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“Vengeance is mine, I will repay,” says Yahweh

A few hours ago something very strange happened. I received an email from a teacher I argued against about four hours ago, and he was angry, like most people I rebuke for lying about Christians, threatening to tell the campus police about my email and the FBI too (already tried that myself and got brushed off by them), and decided to tell him some of the Hell I’d been through from because of stereotypes like his, including, about two months ago, a gas station attendant, who banned me from the gas station because, he implied, that I looked homeless. Not something I want to share with the world but, to make a point I will. So about an hour later after telling this angry teacher about that, who showed no compassion over anything I said, guess who shows up where I’m sitting at my computer? Gas station guy, looking for a home. He gave me a look, a look in which he winced his eyes a little and starred at me for a few seconds, and I got up after a few minutes to complain about him to the sales girl he was applying to for a home, and, I think, that after I walked away, she denied his application, because he had sat down to apply and the office hadn’t closed yet, and wouldn’t for at least 30 mins, and they stay open later to accommodate applicants in the process of filing. What were the odds of something like that happening, even if he wasn’t denied? I hadn’t talked about that incident since it happened except within a few hours of it, or maybe less, and he shows up the day I talk about it, and is virtually next to me?

THEN, I go to get some aspirin or something like it from a neighbor, because my arthritis is killing my neck and causing me a headache from the constant cracking, and she gives me a whole bottle and tells me about another pair of neighbors who’d been troubling us, mentally ill ones, and lets me know that one of them is a crazed liar. I know the signs of a sociopath, psychopath and narcissist, and crosses of them, but she surprised the heck out of me. She made it clear that she was a liar and a stalker and a scammer, things I already had hints of, but I had no idea it was so extensive. It surprised me because I’d gotten to know the person she was talking about fairly well, but didn’t notice that she was a liar at all, a potential liar yes, but didn’t know she was lying while talking to me. She also let me know that her (the crazy woman’s) boyfriend had struck her and come to her for help, and called the police for her, something that her boyfriend didn’t tell me, only that he threw a fit and broke her phone (the phone of the crazy woman). I had no idea that he had become violent. But she also told me the crazy woman had gotten her boyfriend’s checks to all be signed in her name and given to her (which would explain why her boyfriend, who is a narcissist x psychopath, got violent, probably having realized he was being used). Sociopaths, psychopaths and narcissists truly can’t be trusted, they should be locked away to keep them from corrupting anyone else and doing damage and so on.

I met a young black woman from Kenya on her laptop too, today, which was interesting, since she was studying to be a social worker, and, was from Kenya. She seemed friendly and sane, unfortunately wasn’t a neighbor who lived nearby, but who was annoyed with some of the same things as me, like the Hellishly loud planes that go over head, and neighbors leaving dog poop everywhere, or in bags on the ground.

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