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Cavemen or Smartmen? Mainstreamers Budge a Little and Have a Supposed Truth-Eureka

Why ‘sophisticated’ cavemen were not so different to us
from the DailyMail.co.uk
3/2520115:43 PM

Cavemen were far more sophisticated than their dimwitted reputation suggests, a leading archaeologist claims.

Professor John J Shea says evidence of early humans’ weapons, symbols and burials 195,000 years ago shows they had more in common with us than we like to think.

He claims Homo sapiens emerged all at once, ‘not as modern-looking people first and as a modern-behaving people later.’

Professor Shea, of Stony Brook University, New York, started researching ‘behavioral variability’ in 2002 after excavating a 195,000-year-old site in Ethiopia.

‘Nothing about the stone tools … struck me as archaic or primitive,’ he wrote in his article, Refuting a Myth About Human Origins, published by American Scientist magazine.

We need to discard an incorrect and outdated idea about human evolution, the belief that prehistoric Homo sapiens can be divided into “archaic” and “modern” humans.’ [NO: YAH THINK?] You’re about 6,500 years late. Anti-Christians sure are stubborn. You tell them 34,000,000 times God made us intelligent from the start, 6,500 years ago, show them the evidence in every direction they look, and after 34,000,000 years of ignoring that they finally evolve to say, “Eureka! We just found out our fathers weren’t as stupid as we thought!” Why not just say, “Nanny nanny boo boo we can’t hear you, oh look what we found, all on our own, but ur still wrong, and we’re still right, we’re the scientists, ur not, hahaha.”? It’s not like your followers would reject that either, being that they deeply hate God and his children (meaning: those he loves). And how interesting: Only 34 people commented on that article and it’s already been a day. Just goes to show how resistant evolutionists are to truth, even when their science leaders give a sliver of it to them. You’re turned people into monsters you Mainstreamers. That includes you news propagandists and hate-profiteers who support them, like Wikipedia, Encyclopedia Brittanica, National Geographic, Livescience, Sciencedaily, Physorg, Discovery Networks, the BBC, Scientific American, Discover Magazine, Popular Science, the Los Angeles Times, the New York Times, the Washington Post, Greenpeace and countless other myth machines.

And how obvious is this: If animals aren’t simply dumb, not even sheep, not even insects, then wouldn’t humans be much smarter than them? “Duh”?

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