What the Moderators of PhysicsForums Didn’t Want You To See

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What the Crackpot Troll Moderators of PhysicsForums Didn’t Want You To See, Because None of their Darwinist and Big Bang Believer Members Nor Their Darwinist Big Bang Cult Moderators Could Refute In Any Scientific, Logical or Mature Way, In Fact: HAD NO RESPONSE TO, Not Even After Day Had Passed.

A very long silence speaks loudly.

The philosophical and religion ignorant moderators of PhysicsForums didn’t want anyone to see this reply to a comment one of their members made in a post in PhysicsForums on Void Theory (three times it was posted, and three times they removed it using insults as there reasons, no science at all, and attempting to be feelings and thoughts police). And what got one of them to remove it? When a called a newbie to knowledge moron member named Nick an insulting troll who put words in my mouth, a moron with three posts on his belt in PhysicsForums, named Nick, for saying I was pretending to believe that Earth was no older than 6,500 years old, and that “it wasn’t impossible” that the Bible used figurative language, and assuming (or rather ignoring that I wasn’t) a newbie to science, literature or religion, pointed me to the figure of speech page on Wikipedia. So, his assumption that some verse/s(?) somewhere in the Bible (couldn’t be bothered to read it himself of course), because it was possible figurative language, made me wrong, and for that my first reply below was REMOVED (but I wasn’t banned) and then what? Remove three more times despite there being no replies to them, and Nick’s reply was also removed. And for reposting my first reply, I was repeatedly banned (why, if it didn’t get me banned the first time when everyone saw it and it stayed for 24 hours?). And here is the first reply that stumped, embarrassed and humiliated the weak minded moderators and anti-creationist members of PhysicsForums:

The problem with the big void of smaller density leading to apparent dark energy term is that we have to be very close to the center of the void, otherwise everything will look anisotropic. Being close to the center is HIGHLY improbable, much more improbable than being in a void at all.

Why is shoutingly HIGHLY improbable? Because you said so? NO! BECAUSE YOU ARE DELUDED, REPEATEDLY IGNORING THE DESIGN OF GOD ALL AROUND YOU AND PRETENDING IT’S RANDOM. Nothing is impossible for God, except lying. What a contradiction too: Do you think the Big Bang was HIGHLY probable? How about it being HIGHLY probable let alone at all, despite evidence repeatedly being found against it, and pointing towards a 6,500 year old universe? And where are you instincts?: You think it’s probable regardless of the repeated contrived explanations to get rid of giant problems like the billions of light years wide void in space?

What about this contradiction: It’s highly unlikely we live in the center of a void, of the universe, but it is for light of countless many kinds, countless many types, randomly, by unknown means, with many distinct emotions, a heart, desires, mind, will, self-awareness, conscience, soul, extremely complex DNA, beauty of countless kids and types wherever you look, sometimes astonishingly beautiful, life that dances, sings, sleeps (something which has been a mystery for thousands of years or millions if you believe the Big Delusion) imitates for fun, has humor (a very hard to explain thing), plays games (came up with chess, for which no perfect solution has yet been found), tries to solve everything (to various degrees), even how to create other life with understanding of how exactly to do so from start to finish, can naturally/supernaturally reproduce in three different ways: cloning, sex, and self fertilization, can withstand all kinds and types of damage, and REPAIR themselves without knowing how, and still live and flourish, on a planet on which food and drink of all kinds exist, and useful poison, with material that can form countless useful things, and though being recombined in endless ways still be beautiful, forms of life which rely on each other, help each other, and even love each other, and able to communicate in thousands of different languages or more.

Also explain to me how it is probable that various flies evolved to look almost exactly like bees, despite the upheavals all over the world that were so great they magically got rid of the trillions of transitional fossils that should exist. Please explain the fly I saw, which hovered and turned like a machine, which when I first saw thought was a Cecada Killer, but as I concentrated on, saw was a giant fly (a small strip of forest in Reston, VA). So a fly, evolved, over billions of years, to look like a somewhat related animal, with superior flying ability? That’s probable?! And not just one fly, but there is mimicry of all kinds! Even bacteria and viruses have mimicking abilities DESIGNED to fool the things they live on. And is it probable that seeds from plants would germinate after thousands of years, or millions? I haven’t looked, but I wouldn’t be surprised if someone has or will discover a seed in millions of years old strata that germinates.

And though life is often very hostile and even self-destructive, it’s flourished, with all the kinds life forms that existed in the past, still existing. And life has flourished so much, that many humans even fear “overpopulation” and come up with evil schemes to murder most people rather than schemes to populate other planets (because they are silly and evil morons with little conscience and morals). And we’ve even succeeded in going to other planets. And, there are obviously spirits, many of which clearly hate us, and though clearly having the ability destroy us, are obviously being prevented from doing so, by what are clearly good spirits, which sometimes show their presence in some way when they save a life or lives. It’s also clear, unless you’re stupid or ignorant or a stubborn God-hater, that aliens are visiting us every day, or if not visiting, having bases on Earth or nearby, and sight-seeing, even showing off to some degree I would guess. Why are there very beautiful light-up jellyfish at the bottom of the oceans? Are chameleons and cuttlefish that can also camouflage themselves AND LIGHT UP in various ways probable? What about octopi that can camouflage themselves and hide themselves in a cloud of blackness? Is it probable that life is able to flourish at the very bottom even underneath the oceans of the world? Is it probable that there would be life living in boiling ocean water at the bottom of oceans, or boiling tar, or that could survive extreme heat then extreme cold then extreme radiation, and in space? How probable was it that the Crotoniidae mite would “reevolve” the ability sexually reproduce after millions of years? What are the odds of that happening after an alleged millions of years? Yet ALL OF THAT is probable to you, from randomness? And just how many random universes do you know of that existed before to imply we are probable? And if you believe i random universes exiting before, then why would you say it’s HIGHLY improbable that we live in the center of a void? Confused much? In addition to all that, you think that all is probable, even with living “fossils” repeatedly being found, inferior in design to their giant armored forms WHICH DIDN’T SURVIVE while the smaller weaker forms did, and giant ones like Brontosaurus with inferior armor to other dinosaurs still surviving (and/or living comfortably) in the Congo, and unarmored snakes, even giant ones, surviving despite having no legs or arms or wings and a massive body exposed to easy damage? And not only have many snakes that grow to giant size survived, but can live for many decades. How do animals know how to reproduce, eat, find food, sing, dance, protect themselves, walk, fly, glide, climb, dig, slither, and some, even birds, can make tools. Is that probable? Is it probable that insects and cats have brains faster than the fastest publicly known super computers? Can you explain why dolphins, cuttlefish, octopi and parrots are as intelligent as they are? Can you explain how the Lyre bird evolved its ability to imitate any sound? How did the Bombardier beetle evolve? How do skunks know that its musk glands will repel other animals? And how do flowers know when to bloom, the beauty and scent of many which attract man to spread more of them?

Can you also tell me how probable it was for all life on the planet to have evolved into its many forms over billions of years, with everything else I mentioned? How probable also is it that when Daniel Tammet hit is head that he acquired god-like calculation and communication abilities? How does evolution explain Euler, Ramanujan and Tesla? And no doubt there are other such geniuses, who get no where because their minds have been filled with science-hindering lies and liars who go around making stupid insults to scare them into submission like, “God did it (so no need to learn anything)”. No, “evolution did it, so rape doesn’t matter, nor murdering the unborn, BUT, Christians are EVIL who dare judge that that rape and child murder are evil, and that unnatural sex which leads to population decline, which leads to fewer minds to save the world from murderous atheists and pagans. How dare they believe an old book full of contradictions and missing books! How dare they continue knowledge and preserve it! Why can’t they just forget like us and come up with new things that might be true and faith that they are true? Let’s rape and encourage pornography and abuse and murder children. Or, let’s just drink more beer and play games while trying to save the world by letting it kill itself off, so that there is less carbon dioxide, because, I don’t want to evolve to live under the ocean.” And do you think all of that is probable, including man’s extreme stupidity despite his extremely intelligent mind with it’s massive umber of neurons all interconnected (why is man so stupid and why does he do such great evil despite his intelligence and a common programmed conscience aware of good and evil), which in mentally healthy people will “burn” when they do wrong – you think all that is probable along with the fine-tuning necessary for that to all be possible?:


I would also like to know from you: How likely is it that giant amphibious or fully aquatic dinosaurs have come to live in small bodies of water in the USA, far away from oceans? Jacque Cousteau knows at least one exists in Lake Tahoe. Or how is it that shrimp came to live in the middle of a desert, on a large rock structure, in Australia, extremely far any ocean? How about the fish of Death Valley, and note the word “death” in the name of that valley? How did a giant structure, broken in two, in the shape of Noah’s Ark, get on mount Ararat? “More improbable” for your random universe: why is the impression of the shape of the bottom of a ship doing at the foot of that mountain? How do you explain the many out of place artifacts in the world” (2)? Are they probable too in this billions of years old universe of your invention?

More popular is the other theory that the dark energy is apparent due to the cumulative effects of the light passing through many voids. That avoids the need for us to be in a center of a spherical void.

And why might it be more popular, TO PEOPLE LIKE YOU (NOT EVERYONE), who ignores the obvious all around you and takes it out of context in a world of people who hate God for not doing whatever they want him to do, like you? Can you make a correct guess, based on evidence, and not mere faith, so called “blind faith” by atheists and agnostics?

What a sad world atheists and pagans have made for themselves. What to choose, a life realizing how sad their lie is, and being hated for not pretending it’s truth, or joining the lie at the risk of ending up tortured and murdered by one of the liars? Who to trust, those who when they kill your body can do no more to you, or the one who can destroy both body and soul in Hell, while continuing their suffering forever and can also give eternal peace to those who trust in him? Temporary vs. eternal. What is the logical choice to make to survive, and live?

There clearly is a corrupting being that causes stupidity and evil among us, making us much worse than seems logical, and there clearly is a being that only does good and will not give in to evil, and restrains it.

Why God would isolate Earth from the rest of the universe, why he would make it difficult for the rest of his intelligent creatures to find us, why a loving being would not want to see Hell and death spread over billions of light years in all directions, why he would choose to limit sadness and pain? If he was a merciful, compassionate and loving God, it would be understandable. In conclusion, be thankful for what God has shown you, and turn to him, before it is too late, and you no longer see, smell, hear or touch his wonders.

It does not go against reason and learning to say, “In the beginning, God made the heavens and the earth,” and that God does what is wondrous in our eyes, but it does when you to try and explain everything away with “Say, ‘It was chance and evolution for why things are the way they are,’ because it’s money that matters, not truth, if you want many friends to have a comfortable life.”

God have mercy on you who hate God, because his hatred is much greater and just, and he is able to carry out anything he wills. And one day, his Son will return, both to save and to destroy.


Instead of resorting to mere insults and banning whatever you disagree with, moderators of PhysicsForums, how about be scientific and honest? How about showing the truth, instead of hiding it and accusing everyone else who disagrees with your attitude and feelings and opinions as being crackpots, trolls, making “noise” and having an attitude? If you resort to mere insults and banning along with it, doesn’t that show that you have an attitude that needs to be “canned”? Why are you above your own rules? Is that logical to attack and condemn others for/as being, doing and having those things when you yourselves make mere insults and have an “attitude”? How about you stop with the double standards, lies, and hypocrisy and encouraging immorality by claiming or implying that there is no absolute truth or morality? It is absolutely wrong to abuse and murder babies and children, why can’t you agree with that? Why does that deserve mere insults and banning? You’re not experts in religion, the Bible, God or Christianity, merely because you have some great amount of knowledge in math, biology, or physics, or are a moderator of PhysicsForums, that doesn’t make you God or my Judge does it? Promote true science and peace, not hatred with your evil attitude and cowardly anonymous attacks.

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Author: Optimix

This is the gospel, that Christ Yeshua was crucified for sinners as I have been. I was saved and went astray and Yeshua lead me back.

9 thoughts on “What the Moderators of PhysicsForums Didn’t Want You To See”

  1. In Fact: HAD NO RESPONSE TO, Not Even After Day Had Passed.

    Of course. Because other people don’t have jobs, families, or anything else that might take preference in their lives to jumping online to answer to you (as if you’re a God who dmeands such answers), in a time you have deemed reasonable.

    OMG – I didn’t have someone to fight with in less than a day! HISSY FIT!

    1. Gabby, physics forums is visited by millions of people every day or few days, further: topics of interest, which that had, when replied to, will make the thread visible on top of other threads and bring it to the front page or some other page that gets many views, and it will get replies because of that, especially if there are multiple topics in the thread. And I repeatedly edited and reposted my reply (because the moderators, with an s, repeatedly deleted it using mere insults as their reasons why, so it would have gotten many views. Further, it’s “days” now since it’s been posted here, which also regularly gets visitors, including to the home page. On top of that Gabby, it was repeatedly posted on Reddit, and rather than anyone giving it a logical reply, as can be seen with searches, instead got harassment, and rabid harassment from a narcissist sociopath who refused to discuss the subject/s of this post, bet kept ranting on and on about “new accounts.” And have you made any comment that verifies or refutes anything I’ve said? No. Instead you replied in ignorance, carelessly, like a little child. The posts on Reddit were also being automatically voted down whenever they received a vote up. So, clearly, atheists and anti-Christians are avoiding this post because it thoroughly refutes and overwhelms them. No one even resorted to saying it was a rant. The narcissist sociopath on Reddit (camopdude) also repeatedly contradicted himself as to why he would not discuss this post, first saying in a childish and rude way that he doubted it was serious and believable (verifying that it had a subject or subjects), then said it was crazy because it had a run on sentence, then said it had no topic, then reaffirmed that it had a topic. Does that sound like an intellectually honest and sane response? So no one in the world has the time to reply huh? Just you, to tell me, that no one has the time. Does your response make sense? No. And Gabby, it took me about an hour to compose that response, and added a little bit to it every every hour, but not some huge amount. You also didn’t bother to carefully read what I said: it did get a reply, a moronic reply, which I described. It was also repeatedly removed, and was that intellectually honest to do? No it wasn’t. I also just approved of a response that came after yours after reading it again, because I saw how ironically stupid it was. Look where he says, “sence.” So then, it is clear that Mainstreamers are dishonest, prideful liars and presumptuous hypocritical morons when it comes to philosophy, religion and astronomy.

  2. physicsforums mods are a bunch of morons who wave their PhD flags in the name of justified scientific theory and dont even have the descency to express their personal stance.

    1. I think in place of decency you should have said wisdom, intelligence or concern or that they are so prideful that they think it’s “obvious” as to what is true or not, while in contradiction to that allowing for debates, BUT ONLY if they feel it doesn’t threaten their pride or status as, wow: moderators of a mainstream physics forum.

      They also are obviously against “free thinking” and “free speech” and are trying to take God’s place.

  3. I don’t believe in either God or creationism, but I fully agree that the moderators of physicsforums.com are a strange bunch of creatures. Sometimes you get really good answers to questions you pose, other times you wonder what on earth is going on there. It’s a completely unreliable place, even if you happen to be an atheists!

    1. Today I was looking at free energy stuff, and saw a link to physicsforums and clicked it to see what was said about a particular free energy inventor, and found that it had been bizarely closed when some apparent moderator ended it after a few replies with his last one, being just about, “There is no free energy, thread closed.” So much for discussion, there wasn’t even a chance for anyone to debunk the inventor’s claims. Very rabid. I’m getting ready to post a list of famous/infamous narcissists, you may want to check this blog to see when I post it since it’s very interesting and I’d bet “original”.

  4. Hello. First of all Id like to state I dont hate the ones who disagree with my views. A seeker of Truth is not afraid to test opinions.

    Youre not the only one banned. I have something to mention about physicsforums too.
    I registered on Sunday and posted a subject called ‘We the immaterial soul’ on neuroscience section.

    Some atheists replied saying Im not allowed to post because what I was saying was not ‘scientific’. Then they said they would inform the moderator to ban me. The excuse cause that I was posting ‘creation beliefs’ in a ‘scientific’ category. They finally banned me. Then I created another username and registered again, I posted my subject on ‘Philosophy’ category. They banned me again. Its ridiculous. I didnt use any insulting language, I didnt post in a wrong category, I just showed I believe in God. I told them everyone has his beliefs and this must be respected.

    Sorry, but this is sickening hatred towards whoever disagrees with them. Where is the freedom of speech? I have saved the page before they deleted it. It seems ‘creation belief’ is banned, what do you expect from atheistic american zionists … pure racism

    1. They aren’t Zionists as far as I can tell, nor evidence they are all Americans. A Zionist is someone who is for a JUDAIC-dominated Israel dominating all other countries. Simply because a person is an atheist wouldn’t mean they would be a Zionist anymore than a Zionist would be an atheist merely because they were a Zionist. Zionists are usually Judaics or atheist Jews. I know of no non-Jew who is a Zionist. Atheism is often a sign of an anti-social mental disorder, like sociopathy, psychopathy or narcissism. Atheists are also opportunists and so pander and lie to get what they want. They don’t adhere to absolute morality because they don’t believe in an eternal punishment and act only in what they think they can get away with IF they can control their emotions (and usually can’t). You should also read one of my recent posts on a narcissist atheist, and the clear evidence that Israel in no way dominates the world. Despite their nuclear missiles, the Bible makes it clear they will be ravaged again. I’m guessing solar flares will ruin most of the electronics of the world, or nuclear missiles going off in the sky. I believe World War III is coming, and that 1/3rd of mankind will be killed during the war.

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