Holy Invisible Intelligence: ”Grass didn’t exist back then,” say Mainstream Scientists

Hands off my leaves! Scientists discover sabre-toothed tortoise
by John Hutchinson
3/25/2011/11:05 AM

With its fearsome canines and a mouth filled with teeth, experts could have been forgiven for thinking they’d discovered another great dinosaur predator.

But this prehistoric tortoise is no more predatory than its latter-day relative.

Rather than being a snarling meat-eater this sabre-toothed beast – that lived 260million years ago – feasted on leaves and stems [and the evidence for this is, or should we all just have “blind faith” in whatever you say?].

Odd: Surprised scientists have discovered the remains of a sabre-toothed vegetarian – which was the size of a dog but has an uncanny look of a tortoise about it

The fossilised remains of the creature, known as Tiarajudens eccentricu and which was the size of a large dog, have been discovered in Brazil.

While apparently unnecessary due to it’s vegetarian tendencies, the dagger teeth will have been very much needed to fight off predators and enemies.

Speaking to LiveScience [another Mainstream Science cult], vertebrate paleontologist Juan Carlos Cisneros at the Federal University of Piauí in Teresina, Brazil said: ‘If you asked me how surprised I was about finding this fossil, I can tell you that finding a fossil so bizarre as Tiarajudens eccentricus, a fossil that looks like if it has been made from parts of different animals, is like finding a unicorn.

‘You see it, but you don’t believe it.’

Discovery: The leaf-crunching animal lived 260 million years ago in what is now Brazil – and used his dagger teeth to ward off enemies

Discovery: The leaf-crunching animal lived 260 million years ago in what is now Brazil – and used his dagger teeth to ward off enemies

In addition to the crayon-size saber canines, the entire roof of its mouth was covered with teeth.

Grasses did not exist at that time

SAY WHAT? “GRASS”?! Yeah because that’s way more complex saber-toothed torti and every other animal.. 0_0 What extremist stupidity! Is there no end to the stupid things anti-Christians will say and do? Only gullible, insane, moron or greedy liars only interested in temporary pleasures and making money (which now is also temporary) say extremely stupid things like that. It didn’t exist back then because: “We can’t see it anywhere,” and just like you can’t see the human fossils and footprints (some along with dinosaur footprints) stuck in “millions of years old” rock, coal and sediment, and on and on and on. At least the Huffington Post didn’t make or repeat such a stupid claim, wouldn’t put it past them though. Learn more about ooparts at s8int.com or read Forbidden Archeology (which includes findings from famous evolutionists themselves).

Update 6:05 P.M.

The Grass That Broke the Pseudo-scientists’ Back

I thought dinosaurs DIDN’T east grass cuz there was none around:  Dung Reveals Dinosaurs Ate Grass (And from guess who?: Livescience! And what’s this article date here?: 17 November 2005 Time: 09:01 AM ET? So, you had SIX YEARS to get your lies straight, but are so arbitrary, careless and money-addicted, you still couldn’t do it. That’s what happens when you get addicted to pleasure and lie too much, you contradict yourself, to no end.


Those who care about the truth, remember it;
those who don’t, lie.

Author: Optimix

This is the gospel, that Christ Yeshua was crucified for sinners as I have been. I was saved and went astray and Yeshua lead me back.

2 thoughts on “Holy Invisible Intelligence: ”Grass didn’t exist back then,” say Mainstream Scientists”

    1. I thought someone would say that, however, again, did you notice I asked: WHERE is the EVIDENCE? Didn’t you notice I also said?: HAS THE ENTIRE EARTH BEEN EXCAVATED? Further, did you note that the FINDING THAT DINOSAURS ATE GRASS 55 MILLION YEARS AGO WAS DENIED BY MAINSTREAMERS? AND YET IT WAS FOUND! THEY WERE OFF BY FIFTY FIVE MILLION YEARS, Kevin. And did you notice I asked: which is easier to evolve: grass, or saber-toothed toothed torti? Kevin: stop ignoring the facts. Stop ignoring the questions. Stop making cheap shots. You are wasting time and it is despicable to do that. Now how many more massive mistakes do there need to be? And do you think that is the only one? You can find a ton of them listed be creationists with an easy search through a search engine.

      Look even at what Wikipedia says, an atheist-evolutionist Mainstreamer dominated blogopedia:

      Grass evolution

      Until recently grasses were thought to have evolved around 55 million years ago, based on fossil records. However, recent findings of 65-million-year-old phytoliths resembling grass phytoliths (including ancestors of rice and bamboo) in Cretaceous dinosaur coprolites,[1][4] may place the diversification of grasses to an earlier date.

      So, they mess up again and are off by 10 million years at least! Again: HOW MANY MORE MISTAKES NEED TO BE MADE BEFORE IT’S ADMITTED MAINSTREAMERS ARE AN ILLOGICAL ANTI-SCIENTIFIC CULT? They are a cult of bumblers who make massive distortions and omissions of the truth; they are liars.

      And so there can be no disputing the facts:

      Dung Fossils Suggest Dinosaurs Ate Grass
      Page 2 of 2

      Until now IT HAS BEEN ASSUMED that dinosaurs lived in virtually grass-free ecosystems” said Caroline A.E. Strömberg.

      Strömberg is a coauthor of the paper and a researcher at the Swedish Museum of Natural History in Stockholm.

      Grasses exist today on every continent except Antarctica, and many animals—including humans—depend on them for food.

      Scientists have long believed [HOW LONG? I’LL SHOW YOU HOW “LONG”:

      Dinosaurs Dined on Grass
      by Dr. Piperno
      Nov 18, 2005
      However, the possible coevolution of grasses and dinosaurs has never been studied.

      So at the most, paleontologists who studied land dinosaurs found out they ate grass 55 million years ago, less than six years of knowing. Is that “long”? I don’t think so.]

      that the now ubiquitous plants first began to spread and diversify some 70 to 60 million years ago.

      Fossil evidence had suggested [HOW DID IT SUGGEST A MISTAKE IN YOUR JUDGMENT??? NO: DON’T BLAME YOUR PROPAGANDA ERRORS ON GOD, TAKE RESPONSIBILITY AND CONSISTENTLY ADMIT THAT YOU ASSUME AND MAKE ARBITRARY LIES!] that grasses evolved along with early plant-eating mammals. Hoofed animals with high-crowned teeth suitable for chewing grass first began to appear about 25 million years ago.

      But the grass minerals in the Indian coprolites were much older than the hoofed mammals and were already diverse. Five different species were evident, which means that grasses likely diversified substantially before the end of the late Cretaceous.

      The researchers believe that various species of grass had spread BEFORE India became geographically isolated from other continents about 125 million years ago. …

      “Our study shows that grasses existed in India simultaneously with the … gondwanatherians,” Strömberg said.

      These remarkable results will force reconsideration of many long-standing assumptions about grass evolution, dinosaurian ecology, and early plant-herbivore interactions,” Piperno and Sues wrote in their review.


      Do you see what I put in caps and bold? And Kevin, anyone, can you tell me why National Geographic didn’t say, “NOW BELIEVE”? Isn’t that confusing to leave out the tenses so that it is hard or confusing to tell how massive a mistake these “scientists” made?


      So Kevin, would you like to do the math for us all and subtract 125 million from 60 million, or is that too hard for you? I’ll do it for you: 65 MILLION YEARS. OFF BY 65 MILLION YEARS. But it’s the fossil’s fault right? The bones and the dinosaurs and living fossils and God and the Christians “The fossils did it,” “God did it,” they tricked us. You would make more sense if you said SATAN deceived you. It’s everyone else’s fault for your ASSUMPTIONS except for you who hate God. You abandon common sense and obvious logic in your hatred of God, and make fools of yourselves because of it.


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