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Chariots of the Deluded: No To Giorgio, Down With Daniken, Ditch Sitchen

Yesterday night’s Coast to Coast AM show (07-31-11), titled “Ancient Aliens”, featuring Giorgio Tsoukalos the,

“Producer of Ancient Aliens, and publisher of Legendary Times magazine,”. The rest of the Coats description of the show is,

“Giorgio A. Tsoukalos, joins George Knapp to ponder the idea that extraterrestrials have been visiting us since the dawn of man and how one day they might return.”

Once again Georgi skewed or rather skewered the Bibl by making it out to be a misunderstood story about an alien. Obviously he hasn’t read the Bible carefully or the evidence for its claims. He repeatedly made various cliche and stupid comments, like that if aliens were time travelers, that “we wouldn’t pull anyone’s leg” (if “we” went back in ancient days and met ancients) by telling them we were anything other than them from the future. How stupid to generalize all humans as being nice and honest, including the ancients, when he knows that humans are so corrupt, that these beings we call “aliens” mostly won’t talk to most of us. He also spoke about the Quetzalcoatl legend, saying that “we know that snakes don’t fly” and that therefore it must have been some machine. Giorgio apparently is no cryptozoology fan or one himself, or doesn’t listen to Coast to Coast himself much, since on it and on the internet are accounts of flying serpents that have been seen in modern times. Accounts of flying serpents by the way would be evidence for the Bible’s claim that God disabled snakes from flying, evidence in that if it were a biological ability, then it could be that very very rarely there will be a flying one from a recessive gene expressing itself, or cousins of snakes that retained the ability to fly, though hidden mostly in the wild. Further, he claimed that Quetzalcoatl came from the mouth of a snake, something that isn’t found in the legends about him. However, there is at least one legend that claims he left on a raft of snakes (hardly UFO-like or indicative of a god-like alien, more like an insane one). He also claimed that the resurrections in the Bible might really have been resuscitation, which is very dumb, since there is no indication in the Bible at all, only the opposite, that that is what they were: it says that ancients were resurrected, points out ancients returning in spirit form, that a prophet is what resurrected a dead boy, by lying on him in an odd manner, that Lazarus was wrapped and rotting, and that Jesus was beaten and bled to death, and also wrapped along with herbs (would that have helped a dead man to breath or helped his blood circulation?) So clearly Giorgio is an ignorant speculator who isn’t interested in understanding the truth, but only airing the opinions of his heart.

Giorgio also believes that proof will be found that our DNA was altered by aliens in the past, but even if that were so, so what? Would that invalidate the Bible is someone made it more frequent for humans to have red hair, or less so? Further, why would it have to be an enhancement rather than a correction, like making diabetes less frequent, or staving off for a while some allergy, or causing giantism and multiple fingers and toes or other odd features? So? So then relegate the Bible to a quaint misunderstanding just because of that? Another problem with Giorgio’s beliefs about aliens changing our DNA in ancient times, is: if they have a prime directive as he and the interview George Knapp seemed to believe, or if they stay away from us mostly, if they at the most make some alien human hybrid babies for themselves, probe us or put some tracking devices in us, and not many, then why would they do something major like change our DNA, as in the DNA of all humans? Would that not be a violation of any Prime Directive? Further, how in the world would you change the DNA of millions of humans? Or did Giorgio mean some monkey or ape-like or human-like creatures (maybe he thinks Neanderthals, which were most likely already humans according to some scientists, both Christian and non-Christian scientists), so that a modern human type came out, us? Supposing that were the case, that would mean that aliens pre-programmed us with new skills and guided us, rather than God (the Bible says that God at various times taught humans things, besides the Scripture). And if were aliens that taught us, why would they not make it clear even BILLIONS of years later!? And what a sad job they did if it took BILLIONS OF YEARS for humans to come about from monkeys or apes. That was the best DNA manipulating aliens or who made life on Earth could do? It took them BILLIONS of years? Supposing humans keep up the level of (Hellish) peace they have now, and kept technologically progressing, would it take us that long to learn how to make life or turn it into humans? Yet Giorgio claims archeologists are insulting humanity when they dismiss his theories. But clearly, it’s his anti-Christian claims that are insulting both mankind and God, and elevating aliens beyond their abilities. The only one who can make life, the souls necessary for it, is God, with the exception of Satan one day, to make “the beast”. Perhaps Satan will figure out finally how to make souls and physical life or God will temporarily give him that ability, just long enough to make that creature, or, perhaps angels already have that ability, but God suppresses it or disabled it in demons like Satan (and will one day restore Satan’s ability to give birth for a moment).

Giorgio isn’t just crypto-ignorant, but as was revealed on the show, also ignorant that Atlantis was already found (beware of the Zedo popups on Piratebay), years ago (maybe even in 1973), and that it corroborated the Bible archeologically. also said on the show, “you know I’m a very nuts and bolts kind of guy,” but how so if he as he implied on the show, he believes in aliens who are so advanced that we can’t see them, in rotting dead people or skeletons being resuscitated and in a vague “God who doesn’t play dice”? He also made out Einstein to be a scientific genius for supposedly saying to someone who asked him if he believed in God, that if the asker meant a God who didn’t play dice, then yes he believes in that definition (which doesn’t at all define what God is). Giorgio also said that when science and religion combine that then we’ll know the truth, but if that were so, then we already would, since there is already Mainstreamism, Darwinism, , and UFO cults like Scientology and Raelianism and all of those are failures. Further, Christianity already incorporates science, many of it’s members practice science (in ordinary ways every day like non-Christians) and it’s even taught in the story of Gideon. Further, in what way does Giorgio mean by “combine”? Like the examples I already gave, it’s already been combined. And why doesn’t he do it himself if that’s the case? But by his own admission then, Christianity leads to the truth, but because of his ignorance about the basics of Christianity, doesn’t realize he’s spiritually blind.

For those ignorant about the Bible, too lazy to read even a small part of it carefully, who believe or wonder if UFO’s were being talked about in Ezekiel: NO. If you read the first pages it clearly points out that these are spiritual creatures that perhaps animals were made in the image of. Would God be limited to just making angels and humans and aliens and animals? Couldn’t he make even stranger creatures? Maybe he’s even made creatures in this universe that are energy-based or which hardly have anything we’d think of as blood, and are very much like machines (but knowing God such machine-like creatures would have machine-like cells, making them as complex as a human body). I wonder what Mainstreamers would think if they found machine-like aliens, or crystaline-aliens, and found programming in their cells or the particles making up the crystals, would they finally admit to a divine programmer, or just dismiss it as just more coincidental, random-made order?

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  1. derek paul
    October 25, 2011 at 7:35 PM

    its hard to believe something that ultimately one man decided what went into the book when there are books not allowed by the “church”. Imagine living back before Christ and trying to describe something that did not have a word made for it like a “saucer” or “air fighter” . The person here i think needs to open their mind is the person who wrote this dispute

    • October 25, 2011 at 8:46 PM

      “its hard to believe something that ultimately one man decided what went into the book when there are books not allowed by the “church”.”

      That made no grammatical sense as a sentence. Using my superior wisdom and intelligence however, I’ll try to understand your lazy talk: “It’s hard to believe” (for you, not intelligent and wise people) “something that ultimately one man decided went into the book” (what book? The Bible or Ezekiel?) and where did you get the evidence from that “ultimately one man decided”. Did you even bother reading the Bible or studying it to see what it was about? Obviously not. It says repeatedly “THUS SAYS YAHWEH” and states it is not the ideas of men, but inspired by God rather, and it’s evident that it is. Only an ignorant or reality-denier doesn’t know that or refuses to admit it.

      “when there are books not allowed by the “church”.”

      What books? And why is “the church” in quotes? Who doesn’t call it that? Next, that just doesn’t make any sense. You say ONE MAN decided what would be said, AND MADE NO POINT. What about it? NO POINT. Then after saying one man decided what would be written, without making a point by saying that, then say something that doesn’t have any logical connection to the previous statement, “when their are books” WHEN WHAT? One man decides what goes into a book, then say, “when there are books not allowed by the “church”.” And the point of that second statement is? You might as well have said, “God decided what he would say, when there are books not allowed by the “church”.” Which makes no sense either. You seem to be mentioning the myth that the CATHOLIC sect removed certain books. Actually, THEY KEPT ONES THAT DIDN’T BELONG. It was at the councel of Nicea that MULTIPLE MEN decided what QUALIFIED AS THE BIBLE. They didn’t go about DESTROYING BOOKS. If they did, then it’s very nice you know about these books which they “did not allow” Oh and you don’t even make a point about what you mean by “don’t allow”. So I had to fill in that part for you too. Or did you mean, “Christians get in your face and pull books out of your hand that “the church” doesn’t allow?” Next:

      “Imagine living back before Christ”

      Christopher Columbus: who hasn’t?

      “and trying to describe something that did not have a word”

      Moron: God was inspiring the Bible, he didn’t need a man to know what it was he was seeing, he could describe what it was for him to the extent God cared to for whatever reason. Further: DESCRIBED WHAT? You’re so annoyingly vague, because you’re thinking is careless concerning the truth, you don’t care, you’re just babbling vainly. And your logic is wrong on this: WHY WOULD THEY NEED ONLY ONE WORD? And if you hadn’t noticed: THEY DID DESCRIBE IT WITH A WORD AND MORE THAN ONE! But what you are trying to say, is, “They didn’t have the word to describe a starship.” So what? YOU’RE STILL NOT MAKING A POINT. You just strung together fragments of myths from New Age babblers careless like you or who deliberately deceive for whatever reason. That’s not reasoning, that’s time-wasting slop that might as well have come from a very drunk person. Furthermore moron humans had already built ships both flying ones and vehicles. You’re assuming everyone was always primitive and disregarding the facts recorded in the Bible that everything has already been invented. Remember the Flood idiot? Notice the pyrmids? Remember the aircraft made the Egyptians and Mayans? Good. Now stop forgetting.

      “made for it like a “saucer” or “air fighter” “

      Moron who said they were seeing a starship or fighter? What did you use your remote viewing powers? Ok Green Lantern, “whatever”. You know everything without having to read anything but comic books and little lines on your Xbox or PS3 games made for the sole purpose of making money with shallow entertainment. And don’t you remember idiot the myths pagans would make about gods firing weapons at each other? Stop insulting the ancient by implying they are stupid like you and can’t be any smarter. You didn’t build the pyramids, the henges, draw the Nazca lines, make mountaintops flat, carve cities underground or make forge swords, spears, maces, shields, armor, or make very fine jewelry and lenses did you? Are you even a jeweler or optrician? Did you make surgical instruments like the ancient Greeks, which today are still used or which were reinvented? Did you built the temples the Greeks did, which are still standing, or the roads of the Romans, many of which still exist? So what are you insulting them for?

      “The person here i think needs to open their mind is the person who wrote this dispute”

      Notice the title of this blog idiot? Notice it gives the authors name of the article? You really are careless and oblivious aren’t you? I think you need to PAY ATTENTION period, before telling others to open their minds so that you can feel better about yourself. And moron: I believe in starships, was not always a Christian. I’ve recorded over 500 arguments against the Bible all of which I refuted. And no idiot: I won’t be open to whatever if I already know the truth. I’m not going to be open minded to lies or because your corrupt heart feels I should. And you’re not using the phrase right on top of that. When you say “open minded” you’re saying to accept the possibility that Ezekiel saw space aliens, when the phrase CAN ALSO MEAN TO CONSIDER THAT IT IS POSSIBLE, not “BE PERMANENTLY OPEN TO THE POSSIBILITY” as you’re implying the phrase means. IT DOES NOT. So you’re using contradictory double speak. OR, are you permanently open minded to the possibility that there is no mention of space aliens or starships in the Bible, and that I am permanently open minded to your babble? That’s what your suggesting I should do, “Be open-minded juz cuz.” No, I won’t be open minded “juz cuz”, and YOU DON’T EVEN EXPLAIN WHAT THE POINT OF BEING OPEN MINDED IS. What is gained by being OPEN MINDED FOR THE HELL OF IT or that someone saw a starship or “fighter” with boxing gloves on that said, “You are closed minded to the truth”? Why do I need to be open minded? Is that necessary for STUDYING anything? Does a person who believes 2+2=4 who has repeatedly added and repeatedly gotten the same results and sees no possibility for anything else and who has evidence it will always be that way need to be open minded that it might be 5? Of course not idiot. If it turns out to be 5 and they were closed minded to it, they’ll see that it’s 5 anyways. Think with your mind not your private part.

      So, instead of being a fool who is open to any possibility even if it’s obviously not possible, I will be RATIONAL MINDED by being closed minded to LIES and that lies can NEVER be true, and only open to something being possible. But you being an idiot close-minded lazy minded assumer is babbling in arrogance and apathy and with double standards. You’re an idiot and you wasted my time with your hypocrisy and childish assumptions. Get off your butt and read something carefully for once, not like someone smoking pot and getting high and letting his mind wander wherever into any stupid claim. You’re gullible and illogical and I advice you to study logical fallacies so that you are clearly aware of when you are saying nonsensical things. And I think you need to be open to the possibility that you’re an idiot, a time waster, lazy-minded, a God hater, ignorant about religion and the Bible and history in general, and moral right from wrong and that you didn’t bother reading this article carefully. God bless you as he always does till you finally turn to him for forgiveness for your ungratefulness.

  2. derek paul
    October 26, 2011 at 8:54 AM

    the only one to judge is God and you are not God you lame ass

    • October 26, 2011 at 10:30 AM

      Hey moron, Jesus has a message for you

      Do not judge Knight and you will not be judged you idiot. Do not condemn Knight, and you will not be condemned you lame idiot. Forgive you idiot, and you will be forgiven you idiot. Give, something useful you idiot, and something useful will be given to you. …. For with the measure you use to measure knight will be used to measure your lame ass. … Can a blind person like you lead the blind? Of course not idiot; won’t they not both fall into a pit? So why idiot if Knight knows the Bible better than you, studies it as a way of life, lives but it, would you think, that you, a moron whom he pointed out to you is a moron who doesn’t read anything carefully or thoroughly let alone the GOD’S VERY WORD, would you be trying to teach knight a single thing about the Bible, let alone reality?! The student is not above the teacher, but everyone who is fully trained will be like their teacher. You’re have not even mastered using training wheels on your bicycle yet. Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in Knight’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye? How can you say to Knight, ‘Brother, let me take the speck out of your eye, you’re a lame ass cuz u judge me who is better then u and only me derek is allowed to judge cuz I’m God not you dur,’ when you yourself fail to see the plank in your own eye lame Derek? You hypocrite, FIRST IDIOT, FIRST <—— SEE THAT WORD MORON WHO TAKES THE BIBLE OUT OF CONTEXT WHEN KNIGHT TOLD HIM NOT TO DO SO AND VERY CLEARLY TOLD HIM NOT TO DO SO? FIRST IDIOT, FIRST, FIRST, FIRST take the plank out of your eye, and then you will see clearly LIKE KNIGHT AND ALL OTHER TRUE CHRISTIANS, to remove the speck from his eye. Okay moron? Unlike your drunk self, I explain carefully with my valuable time against your useless time wasting self, and just as I pointed out, you're a lazy ignorant who doesn't know enough to be of any value to me to argue with. Once again drunk ignoramus: THE BIBLE COMMAND ME NOT TO ARGUE WITH YOU, BECAUSE YOU ARE STUBBORN AND EXTREMELY DUMB. READ MORON, READ THE BIBLE BEFORE TEACHING FROM. READ MORON, READ WHAT IS BEING SAID TO YOU BEFORE ARGUING. YOU, ARE, A, MORON. NOW ONCE AGAIN IDIOT: STOP TALKING TO ME. You're an evil moron. And no moron, did not read your previously reply, because just as this one, you've demonstrated that you don't read what you babble about, but take everything out of context and are a babbling opionating nonsensical smug fool with no morals. No morals and patience = go to Hell, go to jail, you're a sociopath, and incurably evil.

    • October 26, 2011 at 10:52 AM

      And idiot: here’s an update to my first reply to you:

      Did you notice the http://s8nt.com link I posted idiot, or that I sometimes show Forbidden Archeology? Did you notice also Answers In Genesis or that the Bible says mankind started out with a highly intelligent brain and advanced for a thousand years? Nope, because you’re a spiritual drunk shuffling around babbling your nice comfy idiotic feelings. NO YOU DIDN’T BECAUSE YOU ARE A MORON WHO DOESN’T PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT IS GOING ON AROUND YOU AND ASSUMES. YOU’RE AN ASSUMER MEANING YOU ARE AN ILLOGICAL IDIOT WHO BELIEVES THINGS BEFORE HE KNOWS THE FACTS. GO AWAY NOW MORON AND STOP WASTING MY TIME AND EVERYONE ELSE’S WITH YOUR USELESS IGNORANT BABBLE.

  3. Seavon
    October 27, 2011 at 1:06 PM

    I find this subject to be interesting lately as I have noticed an increase in this idea of ancient aliens planted on TV a lot, also i’ve seen there are conferences for people who share this idea. To me, it’s just propaganda to get people to believe the lie. I still have a book on my wish list by Gary Bates, called “Alien Intrusion” to get a different understanding of the deceit that’s going on around us that UFOs may be demons, but let me start by saying I once too believed in UFOs and little green men, but that was before I grew up and found God. I’m actually playing with the idea that all this ancient alien BS is leading up to something bigger, possibly even the anti-Christ claiming he is one. Before you call me a nut on this one, here’s why. I cannot see the anti-Christ coming as a religious person or politician because I find it hard to believe that the world would worship either, I also don’t see either being able to build a temple, even if he claimed to be a god, because as we all know that if God did come down to earth and performed miracles people would still not believe there is a God. And why would Satan try to pretend to be God? He would rather deceive us that there is no God, no afterlife, no hope. He would rather come with the delusion that he is an ancient alien that helped create us with his DNA and that he has come to help save mankind from themself and that we should worship him as a supreme being. He will even perform miracles that people will most certainly believe. I see far more of the prophecies coming true if he made that false claim with the increase of these alien delusions than if he just claimed to be a god. This is only from my average knowledge of the bible and a very good sense of what’s going on around me.

    • October 27, 2011 at 1:26 PM

      Jesus did give a statement concerning the future about their being frightful things appearing in the sky, and there are testimonies from people who see UFOs that they do get scared. Not all get scared though. Just what would be a “frightful” sight in the sky? If UFOs aren’t it though, giant ships, what would be? It could be that part of the fright is supposed to come from our cultural beliefs, for example many Americans and others throughout the world think that when aliens find us eventually some race will try to conquer us. It’s not an unreasonable belief, since humans do it to other humans all the time, or try to. And the universe is obviously so vast, that new aliens could be chancing upon us all the time, or if it is true that Earth is at the center of the universe, that some are deliberately coming to the center to see what is there, and find this planet. I’m guessing most alien races, if they exist, are more peaceful then us in general, even if they don’t have Christ in their lives, because, they don’t h have Satan. However, during the 1000 year reign of Christ when Christ is with us all, it is prophesied that despite that and Satan being sealed away so that he can no longer do damage and tempt us, there will still be rebellious people, even leaders! And Jesus will crush them. So, I’m sure, even though these other planets don’t have Satan and demons to oppress them, they too have bad people among them, and it is not far fetched that some alien race one day will come in large enough numbers to conquer us. That could be why God is going to make the stars drop like figs, as in, either literally move the stars of all the planets to another location (and if their are aliens I hope that doesn’t kill them, it could be that God will also be among them and be their light) so that their navigation systems will no longer be able to tell them where their ships are going (preventing them from escaping God’s rule on their planet and from going to make war with another planet like ours and at the same time preventing anyone from claiming with any believable evidence that Jesus is an alien and so can legitimately be overthrown for being an invader. Now what human would say, “It’s just an alien, who just happened to make the visible stars disappear…” That alien or aliens (if you count the angels and resurrected might as well be above any known gods if they really had that kind of power, therefore it also acts as a demonstration that Jesus is also God, and not an intruder or mere god). I suppose a frightful sight in the sky would probably be deep red clouds covering a huge populated area, or hundreds of holes in clouds like that one in Russia suddenly forming over such areas too, or tens of thousands of UFOs showing up at once (indicating aliens testing us to see how we would respond to an invasion), or a rain of animals and things other than rain suddenly or over a short period of time happening all over the world, instead of just rarely as has happened over the last 200 years (and odd that it’s only happened that recently (perhaps it can be taken as a “frightful” sign).

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