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Are Aliens and UFOs Angels and Demons?

I’ve been thinking about it again. And here is what I came up with (wow if I had been wise and brought my camera with me I would have gotten a really beautiful picture of the sky just now, (5:57 PM), don’t you hate that?):

I often wonder what UFO’s are and aliens, and wonder, like millions of others, why, if aliens are always coming to Earth, do they not act friendly in general.

It’s evident that many aliens (if they are in UFO’s or controlling them) are in our skies and in space. You can even see them by using high powered night vision goggles, UV and infrared cameras, and using solar obliteration.

There are also apparently UFOs, giant ones, around the sun. And if spacecraft, then no doubt there are others like them elsewhere in and outside the solar system, but possibly these giant space objects are some sort of giant magneto-plasma phenomenon.

What makes seems to make no sense to me concerning these supposed alien visitations, is that if they are really happening:

(1) Why aren’t more of them here being that the universe has countless planets and stars and if they have anti-gravity technology and plenty of energy to go to other planets far away like ours? If a few dozen or hundreds of types of aliens know about us, shouldn’t the rest of the universe know by now from the interstellar explorations, and therefore, shouldn’t Earth be overloaded with alien communication and traffic? (2) Why are aliens hardly ever seen taking anything, being that Earth has many valuable resources and interesting things? (3) Why do aliens hardly ever communicate with us? (4) When aliens do communicate with us, why do they usually only reply with one word or a few sentences or a doom and gloom message? (5) Why do so many aliens act callous and “creepy”, rather than friendly? (6) Why do people seem to mainly see grays, or ones that have giant eyes and dew-drop shaped heads like them? Shouldn’t there be all kinds of weird shaped aliens and of many different sizes? Why would grays have a monopoly on Earth in a universe with trillions of types of aliens? (7) Why do no UFO’s ever crash in densely populated cities, when there are many of them traveling in the sky all the time? Shouldn’t there be collisions now and then, and at least some fragments of weird metal coming down or visible explosions or bright bursts of light? (8) Aliens, if they exist, are not angels or demons, and the Bible seems to imply that God’s main focus is the activity in Heaven, and to a much lesser degree, what is going on on Earth, and the Bible implies that Earth is the center of the universe, and therefore outside of our atmosphere, in the universe, is of even less importance to him. If that is true, then it is logical to believe that if God does not talk to anyone on Earth, which is the most important place in the universe, then there would be even less supernatural activity outside of Earth in this universe. If that is true, then aliens, however many there are, should almost always act malicious and nonsensical (being that they have few evidences of God’s concern or existence than we of Earth do, where miracles happen now and then, and in which we are plagued by much more demonic activity than angelic, at least that we can see). Though people report “greys” as often acting nonsensical and malicious (and ones similar looking to them, like the Hopkinsville aliens and Cottingly Fairies), they don’t do so with other aliens, which seem to act more like an alien with some morals would, meaning, examining them but without being invasive, like using probes that go into a person’s body. It could be however that these greys are exceptional among aliens, in that they are a more malicious alien race, and if the reports about them making hybrid babies are true, ones who are masters at genetics. If they are masters at genetics, it would explain their arrogant “we can do whatever we want to you” behavior, because the Bible says, “knowledge puffs up.” It’s also reasonable to believe that they are much closer to us than other populated planets, being that they are seen much more often than other aliens.

Explanations as to why there isn’t more alien activity and hostile activity:

The reason for there not being MORE alien activity and hostile acts, would be if God left the alien races a Law (that included interstellar laws), like he did with humans. In the Bible, it warns against humans blaspheming greater beings, and even the angel Michael, a lead angel, didn’t dare to slander Satan the Bible says, and Satan is the worst being there is. It would explain why all of them are not regularly malicious, but instead, acting like tourists would, who are intelligent enough to know not to touch any natives who haven’t been exposed to your germs, and who might die if you touch them, or come near to them, and who are following moral laws.

It seems that there should be regular contact with aliens however, in a universe with countless asteroids, moons, planets and starts, and if Earth is at the center, and the center of the universe can be mathematically located somehow. But, perhaps it can’t to those on the outside, especially the farther off you are from the center, and so, we are only seeing a small amount of the aliens that exist, who were close enough to Earth to find it. And God probably knew that if he made it too easy to find us, and put too many aliens near to us, that we would be flooded with aliens and that we’d be dispersed all over the universe and would mostly forget about the Bible he gave us, which is his word. It may also be that in the past history of the alien worlds, that he did great miracles as he did on Earth, so great that it would be sufficient to make a very lasting influential impression without him needing to repeatedly make it obvious that he was concerned about what went on in this universe. Perhaps he performed great miracles with commands like these:

“When you locate the people at the center of the universe, do not invade them. Don’t attempt to conquer them. Don’t remove any of them from their location. Don’t harm them. Don’t be envious of them. Don’t come within 100 feet of any of them and don’t help or hinder them. Unless I tell you to do otherwise, this is what you are to do. Among them are my children, and how you treat my children is how you would treat me. I am God; obey my laws.”

A message like that seems likely if God didn’t want Earth to be swamped and aliens doing whatever they wanted to it. And perhaps God directly gave the aliens nearby to Earth, information on how to build starships (which is why they appear so early in Earth’s history, for example drawn on cave walls and rocks in the desert and represented in other ways) in order to give them some evidence to go on so that they could believe what he was saying without great difficulty. In other words give them some good eyewitness testimony that there really is an Earth and so on. And before God withdrew his presence from them (like he did with the Ark of the Covenant and the temples made for him), he demonstrated on some aliens what would happen if they broke these laws, and it was recorded in their historical records or some type of Scripture God gave them. And perhaps now and then he has an angel appear on or near one of their ships if if the pilot or crew is thinking of doing something malicious to us or is doing so, which then gets them to stop and then they report what happened to others which discourages them from being malicious. It may also be that there are aliens policing Earth (which would explain the large amount of UFO activity in our skies) to keep alien law-breaking down. It may be that these “grays” are also very good at hiding their activities from the alien police. It may also be that demons also imitate grays now and then, being that they are are malicious group or race, and demons love evil, and this makes it hard for people to determine if all aliens or some are evil, especially if all they know about are the grays.

Another reason for their not being more alien activity is that like our governments, the government/s (or elite citizens) of alien races are secretive about their anti-gravity technology, and don’t share it with the rest of the population (for the same reasons that human governments here on Earth are secretive about it).

It also seems logical if there are aliens, that they would often be taking things from Earth to sell, trade, study, use for medicine or technology and to show off, like in zoos, for entertainment and learning. But that it’s not greater than it is now, can be explained if they are obeying divine laws like I mentioned above and/or if in ancient times, they already took plenty of samples of all kinds, and that they are breeding them and cloning them and only come to Earth to take a sample when they are in a rebellious enough mood or if they see something new to add to their collection (which may also explain why they mostly seem to be exploring rather than taking anything, being that they’ve already taken most of what they wanted).

There does seem to be a problem however, with keeping aliens from the rest of the universe out, which is that even if there were a police force around Earth, wouldn’t it be overwhelmed by the rest of the universes curious aliens? But that can be explained away like this: Early after God created the universe, he may have also instructed the aliens that found us first, that when finding alien races that were not aware of us, to give them the same warning he did to them OR, to persuade them to help defend Earth against malicious acts by any aliens, and as each new alien race farther away from Earth was informed, they were asked the same thing. With discovery like that, the curiosity-seekers and would-be trouble makers could be dealt with without having to continually increase the defenses around Earth, because the ones who were told about Earth, would form the next local defensive perimeter. Also, aliens would obviously be reasonable like us, not every single one of them, but at least the ones who had interstellar travel, and they would know that it wouldn’t be practical for every single alien that wanted to see Earth to just go there, because there would be so much traffic, that it wouldn’t be safe, and it would block out the sun for the whole universe to be exploring Earth. On Earth, humans avoid packing themselves in to tight spaces if they can help it. If they learn that a place they want to visit is too crowded, and the cost unreasonably high, they will avoid going to that place.

Another reason aliens aren’t flooding the solar system to get a look at Earth is because the aliens that tell the other alien races about us, may have an observation system set up: sensors connected to a faster-than-light galactic Internet, and which people can access to see Earth and it’s solar system. That would make it more convenient that traveling all the way to Earth and is less dangerous. It may even be that this galactic Internet is also broadcasting some faster than light stream of information that other aliens in the universe have or are finding out about. It may also be that in this information stream, is a repeated warning, a warning to not harm the people or other life here and not to remove it and where they can go if they want to observe or study the things of Earth and traffic routes and how heavy the traffic is (interstellar traffic reports).

Though that may sound absurd to some people, who are ignorants, idiots and mentally ill, consider this: If an Earth government became aware that trillions of alien races were surrounding Earth on other planets, and saw that more and more aliens were coming into our solar system, wouldn’t that government, if it could afford to reasonably do so: set up a message system to prevent Earth from being crowded with and trampled by aliens? Or do you think it would tolerate it’s airspace and ground space being flooded with whoever wanted to come here? Obviously we’d try to defend ourselves under such pressure, even if futile, because what would you have to lose if you were about to be crushed or killed with many unknown microscopic life forms brought over from the other aliens, on purpose or by accident?

Another reason our solar system isn’t swamped with aliens is probably because their sensors are good enough to see all the activity in the direction they are going, and the more they see, the less inclinded they will be to simply rush in and fly wherever they want.

It may also be that there is a tourist system in place for sighting seeing around the planet, and with soldiers and police aboard such craft, or monitoring probes sent out by craft to make sure the probes don’t go where they shouldn’t or where they aren’t approved of to go exploring. That would also discourage black-market tourism and malicious activity here, because the ones involved in it would be afraid of the police or soldiers on board the tourist ships, which could instantly (unless their comms were being jammed) signal to police or military ships about the illegal tourism.

This same thing would also need to be done with inhabited planets near to Earth, that is, they would also need to use these methods to keep their planets from being overwhelmed by aliens who mistook them for being the center of the universe or thinking that there was something very special about such planets near to the the central one, and therefore desiring to explore it. Such a phenomenon is like someone wanting to go to a house that was lived in by a famous celebrity or to the city or town they lived in, just to “be close” or share in the experience somehow of the celebrity’s life.

Concerning radio signals. It may be that we don’t receive them from other far away planets, because the signal has degraded to poorly by the time it reaches Earth (just to hear Voyager’s signals requires extremely sensitive antennas), and there may also be some mystery barrier that blocks alien signals from getting to us. They may even be deliberately canceled out by aliens policing Earth to prevent malicious signaling or flooding our airwaves with messages. There may even be a law or laws against broadcasting certain types of frequencies near Earth, a law that is passed along on the galactic Internet system.

Also, Bill Bean, a saved Christian, a real Christian, who has dealt with harassment from demons, has a picture of a demon making an image of an alien gray, or pretending to be one. So, they are obviously aware of these creatures, and can pretend to be aliens.

So, there are many good reasons why we don’t see more alien activity then we do now, and that includes conversational alien activity, meaning, aliens attempting to talk with us.

If anyone is going to make a story based on my speculations here, I hope you remember give me credit and royalties, even if you consider me an enemy, and I you. Be honorable.

Post finished on 3/5/2011/10:15 PM

  1. Daniel Watchman
    June 26, 2012 at 11:46 AM

    Aliens certainly do exist as the Roswell fiasco has shown to be the case very clearly. Angels certainly do exist as well (I know because I have had one save my life in a shocking near death experience), but they themselves are not impersonating alien life. Aliens are indeed flesh and blood creatures created by rogue angels. Possibly in a genetic laboratorial setting located underground here in America. I have just written a book on the subject titled “When Angels Lie : Celestial Fingerprints” slotted for release through Kindle. Check out my blog and website for the book… Keep your eyes on the skies. Something epic is just over the horizon…

    • June 26, 2012 at 2:02 PM

      I hope Amazon goes out of business for their insane anti-refunds policy and abusive treatment of customers.

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