How to Create More Jobs, Reduce Poverty and Solve America’s Unemployment Problem

While watching In the Arena on CNN today, maybe an hour and forty minutes ago, I heard from some woman with brown hair, that machines were taking jobs away from people. It occurred to me then that America’s unemployment problem could in part be solved by cybernetic enhancements. And after thinking about that, motorized exoskeletons should also help. Another solution would be finding a way to add more brain cells, connect certain ones so that they are more efficient, and if necessary, using stem cells, retroviruses, and genetic manipulation. The attempt to integrate electronics directly into the human body may be partially hindered by globalists and elitists, who may fear the poor and so called “common” people being able to enhance their brain power, which would help them to see past the lies of the globalists and elitists and compete with or dominate them.

I started this post about about 2 hours ago and finished it in about 30 minutes, and two hours later looked for relevant info on Sciencedaily, and had a “woah” (synchronicity) moment when I saw a story on a breakthrough in the featured space near the top right: synthetic synapses, which could be used to make artificial brains: There is a God for sure.

New: I also saw yesterday on the bottom of Sciencedaily homepage a story from Reuters about certain scientists working on an artificial nerve controlled leg.

4-23-2011 7:27 am:

In addition to the above, I would have the states take back the private park areas that the Federal Government has illegally annexed, to be used for whatever purpose the states want to use them for, unless it’s for illegal reasons. The land should be sold to American citizens only, at cheap prices, to ones who have not been convicted of anything more than a few traffic accidents while not intoxicated or anything more than a few petty crimes. Hopefully, this would help generate enough money so that there would enough to help create affordable cybernetic technology.

Another way to help American’s compete with machines, besides integrating them into their bodies, would to create machines with pseudo-intelligence specifically designed to do work for them. Such machines are commonly called “robots”. These robots could be used to assist citizens for non-job related work which would help save energy that they could use for looking for jobs or at jobs. Their personal robots (P.R.s) could also be used to do job-related work for them, and they could still be paid for their work even if the machines were entirely doing the work for them. Technology should be developed that could allow humans to directly control robots using wireless signals from technology implanted into a person’s brain.

4/14/2011/11:01 AM:

Another way to lessen the severity of poverty among the poor and to increase the wealth of those just above poverty, would be by planting hardy edible plants of various kinds able to grow in the area being planted, and along the sides of trails, roads, lawns, backyards,, desert land and playgrounds, which could be eaten in place of or in addition to priced food and drink. Such plants would be [paid content].

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This is the gospel, that Christ Yeshua was crucified for sinners as I have been. I was saved and went astray and Yeshua lead me back.

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