption to them. Some might argue that it’s cruel if they can do small charitable acts but don’t, but imagine if a country sent it’s military and scientists to investigate and guard some place, and instead of doing so often did charitable acts, it would interfere with their job. And imagine if the countless types of aliens coming to our planet were doing that: we’d be flooded with the free help I mentioned would destroy us. There are probably new races finding us every few weeks, so the free help would be endless. It could also cause many idiots to spend their time waiting for free help like some ignorant islanders are known to do who’ve gotten free things from people flying planes or who crashed in them. These islanders created plane-worshiping cults, and in fact there are at least two UFO cults. One is called Raelianism. Someone might argue that aliens could at least trade with us, but that too is silly, because aliens are far superior to us, and they know we are corrupt and desperate, and that eventually someone would try to steal from them, or kidnap them. Further, many of them could and do take our resources without asking, and can do so from the planets and asteroids around us. The fact is, they don’t need our help, and can get it freely or from other aliens they meet who are more peaceful then us and can make a fair trade when it comes to technology. Everyday we show them that most of the planet rejects, “Do to others as you would have them do to you,” and if they believe our Bible, and know it well, they know the prophecy that lawlessness is going to get worse and worse on our planet till God returns to crush the rebels.

Note that I am not saying aliens should or would not do a few good deeds to anyone here, like heal someone who has a bad health problem, isn’t a permanently hardened criminal, or is a decent person, trying to care for their children well, poverty stricken, in other words give help to the truly needy. There was an account of a woman who may have been healed of her cancer by a small disc that came into her room and perhaps spontaneous cancer remission is the result of some alien doing a kind deed. And I’m not saying they wouldn’t ever trade (it apparently happened at least once long ago, when two traded for water, and gave bland food in exchange), but I mean give us their advanced technology, greater than ours, without getting anything of equal value, which they need, back or give us prolonged involved help or mass help, like a charity organization would.

My son [including aliens], pay attention to my wisdom,
turn your ear to my words of insight,
that you may maintain discretion
and your lips may preserve knowledge.
For the lips of the adulterous woman
[which are many humans who idolize things other than God]
drip honey, and her speech is smoother than oil;
but in the end she is bitter as gall,
sharp as a double-edged sword.
Her feet go down to death;
her steps lead straight to the grave.
She gives no thought to the way of life;
her paths wander aimlessly, but she does not know it.
Now then, my sons, listen to me;
do not turn aside from what I say.
Keep to a path far from her,
do not go near the door of her house,
lest you lose your honor to others
and your dignity to one who is cruel,
lest strangers feast on your wealth
and your toil enrich the house of another.
At the end of your life you will groan,
when your flesh and body are spent.
You will say, “How I hated discipline!
How my heart spurned correction!
I would not obey my teachers
or turn my ear to my instructors.
And I was soon in serious trouble
in the assembly of God’s people.”
Drink water from your own cistern,
running water from your own well.
Should your springs overflow in the streets,
your streams of water in the public squares?
Let them be yours alone,
never to be shared with strangers.

Proverbs 5:1-17, NIV

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