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A Possible Blow To Darwinian Evolution Theory: ”Surivival of the fittest” is Wrong

Evolution: Not Only the Fittest Survive
from ScienceDaily

Darwin’s notion that only the fittest survive has been called into question by new research published in the journal Nature. A collaboration between the Universities of Exeter and Bath in the UK, with a group from San Diego State University in the US, challenges our current understanding of evolution by showing that biodiversity may evolve where previously thought impossible.

The work represents a new approach to studying evolution that may eventually lead to a better understanding of the diversity of bacteria that cause human diseases.

Conventional wisdom has it that for any given niche there should be a best species, the fittest, that will eventually dominate to exclude all others.

This is the principle of survival of the fittest. Ecologists often call this idea the `competitive exclusion principle’ and it predicts that complex environments are needed to support complex, diverse populations.

Professor Robert Beardmore, from the University of Exeter, said: “Microbiologists have tested this principle by constructing very simple environments in the lab to see what happens after hundreds of generations of bacterial evolution, about 3,000 years in human terms. It had been believed that the genome of only the fittest bacteria would be left, but that wasn’t their finding. The experiments generated lots of unexpected genetic diversity.”

This test tube biodiversity proved controversial when first observed and had been explained away with claims that insufficient time had been allowed to pass for a clear winner to emerge.

The new research shows the experiments were not anomalies. – More here

On freerepulic.com, a Catholic biased website, which discriminates against non-Catholics, in an evil way, there were these significant comments about this story:

“This isn’t really news, it just shows that the self-correction claim of scientists is for all practical purposes mythical. Extinction happens suddenly to entire taxa due to various catastrophes; mutations arise at random; and that’s it”

and a reply to that,

“‘This probably isn’t news… even to Darwin. It is the most adept in the given the selection circumstances, that survive, and not the “fittest”.’

That’s what the “fittest” means: those most fit to survive under the circumstances. This “fitness” may be a genetic predisposition, innate qualities, size, color, etc., or even something learned…but whoever or whatever has it will have a greater chance to survive under specific circumstances.”

Here is a related article:

In amoeba world, cheating doesn’t pay – October 1, 2009 07:40 PM

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