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Alex Jones Is Mentally Ill But Not a Darwinist

I’m to a replay of AJ’s show about 5 hours ago and heard some things that convince me he is ill, mentally. He made an immature comment about a moth flying into a flame because “it thinks it’s winning” an obvious attempt to normalize the childish “winning” jab that his narcissist sociopath friend Charlie Sheen made on his show a few days ago (which I wrote about in two previous posts). Then he ranted in a supposed rage, demanding police to join him in his fight so that humans could go off world and populate other planets by the trillions, and awkwardly paused at least twice during the rant, as if his mind was going incoherent. I thought about other incidents that were tip offs: more than a week ago, I think, he made a clear slip up, and instead of admitting his mistake, making a simple correction, he built on it so to speak to make it appear as if he didn’t say anything wrong. It was very bizarre. He also claimed that almost all the churches were controlled by FEMA which is why they were going along with the Romans verse that says to be obedient to your government (it doesn’t mean in whatever they tell you to do though, obviously, since mortal governments are not God, the only man who is God is Jesus, Yeshua). Alex claims to be a Christian, yet attacks all the ones that preach peaceful humility (big surprise for a narcissist). For those who think AJ would be much better as a leader than the us gov, or any other, I would disagree, because from his acceptance of loons like David Icke, “Pastor” Lindsey Williams, Charlie Sheen and some idiot black comedian who repeatedly emphatically claimed the Tea Party was about racism, and his support of such people, he would be just as easily taken advantage of as everyone else in the US gov, except Ron Paul perhaps. I have a problem with RP though, because he won’t take a stand against Darwinian evolution, a propaganda tool and heresy used by pseudo-Christians, liberals and anti-Christian atheists, and is one of those theories that has devastated the scientific progress that Gideon (from the Bible) then a few pagans like Archimedes, and later, Christians and a few pseudo-Christian theistic mystics like Descartes and Nostradamus, advanced so much farther that it got the ball rolling again, so to speak. AJ also accepts Darwinian Evolution Theory. There doesn’t seem much more to say about Jones except that he is a hindrance to progress, being that he keeps attacking the Christians when claiming to be one. He’s trying to hijack true Christianity and God’s position, but without saying, “Your religion is false and I am God,” because he knows that would sound insane to most of his audience, which is mainly Americans I’m guessing, most of which, are Christians. Update 3/11/2011 I was just listening to Alex Jones’s podcast again, a rebroadcast, and first heard him say, “I don’t have good self control” and later, he made a very short attack on Darwinists, but his attack was in a rant.

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