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Senator Bernie Sanders, Out of Touch Liberal Voted Against August 2nd Debt Ceiling Bill

Senator Bernie Sanders, helping the Jews, liberals and socialists to look bad

About 2 hours ago I listened to Bernie Sanders, a junior senator from Vermont, and one of SEVEN senators who voted to keep funding the infamous A.C.O.R.N. AFTER it was exposed), said on CNN today, sometime around 3 PM I think, why he voted AGAINST the debt deal that Obama recently signed to raise the debt ceiling. He said, to my amazement, that it was because it would cut hundreds of thousands of police and EVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION jobs, and a few others including fire protection. Did he say police and environmental protection!? Dead give away of a liberal when you mention environmental protection, and shows an out-of-touch person when you say police, as if whatever American police anywhere simply make things better (just like democrats Bernie probably thinks does us good, he probably thinks it would also be a tragedy if the TSA also lost their jobs). Bernie claims that he is a democratic socialist, big surprise. He also said on CNN at that time that the citizens who were calling him were making known to him that they were mainly worried if they would be getting their social security checks, able to send their kids to college (anyone heard about the student loan scam that the government involved itself in yet?) and if they would get their meal-on-wheels. When asked if the default would have been disastrous, he said, “yes”, but also said before that the deal was negotiable, but mentioned that so was social security being cancelled. But, despite it being negotiable, and up against the day of default, Bernie said he voted against the deal. Who elected this person and why is he still in office? Does Bernie know yet the terrible actions of the EPA, like promoting fluoride in the public water supply? Does he know that fluoride is harmful to human cells and bone?

Days after terrorists brought down the World Trade Center towers, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced that the air was safe to breathe, but that proved to be a dangerously optimistic assessment. Nearly two years later, EPA’s Office of the Inspector General (OIG) reported that the EPA “did not have sufficient data and analyses to make such a blanket statement,” as “air monitoring data was lacking for several pollutants of concern.” – Source

If not, why not? Truly liberals are destroying the country.


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