UFO Seen Over Japan During March 11, 2011 Earthquake and Tsunami

I checked again to see if anyone had seen UFOs over Japan, too see if again any aliens noticed what happened, and someone did supposedly get a video recording of a bright one. He claims to have gotten it in HD and said he intends to upload it. I also recorded a UFO today, but, I think it was some odd pair of balloons, not sure. Here is a snapshot I made from the Japanese UFO video:

Update 12/14/2011: I had to change the above link again. It’s the same video only now someone has put a website on it. Strangely, two different people claimed copyright to the vid and so it had been removed by Youtube. How can two people own the copyright? But anyways, so the video is back again.

Click the pic to watch the vid (the original video was removed,
so I checked to see what was going on, and found he’d uploaded
his HD version, so I’ve updated the link.

Another UFO was caught by CNN, pointed out on Youtube (you may want to turn off the volume if you have a kid watching because the pointer curses).

Satellite pics and maps of the earthquake and tsunami devastation

One of the pics I took of the weird UFO I saw today. Kind of weird that either half of the UFO looks like the Japanese one, isn’ t it?

Author: Optimix

This is the gospel, that Christ Yeshua was crucified for sinners as I have been. I was saved and went astray and Yeshua lead me back.

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