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Why Not To Use Windows 7

Nothing new there, but now I really hate Windows. Besides my complaints about Windows flaws being ignored, stupidly, it’s gotten worse. Two days ago while in the middle of writing about the U.S debt crisis, nothing small, the stupid operating system known as dirty broken Windows suddenly without warning me restarted on me, not even popping up a “such and such program won’t close screen” or “are you sure you want to close such and such without saving?” etc. And I had many tabs open in nasty IE, which I stupidly have been using on my little netbook exclusively since I got it, because I was sick of how slow Firefox was regardless of what version is being used. But that was dumb, because Firefox restores or can restore sessions easily, but IE is a pain. Then about 30 mins ago after I told it to postpone updating for four hours, and in less then an hour all the sudden it forces a restart. Thaaanks, idiots. I would love to kick Bill Gates in his face, about 10 round house kicks to his face, bam bam bam bam bam, and also the face of the current CEO of Microsoft, which might actually make him look better since he’s no looker. Ugh. And why does Windows 7 only give you the choice of 10 minutes or 4 hours, why not let us tell your OS how long to wait idiots of Microlost? I would like to puke on Microsoft. I detest you, you are stupid, and dumb, and evil. Look at yourself Microsoft, look in the mirror, you’re idiots. You’ve had Windows 7 out for how long now? Years, and yet whenever you click on a folder on the desktop, if it’s to the left or right edge, suddenly it shifts and you lose your place and have to do it again. Is that sensible? What idiot doesn’t notice that annoyance over and over and over again when trying to save a webpage or look in a folder? Or how about that autosort garbage which suddenly moves a folder you make to sort it in alphebetical order so that you have to go hunting for it if you’ve got many files in the same place already? Can I kick your faces now you stupid company? You can’t even allow the option of autosort? You did you so in Windows XP, in which neither annoyance exited. PLEASE, let me kick your faces!!! And why don’t you include the up button when you know people hate not having it? And why don’t you automatically show the full file path you fools? Why not? If you are doing that bread crumb garbage why not at least show the upper levels, why does it stop short? Morons? And why is there no convenient folder options button? Why did you remove that? Why do I have to go into the help section to find it? Can I kick your faces now? You idiots? You fools who think flooding people with security updates for a shitty childish operating system somehow makes it less annoying when it only makes it endlessly more annoying? I hate you, truly hate you all. I hope your company gets hit with an asteroid. Hopefully ReactOS or AROS will overtake your stupid shitty company that doesn’t want to make basic obvious fixes or options, but only fake “hey we’re giving you another update that’s going to make Windows work better but you’ll never notice how hee hee hah hah let us waste more of your time telling you this over and over till you’re dying to use Windows 8.”

Did I mention that all versions of IE fail to work with wordpress correctly, the most popular CM for bloggers? It repeatedly forces you to jump to the top of the editing box, hellishly annoying.

Update: I found out two or three days ago that I’m the only one who hates Windows for the four reasons I mentioned:











  1. PC UserNotAnalyst
    November 7, 2011 at 2:46 AM

    Have you also noticed that Windows 7 crashes Microsoft PowerPoint presentations in the middle of your presentations, with the helpful PopUp ‘ PowerPoint is not responding – wait until Windows 7 solves the problem’ (or such message). Then it just hangs there with the PopUp in the middle of the screen and the Presentation dimmed. On the several occasions this has happened the only solution was to ‘Reboot’!!!! Very impressive to the audience – I think not!!
    Microsoft seem to make their OS’s INTENTIONALLY NOT BACKWARD COMPATIBLE WITH THEIR OWN SOFTWARE. Cynical though I am, is this a direct ploy to force money out of everyone silly enough to stick to ‘Windows’? Similar Crash/Hangups have occured with other ‘MS Office’ applications, so it does indicate this is an intentional ploy. Be warned Windows users.
    I have reverted to using a laptop with XP and never had these problems again.
    WHY DOES MICROSOFT THINK we want an operating system to think for us? Windows 7 does NOT know how I want things! The OS should do as it is told.
    What Windows 7 has achieved, very successfully, is convincing me that my friends have been right – in telling me I should look at dumping Windows and moving to another OS.
    If MS decide to stop supporting XP, I know a lot of people who will be abandoning ship.
    Not that Microsoft will take any notice of all the I HATE WIN 7 posts. They think they are so clever, all the PC users in the world have their level of ‘intuitativeness’ (Don’t you just hate it when they say it is ‘intuative’).

    • November 7, 2011 at 9:29 AM

      Wow you just reminded me of this awful thing in MS Word, or it’s the newest Outlook or it’s both, in which there is this constant animated shining icon. How could they not have learned their lesson from those animated cartoon characters in their early years? But no didn’t notice that I’m not a Powerpoint user at all, and rarely use MS Word. I use openoffice usually. MS Word is too confusing and ugly for me.

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