Charlie Sheen: Ranting Snake and Logic Assassin

Charlie Sheen: Is He a Narcissist Sociopath who repeatedly fails? Or just a repeated failure who uses stupid stereotypes against Christians and wastes time watching sports and making stupid jokes?

Charlie Sheen, is a famous actor who, at 45, and still a virgin to truth, deep truth. He let everyone know on 2/24/2011 on the Alex Jones Internet Show, that the AA cult stole 22 years from his life. It obviously helped warp him into the warty bitter-tasting poison arrow frog that he now is. Recently, after more bad news of Charlie’s dumb life came out, he finally ceased from being introverted, and he showed his monstrous narcissist sociopath colors. He gave an excellent example of what a narcissist is, and a sociopath: astoundingly arrogant, very rude, flippant, very self-centered, very lustful, impulsive-mouthed, contradictory, nonsensical, heartless, obsessive, violent and shallow. He condemned “judged” everyone who judged him, as “coming from opinion and judgment” yet reduced every Christian to “Bible-grippers”, and by doing so ignored anything honorable or good they’ve done in their lives. He kept saying that he was “winning”, with a defensive, conniving, sarcastic, spoiled-brat tone), clearly hurt by the news about him which showed him to be in part, a sociopath. And now everyone can see that he is also, in part, a narcissist, a combination of both actually.

How is it, Charlie, that you don’t want to be judged, yet mock every Christian for supposedly merely listening to a story about talking to a snake? And what is your stupid story? When Alex Jones brought up Rush Limbaugh’s drug addiction to you, you immediately replied by saying that you’ve never met him so can’t judge him: BUT IF YOU HAD MET HIM THEN YOU COULD? THAT IS WHAT YOU IMPLIED! Further, have you met every Christian? NO! According to your babbling self 22 years of your life was sapped by a pseudo-Christian cult whose founder died high on LSD! So how can you pretend to be wise and knowledgeable, let alone on Christianity? So 22 years of trolls = all Christians? And was everyone in AA “gripping the Bible”? And what kind of son disrespects his father who worships Christ (hypocritically or not) by saying such a thing? Didn’t he feed you and house you and clothe you with his money? Didn’t he make very successful movies that helped you to make money with your acting? Yet you reduced him to a “bible gripper”. Okay boob-gripper. Okay money-gripper. Okay fuel-waster, who “rides high in the sky”. Okay sex-gripper. Okay dirt-gripper. Okay money-hoarder, who thinks he is loving and charitable because he gives out of his RICHES, riches which belong to God, to other con-artists. You know about fluoride being poisonous, and make fun of people WHO CAN’T AFFORD NOT TO DRINK IT, yet you give money away to “breast cancer” doctors, who are con-artists, who harm people with quack medicine, chemotherapy? And you collected some points of attack from 9-11 Truthers and put it into a letter to the president, like that was something original, like that made you a good person, while ignoring your own faults. Remember this teaching?: “You hypocrite: Why do you focus on the speck that is in your brothers eye all the while ignoring the log that you have in yours? First get the log out of your own eye, then you can help remove the speck from your brother’s.” Was that “a snake story”? Jesus sure was talking to snakes: self-righteous hypocrite snakes like you, who try and exalt themselves by bullying easy targets. And yet you whine about others bullying you for being an easy target? Could you, a narcissist, be jealous of, Obama, wannabe president Charlie?

You’re a clever pot-shot artist Charles, and an impulsive arrogant hypocrite who acts like a wild animal, rants, rambles, has poor grammar, makes childish stereotypes, takes the most popular, most translated, most freely available, best selling, most influential, inspirational, historically accurate book in the world, with the most verifiable prophecies in the world, out of context to use against itself, and yet think you are a wise scholar? Whose fault was it, that a rich guy, with all the money in the world to learn the truth, stayed in a cult, a cult you could have easily learned about from a search engine? How did you miss the article about it being false that former alcoholics would not relapse from drinking a little wine now and then? That wasn’t news enough for you? You show no compassion for those who were oppressed like you, yet want compassion, want sympathy, want exaltation for having supposedly escaped from it (only to become something worse, and play god of your own stupid cult), and yet call everyone else who complains about anything a loser, troll, whiner, and complainer.

You also, for no logical reason, vilified everyone who is married, calling marriage contracts dirty (huh…?). How about praising those who stay faithful to them for being strong-minded and self-controlled rather than being weak idiots who go wherever their private parts point them or letting any charming moron in through their window at night?

You said bring it on moron, well I’ve brought it on. Show me your ninja, Vatican assassin, stereotyping rebuttal. You have none, because you have no moral wisdom, resist the truth, and so your logic is corrupt. You think that only you have the truth unless someone agrees with you, and if they don’t, “they’re just coming from opinion and are a troll.”

Charlie is so arrogant that he even insulted Alex with a deeply sarcastic tone in repayment for Alex trying to protect him from being investigated as a threat to society for saying that he would murder anyone who attempted to harm him. He said to Alex, “Look what they’ve done to your mind, you have to put everything in context.” So Charlie repaid Alex’s love back with “violent love”, which is what Charlie said he calls his love and is how he loves those who show him love. That would explain the drunken messes Charlie makes when having sex. Imagine what might happen if you hugged Charlie, or shook his hand, or told him you loved him, and he had a bat in his hand. Charlie even said to watch out for him if he had a bat in his hand (yeah that’s a guy I want to hang out with, someone who might kill you in a drunken “love” rage). It seems to me that Charlie’s brain has obviously been damaged by over-drinking, making his pathological disorders much worse.

And Charlie: Look around a little and think of something other than cheap gold-digging women like yourself and hitting little white balls with wood and metal sticks and how beautiful your shallow bratty sarcasm is: we’re not all Catholics, Mr. Ninja Vatican Assassin. And why are you bashing Catholics, when like you, many of them refuse to allow their priests to marry, cuz, “it’s gross for a righteous holy man to have sex”? Shouldn’t you love those child-molestation supporters? Shouldn’t you love Mormons who teach that the more women a man marries the more he secures his godhood? Isn’t that warped and lust-ridden enough teaching for you? Or do you just not think much or look to the sides much? Or do you want to get hit in traffic in a drunken love-rage, running through busy traffic just to violently hug someone for giving you a thumbs up?

Falling Charlie, who lost a beautiful wife for repeatedly losing sight of the truth: May God continue to bless your bitter, spoiled brat, self-centered, stumbling-over-beer-bottles self, so that you will have ever less of an excuse on the day of Judgment for sinning; a day when he will condemn you with facts, not opinions.

Alex also had on one of Charlie’s friends, “Nails”. Nails is a brown-noser despite claiming not to be one, a panderer and kiss-up to Charlie. Nails, despite claiming that “no one wants to hear your complaints and how you were (wronged)” has a website on how to take people to court who wronged you. Moron, if no one wants to listen to complaints and only wants to hear the future than how do you explain people talking about their past to each other all the time and listening with interest? And why did you go to court and tell everyone your complaints and why do you tell everyone how to tell theirs in court? You’re a confused hypocrite trying to be “cool”, but you’ll end up in the Fire with Charlie unless you repent of such hypocrisy. And how naive to imply that no one should talk about the past and only move forward. Much can be learned from history and the past that enables people to move forward. Complaining about the past and telling stories about who wronged you also helps people to avoid the people who wronged you, or learn how to help those people and the person complaining and what to do if they too are wronged. Isn’t that what you are doing with your website about how people can regain their money from bankers who conned them out of it? You are double-minded.

And you Alex Jones, a false Christian, who pandered to Charlie (and Nails) and who approved of his rant against Christians, who defended him for it, because he was “being real”: you’ve shown which side you are really on by doing that. And why did you still side with Charlie after implying Sunday’s should be used to “watch sports”, rather than “win” as Charlie said people should be doing? Charlie also knowingly, and unwisely, trashed a day that is reserved by God so that people will have a good time to get to know one another and help each other, by reducing it to a day of “listening to a snake talk”. And he also went against what you often say is stupid, which is to watch sports (football) rather than fighting against the NWO. He went against you Alex, and yet you hung on to the thread of protest he made, in order to take advantage of his fame. Charlie was even flippant about 9/11 and said to move on. So, so much for that thread. What you gained was infamy from childish blasphemy and probably the ephemeral support of many hateful people like Charlie.

If “being real” is what earns your love, than why don’t you express your love for “the globalists” whom you say confess to what evil things they plan to the world before doing them and who “lie in plain sight” and “hide the truth in plain sight”? But you do show your love for them by ranting about what they do almost every day and when you aren’t, replaying your shows in which you do and letting your websites continue to. You love evil, that is why you rarely mention what is good and refuse to show anyone the true gospel. If being real is what earns your love than why don’t love anyone who is “hateful”, including towards you? Being real, according to the way you use it Alex, is being honest about how you feel. Please tell the world how you know what a person is “really feeling”. Life is just a fame-game to you, and you want to manipulate everyone into being your cartoon and toy soldiers, just like your narcissist rival, Glen Beck, while you sit back and revel over pain they walk into, the insane speech they make, mad behavior they perform, and deaths they die.

According to an atheist, Charlie Sheen,

told “Entertainment Tonight” why he believes the Creator exists, saying, “Anybody that doesn’t believe in God hasn’t looked into the eyes of a child.”

These words cleared any fan-base he may have had with American Atheists, Inc., who were greatly insulted.

Awwww poor evolved crsytal monkey amphibian evolved thingies from lighting-struck puddles of soup from 14 billion years ago from a 34 billion year old magical non-explosion with no center: your soul, mind and hearts were hurt bcuz someone spoke some common sense you reject. Evolve over it already, angry walking fish things.

Charlie Sheen’s anti-Christian rant can be downloaded here:[sebaygo1]

Ten More Crazy Quotes from Charlie Sheen

A fictional transcript of Charlie Sheen’s anti-Bible Rant

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This is the gospel, that Christ Yeshua was crucified for sinners as I have been. I was saved and went astray and Yeshua lead me back.

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