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What happened to giant humans, dinosaurs and dragons?

What happened to giant humans? Did they become extinct? I often wondered, as others have, why they died out, or left to live somewhere else out of sight of most of the world. The only giants seen are bigfoot creatures, which obviously are animals, and ones on the Solomon Islands, which may also be animals. Only one story I know of records a giant of about 9 feet that was supposedly seen in Buffalo Mills, Pennsylvania, on August 19, 1973, who may have been a demon or alien if it was a real sighting. I thought they may have gone extinct or withdrawn from the surface world, due to lack of food as dinosaurs, thunderbirds, pterodactyls and mammoths and other animals become less common. Eventually they would have had to have relied on the coast lands and islands to survive, or go deep into forest land further and further to find larger animals. The giants that reached the greatest heights would have the hardest time living long when the giant sized-food supplies started to run out. Some giants no doubt would have gone to live with average-sized humans and offering them help in exchange for food, and they would have had a hard time continuing their race due to the difference in size, however no doubt it may have been tried successfully, and their DNA having become recessive (hence why giants sometimes comes from an average sized family. Why would the giant dinosaurs and mammals have become few?

Some obvious reasons: humans, whatever their sizes, make farms or gardens, and utilize wild plant foods, and wild animals often eat them or trample them, and when that happens, humans which don’t think ahead, attempt to get rid of them all when they see them. And when food is plentiful, they do so wastefully, not eating what they have killed or selling it to make a profit from it. Imagine for example one giant tribe kills off all the dragons that have been feeding off some herd of mammoths that they’ve been using for food. And a giant tribe nearby, who are disliked by that tribe are in need of meat. But the other tribe who is killing off all the dragons refuse or don’t consider sharing the food, and the other giant tribe is afraid to ask, and so goes off trying to live off smaller animals, and only one kind in general, like giant deer, or wolves. By focusing either only on the deer or wolves, they end up killing off the food supply of one of those animals, and then they most go after that type of animal, and once the giant deer and wolves run out they, not considering their mistake, target the next giant animal type for food, and on and on, till they must resort to feeding on smaller and smaller animals and plants, until it is no longer practical. They would then have to rely on giant crops, and if they were foolish enough to only rely on a few varieties, then they would have experienced crop decimations every now and then from diseases. They would then in desperation go to war against other giant tribes which would reduce their numbers. Finally, only smaller giants would be able to survive without having to go to coastal areas for food as much, as they would have buffalo and other such food to rely on. And indeed, the most common heights for giant skeletons found in early America and other parts of the world are about 8-9 feet tall, and the taller, the more rare. So the larger giants, 10-13+ feet tall would be more likely to live in coastal areas, using fishing nets or going out to sea to hunt giant fish, giant walruses and whales, while those of the 8-9 feet height people of giant size and super-human strength would be more likely to remain, living off the largest of the non-giant animals and the few giant animals that remained, if they could find them. But what happened? Where did the tall coastal giants go, and where did the shorter mainland giants go? Supposing all these giants were related, and stupidly kept the same cultural way: to rely only on a few types of crops or wild foods and a specific animal, or worse: using forest-burning to grow large crops, and not mixing with the lesser “pathetic weak humans” (supposing that was their attitude) they would have a very hard time surviving. Eventually they would have turned to incest, and incest eventually leads to deformities and disabilities, and the longer it goes on, the worse it gets. In desperation, as I said earlier, the few that survived would try to survive among the lesser humans, and whatever children they had with them would have only part of the strength and features of their mother or father and the same would happen if their children also had children with a lesser human, till eventually only certain traits would sometimes show up, perhaps in odd ways, like extremely strong jaws, or overall great strength or speed or lung capacity (though nothing like a giant), a tail, six fingers or toes, double rows of teeth, a horn on the head, or, if it were a trait some giants had, a covering of hair or violet eyes, or some other odd color not typical, like yellow or purple.

Coastal giants may have mostly become extinct due to certain native American tribes attacking them for some reason. For example perhaps some native American tribe or tribes got the idea that if they killed the giants and ate their flesh or drank their blood or wore their skins or skulls or used them in ceremonies, that they would also become giants. And it may be that something like this happened, “A native warrior went to a community of giants and either demanded or politely asked for some of their blood to drink, to become like them, and he was either laughed off in his attempt to communicate with them, especially if he didn’t know their language but obviously was asking for them to cut themselves so he could drink their blood, or they attacked him. The Indian or Indians may have even kidnapped or attacked the child of a giant in order to have an easy drink or meal, which if found out, would probably have caused a great battle or war, and if other lesser humans found out about it, may have become afraid thinking that they would be next and so helped to attack the giants. The giants of the coast, once reduced further in size, would have then either considered digging very deep into the mountains and cliffs in order to preserve their race and some may have gone off to live on islands. And if the population of giants had been reduced to about 60 people, and 30 left, then it would have been a great risk, because if one of the groups died, then only 30 would be left, or if one or both groups ended up with less than 19 people, they would have had problems with inbreeding unless they found some agreeable human to help them survive. Supposing they did find a human or humans to help them continue their race, it would have further reduced their size and strength and unique features if the lesser human’s dna kept circulating among them. If that happened with any groups of giants, then they would have been more likely to blend in with other lesser humans, as they would have looked and behaved more normally. Any true giants that remained in small group sizes, who after exploring certain distances, and finding that there were few to no giants left would have returned with that news to their family, and if they were wise, they would have gone into hiding, to some remote island to continue living, and if they encountered lesser humans there, might have gone even further by making extremely deep caves on that island or islands in order to give them further survival insurance. The Bible seems to me, to imply that giants resulted from mutations (planned by God so that the mutations worked out in beneficial ways). The Bible also seems to imply that this mutation was rare. The Bible also seems to imply that those who were giants were arrogant due to their size and strength (and the more power any human gets, the more corrupt they usually become). So it would not be surprising that most giants were defeated by their arrogance, and because of their size looked down on smaller humans or simply thought it strange and self-defeating to their race to attempt to mate with weaker races of humans who would look very odd and impractical to mate with due to the small size of lesser humans even as adults, just as a smaller adult human of 5.5 feet would think it impractical to mate with an 8 foot tall human, especially of an unfamiliar race, language and culture.

Further, it’s unlikely, unless there was divine intervention, that when the giant mutation occurred (the one after the Flood), that someone among the same race of the opposite sex around the time that procreation with that person would have been possible, also had that mutation. So, the giant would have taken a lesser human as a mate and ended up already with weaker children so to speak, or just one child, if they were stupid enough to sacrifice a second child or more to some false god. There children however would have spread this mutation so that eventually there would be enough giants around to start a new race and nation from. If the mutation did occur at the same time in opposite sexes in the same race, and more likely, in the same family, (and incest was not forbidden before Moses was born), and incest occurred (due to one of these obvious reasons: wanting to preserve their unique giant size and strength once they realized they had it, and or because shorter people saw it as impractical to mate with people of such size and vice versa). That doesn’t mean however that the children of the brother and sister would be disadvantaged from inbreeding, because genetic problems from that weren’t significant until Moses gave the ten commandments (because there is no indication that God forbade it or looked down on it before that, and there would be no humans if Adam and Eve’s children didn’t mate with the other children from their parents). The offspring of the brother and sister may have produced more giants and perhaps more inbreeding occurred, but it couldn’t have continued on like that without producing some genetic problems eventually, and it may be that continued inbreeding was also why the giants became greatly reduced in number long ago, or went extinct. Perhaps even among other giant tribes that were produced (and perhaps sometimes from occasionally mating with a lesser human), their appearances, culture and languages were so strange to one another, that they didn’t attempt to interbreed with them, further reducing the chances of the survival of giants. And remember, if there weren’t many giant humans to start out with, and the mutation was very rare, then to survive, they would have had to be very cooperative and careful not to let anyone among their group die before producing offspring if possible.

It may also be that the few giant humans that are born are not remnants of giants, but the result of another giantism mutation, and like in cat and dogs which can have different mutations that produce similar looking traits, it may not be the same type of giantism mutation, which is why a very tall human, though giant, doesn’t have super-strength like the first or earlier mutations. It may also be that giantism mutations never resulted in super strength, but that the super strength was from a different mutation or that the naturally strongest humans were deliberately persuaded or forced to breed with giants in early times, to produce giant humans of super strength (which would have greatly aided in the transportation of heavy objects and erecting long objects to stand upright, like the stones of Stonehenge and other huge carved objects.

Finally, some groups of giants, if they became too small in number to continue their family/race, and not able to find any other giants to mate with, and worse, no lesser humans to accept them or for some reason avoiding them, might have resorted to suicide.

Another reason what few giants remained is that some may have been treated like gods or flattered, and infighting might have eventually occurred between giants that were treated this way, who fought due to the arrogant attitude they developed from having been treated that way by those they ruled over. There are a few stories of some giants in Ireland that did battle with each other, and no significant if any giants are mentioned as being among the ones that fought, nothing that would indicate a race of giants).

Another reason that giants may have gone extinct or decided to go into hiding, is because of weather disasters. There may have been extreme droughts, extreme heat from the sun during the summer, extreme cold during winter, great floods, mudslides, boulder-falls, hurricanes, tornadoes, accidental fires, devastating earthquakes, especially when and after Christ died (and many think that earthquakes have increased since Christ died and prophesied that they would occur in “various places”, since that would only be something to say if previously earthquakes were rare).

Another reason for their extinction would be insect/bug plagues, which still happen to us today, and which cause great losses in food, which lead to famines.

It may be that in ancient times that there were asteroid impacts in the Americas, large singular ones or rains of large flaming meteors, even ones that happened for days or within the same month, which were great enough and near enough to giants and the food and animals they lived off of to kill some of them, but not great enough that anyone from hundreds of miles away was hurt by it. It may have also happened in heavily wooded areas, so that people far away or within tall trees would have seen the impact or heard the direction of the impact, so that it wasn’t something that could easily passed down in oral stories except perhaps to simply say something like that a thousand moons ago a flaming rock went through the sky and a great thunderous sound was heard from far away.

There is a message from God from what happened to the giant humans and most of the giant dinosaurs and mammals: Great size and strength, great intelligence and arrogant behavior; none of those together or in and of themselves insure survival, peace, or comfort. Such creatures were still weaker than God and weaker than so called ‘gods’, so much so that most of them are gone or had to isolate themselves to survive. And that also shows that they are nothing to worship or to revere, and yet, in a way, people still do worship creatures of giant size. For example many atheists and evolutionists treat dinosaurs, even discussing them, as something sacred. They are used as holy objects of proof of Darwinian evolution by those who believe in it. Some fight to preserve and enshrine them somewhere, public or private. And most of the the animals which though not tall or very large, which were very fast and had sharp claws and teeth, or slow with great armor or strength or strong horns or strong or dangerous tails, are gone. What is left in great numbers is much weaker, much smaller, much more fragile, including the small insects and bugs. How many giant trees are even left? How many redwoods are there or other giant trees in comparison to the smaller ones, or in comparison to roses?

Jews demand signs and Greeks seek wisdom,
but we preach Christ crucified,
a stumbling block to Jews and folly to Gentiles,
but to those who are called, both Jews and Greeks,
Christ the power of God and the wisdom of God.
For the foolishness of God is wiser than men,
and the weakness of God is stronger than men.
For consider your calling, brothers:
not many of you were wise according to worldly standards,
not many were powerful, not many were of noble birth.
But God chose what is foolish in the world to shame the wise;
God chose what is weak in the world to shame the strong;
God chose what is low and despised in the world,
even things that are not,
to bring to nothing things that are,
so that no human being might boast in the presence of God.
And because of him you are in Christ Jesus,
who became to us wisdom from God,
righteousness and sanctification and redemption,
so that, as it is written,

“Let the one who boasts, boast in the Lord.”
1 Cor 1:22-31

  1. Jim
    February 28, 2011 at 4:50 PM

    Google Search: rephaim23, giants of castelnau, borjomi giant, giants 7 to 12 feet, giant humans of the past, giants of south africa witwatersrand, sydhav giants, giants of the Royal Incas.

    They existed.

    • April 4, 2012 at 6:54 AM

      I noticed some people got to this page more than once because of your comment, looking up giant of castelnau. I didn’t remember writing anything about that, so then looked it up. I didn’t find my site come up in Google, but found out, to my amazement there in an entry in Wikipedia that admits 11-15 foot human bones were discovered and verified as human by scientists. How the rest of atheist-kind just ignores this and acts like it’s no evidence for the Bible’s claim that there were giants is incredible.

  2. January 19, 2016 at 5:25 AM

    thanks for your information I like to collect information about dinosaurs please can you send some photos of them

    • February 22, 2016 at 7:36 PM

      And whag does it matter if it “sucks to be me”, what an egotistical uncompassipnate thing to say, no wonder you hate God and have no regard for the Hell Christ endured for millions, the humiliation and extreme pain he and his followers went through and that his children are told they will go through. In Hell who will you insult, whine and complain too you vain hypocrite psychopath? Gid wins, and cannot be mocked, sinner. God bless you as he always does you ungrateful criminal, oh corrupt judge.

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