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Iran’s Warships “going to Syria” and Gold and Oil Prices Rise

Israel anger at Iran Suez Canal warship move
Iran’s navy says it is sending a home-built frigate on the mission

from the BBC

Israel has condemned a decision by Iran’s navy to sail two of its ships through the Suez Canal to the Mediterranean Sea.

Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman said the world should act against Iran’s “recurring provocations”.

The vessels were planning to sail to Syria, Mr Lieberman said.

There has been no response from Tehran, but reports last month said Iran’s navy planned to send a “fleet” to the Mediterranean Sea for a year.

“During the mission, the fleet of warships will enter the waters of the Red Sea and then will be dispatched to the Mediterranean Sea,” Lieutenant Commander Rear Admiral Gholam Reza Khadem-Bigham was quoted as saying in January by the semi-official Fars news agency.

He said the fleet would gain “good intelligence and information of the regions it is due to visit”.

The international community must understand that Israel cannot forever ignore these provocations”

A report in Israel’s Yedioth Ahronot newspaper said the Iranian vessels were a Mk-5 frigate and a supply vessel. – More here

Oil Climbs as Israel Says Iranian Warships Heading for Syria
from Bloomberg

Crude rose after Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman said two Iranian gunboats are planning to move through the Suez Canal to Syria, spurring concern that Middle Eastern oil shipments will be disrupted.

Oil climbed 0.8 percent after Lieberman called the move he expects later today a “provocation.” The possible action by Iran comes five days after Egyptian President – More here

PRECIOUS METALS: Comex Gold Higher On Iran Warship News
By Tatyana Shumsky, Dow Jones Newswires
2/6/2011/12:17 P.M. E.T.

NEW YORK (Dow Jones)–Gold edged higher on reports that Iran plans to send warships through the Suez Canal.

Israel has described Iran’s plans to send two warships through the key shipping thoroughfare as a “provocation.”

The news lifted gold prices, with Comex gold for April delivery, the most actively traded contract, recently up 0.4%, or $6.30, at $1,380.40 per troy ounce.

The thinly traded February-delivery contract was up 0.5%, or $6.60, at $1,380.20 per troy ounce.

“In this type of environment you will see gold go up and the dollar, which has been selling off today, may reverse course here,” said Charles Nedoss, senior market strategist at Olympus Futures.

Investors tend to purchase gold in times of political instability because it’s considered a store of value and a safe-harbor from uncertainty.

“You could see the dollar and gold rally at the same time, because they’re both safe-haven instruments,” Nedoss said.

The dollar, which is also considered a safe haven, remained under pressure from the euro, with the single European currency recently changing hands at $1.3577, up from $1.3488 Tuesday.


I’m guessing that Iran’s leaders have heard about the U.S. sending marines into Egypt to help subdue it, and wants the U.S. to know that they aren’t happy about it and won’t sit back to let them do whatever they want there, especially being that Egypt has been helping their “enemy” Israel and because of the trade sanctions against Iran, supported by the U.S.. Here are links concerning the trade sanctions:

This webpage shows secret messages obtained by Wikileaks: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/wikileaks-files/london-wikileaks/8304784/IRANIAN-IMPORTERSEXPORTERS-HAVING-MORE-PROBLEMS-WITH-FINANCING-BLAME-USG-LED-FINANCIAL-MEASURES.html

And more info: Senators (Lieberman and Kirk) accuse China of violating sanctions against Iran

Here is extensive information about the Iranian Navy in the atheist-dominated Wikipedia for those of you who are curious about it.

Concerning whether or not trade sanctions against Iran are just, in my opinion they are not because it punishes the evil with the “good” and those who are much less evil than others who are decent and honorable. It also provokes the righteous to do wrong, and those citizens who are evil to take their anger out on the citizens who are righteous. It also endangers the lives of the Jews living in Iran, since they may be falsely accused of some wrong-doing in order to rob them. And what to use in place of trade-sanctions? Send drones over Iran dropping messages of the gospel, pictures of the Shroud of Turin and an explanation about it’s history and silver coins in plastic bottles outside but near to poor Iranian villages with the symbol of the cross on one side and the American flag on the other, and on the side of the cross, a message that says, “‘Give honor to whom honor is due.’ – Jesus”


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