Liberal Judge Can’t Keep Hands Out of Christian’s Pants

Yet Another Liberal Violates Sexual Boundaries

Judge Forces Hysterectomy on God-Loving Woman
by Kim Conte
3/7/2011/2:41 PM

The following story reads like it was lifted directly from the script of a controversial medical drama like Grey’s Anatomy. But those shows are fictional, and, sadly, this heartbreaking story is actually true.

A cancer patient in Montana — identified only as L.K. — refused to undergo a hysterectomy as treatment for her cancer on the grounds that she is deeply religious and wants to have children. That’s sad enough in it’s own right. But no one could have foreseen what happened next: A judge found her “mentally incompetent” based on her “delusional religious beliefs” and ruled she was to have the procedure.

The Montana Supreme Court has halted the surgery to allow for an appeal, but in the interim let’s ponder this question: Since when do we force people to be sterilized in this country?

On one side of the case we have L.K.’s physician and psychiatrist testifying that without the surgery she could die in three years and that her “religious delusions” — namely, that God had cured her — interfered with her ability to make reasoned decisions about her care.

On the other, we have L.K. herself saying that while she did understand that she had been diagnosed with cancer and did understand the risks of dying if she did not have the procedure, she didn’t want it. (She also said that she might change her mind later about following her doctors’ recommendations.) Alas, this wasn’t enough to convince Judge Karen Townsend that she was of sound mind. – More here

Oh and that’s not all, besides forced sterilization of Christians, liberals have banned them from adopting children in Britain too! Wow! These mentally ill gunless moron liberals really are asking for punishment! Why would morons who have way less guns then the Christians they hate, tempt the Christians to shoot them all? Truly stupid! They obviously hate life so much they don’t want to live. Pray for these loveless brutes.

Author: Optimix

This is the gospel, that Christ Yeshua was crucified for sinners as I have been. I was saved and went astray and Yeshua lead me back.

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