Hokey Hogue: False Propheteer

Right now, on the Coast to Coast AM homepage, it says,

Prophecies & Antichrist (Wed 05-04)

In the first half of the show, prophecy and Nostradamus expert John Hogue shared some predictions for the rest of 2011, and talked about how some of Nostradamus’ quatrains may reflect on current events. Nostradamus had written that a “black and future king” would be involved in a war with the Third Antichrist, and Hogue suggested this “king” could refer to Obama, and the Antichrist (or Mabus, as he is named) was Osama bin Laden.

About John Hogue. Hogue is a political, weather and astrological analyst who based on those studies and his feelings (more than logical reasoning), makes predictions about what might happen, and fraudulently passes them off as prophecies. According to John, on a previous Coast to Coast AM show either in 2010 or 2009, he misdefined “prophecy” as being a “possible future”. Think about that. Using Hogue’s bad logic, prophecy isn’t prophecy, it’s really guessing, and if you get one of your guesses right, it was chance, and any reasonable “prophecy” you get wrong is not really wrong, because it might have happened, but because we each control our destiny (which Hogue also believes we can do), prophecies can never be 100% sure. If the future isn’t destined by one person alone, God, how can anyone know what will happen being that there are countless variables to influence what will happen next, making it highly unknowable? Hogue’s believe that we each control our destiny is also illogical, because it’s impossible. It’s like saying the sun can be in two places at the same time, or that two people can both marry the same woman at once. And back to the definition of prophecy: it means to “foretell the future” (by the ability to either perfectly predict what will happen based on perfect knowledge of the past and/or present and/or future), not “to foretell a future possibility” (which is one of the meanings of “prediction”), and prophecy doesn’t mean “to predict a temporary future” either. Incredibly, dictionary.com get’s it wrong, but maybe not incredible if it’s only a generic dictionary.

I listened to the Jan 27, 2010 C2CAM show and noticed that Hogue does not truly base any of his visions an actual visions of the future, but based on his analysis of past and current events. I imagine Hogue deceives many into thinking that he is a a prophet by riding on the coat tails of Nostradamus’ terrible work, and by repeatedly quoting from him and confusing the meanings of “prediction” and “prophecy”, and by doing so, is also appealing to those who want to be prophets but who don’t have the gift of prophecy, and providing for them a false and easy way of doing so, that also does not carry any responsibility for error. Basically Hogue repeatedly performs a mental sleight of hand. He also appeals to liberals by using his false prophecies for liberal propaganda, warning people that global warming and polluting “Gaea” and “Mother Nature” will greatly harm them if they don’t do things to stop the global warming and pollution.

Penn and Teller also gave clues about what kind of person Hogue is. Unfortunately Penn and Teller are atheists who are propagandists for the Mainstream Science Cult.

It’s obvious, after having listened to a lot of Hogue’s ranting, that he is a vain and self-righteous ignoramus when it comes to logic and truth, who spends more time appearing on shows to give his insight into what Nostradamus predicted and why, preaching his personal opinions, and writing stupid books for profit, rather than studying the truth and preaching it.

Author: Optimix

This is the gospel, that Christ Yeshua was crucified for sinners as I have been. I was saved and went astray and Yeshua lead me back.

2 thoughts on “Hokey Hogue: False Propheteer”

  1. Definitions:
    Destiny – is predetermined – cannot be changed
    Fate – is Not predetermined – our future can be changed depending on how we use the gift of Free Will. If we use it for the bad then our destiny falls into place.
    If we use it for the good and only the good, we have the power within us to change everything

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