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More Evidence You Can’t Trust the U.S. Government or Muslims

18 March 2011 Last updated at 11:13 ET
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Pakistan: Calls for revenge after US drones kill 40

Pakistan may now find it easier to put off a full-blown assault in North Waziristan
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Taliban Conflict
Make-or-break year ahead
Can Afghan forces step up?
Who are the Taliban?
Pakistan’s very unhappy new year

Tribal leaders in the Pakistani region of North Waziristan have vowed revenge against the US after drones killed more than 40 people near the Afghan border.

“We are a people who wait 100 years to exact revenge. We never forgive our enemy,” the elders said in a statement.

Thursday’s attack has caused fury – most of the dead were tribal elders and police attending an open-air meeting.

Observers say anger over the botched drone raid may help Pakistan delay an assault on the Taliban in Waziristan.

The Pakistani military has so far resisted US pressure for such an assault. It is already fighting militants in a number of other parts of the country’s north-west.

Tribal leaders described the horror of the attack in Peshawar

The BBC’s M Ilyas Khan in Islamabad says Thursday’s casualties will also add to pressure from Islamabad on the US to scale back drone strikes which regularly target Waziristan.

The area is an al-Qaeda and Taliban stronghold and a launch pad for frequent attacks on US-led forces in Afghanistan. – More here

If Muslims never forgive, or whichever this sect is, aren’t they sinning against their own version of God, “Allah,” who commands that they don’t merely kill or hate, but convert others into their religion (direct them to Allah for forgiveness)? If they don’t obey their own holy book, can they claim to be holy, righteous, decent or people who love truth? Can they claim to be trustworthy and worth saving? So, God put the U.S. Army and Governments and Muslims (are there any Muslims accusing these unforgiving Muslims of disobedience to the Quran?) to the test again, and again they all failed. Also consider the absurdity of never forgiving: you would hate yourself, your own family, even kids, and so become more and more hateful, becoming like Satan and the other demons with him. Is it any wonder Muslims have such a hard time progressing in wisdom of any kind?

For more evidence against Islam, read 20 Questions Muslims Can’t Answer

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