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Beyond 2012 Predictions

February 3, 2011


I finished 90% of this at 5 P.M. 2 days ago, but delayed from wanting to comment on the Isaiah 18:1 prophecy, which I had researched three or more years ago, but still hadn’t drawn a conclusion to make a likely prediction based on it.

These are not prophecies (except the ones which are alternately worded prophecies from the Bible, which I mixed with my predictions), but my guesses based on past events of what is to come, though some is based on prophecies. I planned on writing this last year, but due to setbacks by various stalkers, especially atheists and narcissists, I kept delaying and forgetting, and my laptop froze a few minutes before starting this today, and I had to start over again. Now, here are my predictions:

In 2013 a small obscure tribe off the coast of near the Baja Peninsula, in Mexico will mostly become a Christian and will form a city in the shape of Israel, and will make their own temple of God, a version modeled after Ezekiel’s prophesied temple, though not made of transported stones, but limestone and cement and various cheap but beautiful and durable materials. This city will be spoken of like it is a nation even though it is not, and be called the Mesrael, though in jealousy the Israeli’s will refer to it as Miserable, calling the place an ugly desert and laughable copy of Israel. The Mexican government will promote it as a major tourist attraction, and drug lords will stay away from it out of fear of bad luck from God. The Catholic church will ignore it and one of the prominent Catholic leaders will refer to it as a shameful provocation of Israel in order to win the favor of the Israelis. Arabs will find this copycat pseudo country an intriguing though disgusting creation because of what it represents. Mesrael will become renown for its beauty and very advanced technology, so much so that they will have trouble from spies from other nations repeatedly attempting to infiltrate them and steal technology and information from their government and private companies.

In 2014 China will discover a vast amount of oil in it’s offshore territory and on land.

India will claim that China is funding terrorism against it in order to break India apart.

Soon after suicide bombers will attack the Chinese government, including provincial leaders and China will begin to politically break apart.

India will move out many of its troops from Kashmir and southern India to protect the richest parts of India from Chinese invaders and Maoists. When they do this there will be a great rebellion by the poor Indians and India’s states will become independent countries. The Dalits of India will massacre the Brahmans of India during the rebellion.

Israel, on behalf of the begging of USA’s surviving government, will launch a nuclear missile at Beijing and destroy it with a direct hit.

Japan will send submarines and battleships to take over Hawaii, Washington D.C. and northern California and will succeed. Afterwards they will also conquer Venezuela and Brazil.

China, after ten years will have become a place of various kingdoms.

America will be stricken with great poverty, and gangs will roam around causing crime everywhere. Mobs will form to lynch former Senators and Congressman and any vice president and presidents that are still alive.

America will break up into many countries.

The cost electronics, guns and bullets and greater weaponry will become as or more valuable then gold. This will soon cause electronics making companies to go bankrupt as they can find few buyers wealthy enough to afford what they make. Also, most of the electronics companies will lack the resources necessary to make new electronics because China and Russia, their main supplier, will no longer be supplying them with those resources.

Russia will be reduced to the size of Moscow and will be allied with the countries immediately surrounding it.

Greece will go to war against Germany and Spain will go to war against Britain, and will be at war with each other for resources, though the Grecians will also be looking for revenge against Germany for what they did to them during World War 2.

Black powder rifles and guns, swords, knives, spears, maces, clubs, bats, whips, hammers, brass knuckles, crossbows and bows and arrows will become the most common and popular weapons, though rifles and guns will be rare due to their high prices.

Solar panels, oil, coal and ethanol will be worth more than gold, platinum and jewels, and wise scientists knowledgeable in energy and mechanics will be worth more than their weight in gold and be highly sought after.

Camels, donkeys and horses, chariots, carriages and boats will become the main transportation of the world. Basic airplanes and air balloons will be made in a few places throughout the world, and a one or two companies will make small blimps for those who can afford them. Ones with built in electronics that work will be extremely expensive.

WW3 will break out due to a desperation for food among all nations.

A king of Italian descent, living in the Middle East (the king of the North in the Bible) will become prominent in the world, and he will peacefully deceive Europe, America, Asia and South America into believing that he will restore order and the electronics industry to where it was before the EMP attacks. He will claim that Israel was responsible for the war to focus the world’s hatred away from the other countries and unite them, however not everyone will believe him, especially Middle Eastern countries which will see his claim as too easy to say.

Europe will become highly populated with Arabs, and being warned by their Middle Eastern homelands not to trust the anti-Christ, will protest against him when they see that he is worshiping a strange fortress god, and the anti-Christ will devastate the nations in which they protest by dropping fuel bombs over the areas of the protests. He will also threaten to use nuclear weapons, but will only be pretending to use them at first.

The Russian king will have the favor of most of Europe, except Greece, and will use it as an opportunity to show off his might by having fuel bombs dropped over many Greek Orthodox Churches at once, scarring Europe into submission under him. The European royalty that went into hiding will come of hiding to meet with him to discuss being given back their former territory after his mass killings of the Greeks.

Wherever protests against the anti-Christ appear he will either send an army to ravage the area or drop fuel bombs on those areas.

Because of the great loss of wood, stone, metal and glass housing due to the anti-Christ’s devastating anti-protest retaliations, millions of people will begin to live in tents, but these tents will be “cheap” and not last more than a year without becoming very worn out and Bedouins seeking to survive and prosper will sell tents for the homeless Europeans to live in. After they have run out of material, Israeli’s who see money to be made on this new “housing market” will help supply tent-making materials and the technology to enable the Bedouins to help them make millions of tents.

The Mexican government with the help of drug lords will attempt to take over New Mexico, Arizona and Texas, but various South American countries will successfully thwart them to keep them from becoming so powerful that they are also attacked by Mexico.

The USA will break up into many kingdoms and small republics, and many will be at war with each other over resources.

The Israeli government will drop a bomb from high above directly onto the Dome of the Rock in order to devastate the Muslim influence in Israel and the Judaics will immediately begin removing the Israeli archeological artifacts from beneath which the Muslims had been destroying to hide Israeli’s past presence in Israel. About two years after that the Judaics will begin building a new temple in dedication to God where the Dome of the Rock once was, though Hamas will give them much trouble by launching small missiles at the most populated areas of Israel. This will cause many Israelis to move away from those cities into other areas which have not yet been settled, or which have few people living there.

The Negev, after a large earthquake, will break out in springs, and many beautiful trees will grow there. Though it will seem peaceful at first and have much grass, there will be many vultures, many giant eagles, giant snakes, exotic wild cats of various kinds and various types of deer throughout the land due to these animals having been released by certain malicious Muslims from a zoo that was set up in the Negev. The deer will eat the grass and weeds that at first and quickly made the Negev very green, but the snakes and wild cats will help keep the deer from eating all of the grass and weeds.

The new temple of God will be completed after about twenty years.

During those twenty years, that time the world’s population will have become very low due to pollution, earthquakes, fueds, mob-justice, wars, pesticide poisoned crops, bed bugs, mass rat and roach infestations, flea and lice infestations, lack of medicine, clean water, clean bandages, clean surgical tools and famines.

Many false Christians throughout the twenty years will betray each other and persecute true Christians in order to be spared and rewarded by the anti-Christ, though he will secretly also kill the false Christians or forbid them from speaking of Christ in a positive way or having any Bibles out of his extreme hatred for Christianity, even forbidding them to quote it. A great amount of Christians will abandon worshiping Christ when they realize that there will be no rapture due to the great wickedness occurring without such a rescue, and others who still believe it will happen will also abandon Christ out of bitterness for being allowed to greatly suffer during this time and meeting few to no decent Christians before being raptured. Because of this, both true and false Christians will become very few in number than the number they were during the first EMP over China.

Huge numbers of UFOs of all kinds of colors, shapes and sizes, some making very strange sounds will appear all over the world and frighten the world because of their incredibly large numbers. Rumors and speculation will spread all of the world from many places that an invasion by alien races has or will begin.

Many people are hunted down under the false pretense of being Christians or Christian sympathesizers, and Christians begin to be derogatorily referred to simple as “Fundies”, and bands of people form all over the world called Anti-Fundies, who make their living capturing Christians and making money off them somehow or using them as slaves. Many non-Christians join with Christians when they find out that they are being hunted under the false pretense of being Christians and to gain the help of the Christians, make the situation worse by actually pretending to be Christians they were accused of being. Many Christians will be fooled for a little while into believing these liars, but soon after will shun them. The Catholic church will repeatedly try to gain the favor of the anti-Christ and convince him that they are not “Christians” or “the kind he is thinking of” and he will begrudingly, so long as they don’t refer to Christ, show his image or use or refer to the Bible and turn in any Christians, support them. He will learn however that they are still attempting to secretly use the Bible and bowing down to images of Christ and his hatred will be sparked by this, and in response he will have his soldiers and hired Italian non-Catholic anti-Christian saboteurs in Rome set fire to churches in Rome which do this, to teach all the other Catholic churches not to disobey him.

UFOs will for a time give a major help to the true Christians somehow, but the media of the world will dismiss it as Christian propaganda and a misconception.

Two prophets will appear claiming to be named Enoch and the other will be named Elijah, and they will strike fear into the anti-Christians of the world when they are shown on live television from a station, for the first time blowing fire on a mob of anti-Christians running at them to kill them. From then on the anti-Christ will forbid anyone showing live footage of these prophets, but independent and TV stations and paper news journalists will follow and record them repeatedly blowing fire on anyone who attempts to kill them. It will be claimed by anti-Christian theists that these prophets are possessed by demons or aliens from the UFOs who are trying to destroy the world with lies.

After some days go by, the prophets will be killed by a trap, but the ones who set the trap will also be killed by the fire of the two prophets. When the media and witnesses of the death of the prophets report to the rest of the world their deaths, the world will declare “Peace” among themselves and those who were against them will send gifts to one another to express their joy and as a witness to each other that there is now peace over the death of these prophets, who after their deaths, the majority of the media will declare as the last of great blocks that needed to be defeated to finally get rid of the remaining Christians. The bodies of the prophet will be allowed to remain where they are as an evil monument of triumph against God and will stay there for days when to the astonishment of the world the bodies will be resurrected at an audible and great voice. The world will be filled with terror over this thinking that they will again return to “terrorize” them.

Someone will shoot the anti-Christ in the head with a sniper rifle with a laser sight. He is then called the second Kennedy by the news network he owns and the rest world repeats this claim while he is at a prestigious hospital, being dead from his severe head wound.

The anti-Christ’s dead body is brought outside the hospital after a day of him being dead and many worshipers of him or his god and mourners come to grieve over him. There are many celebrities there and many are shouting, “Death to the Christians and death to Israel.” The top of his head, which is missing, is covered by a towel made of gold. To the amazement of all, while television cameras are focused on the casket, his body begins to glow and float and a very dark billowing cloud envelopes his body and when it is gone, he is seen sitting up in his casket, looking around, with his head restored, and looking around with a dazed and amazed expression. Doctors then rush to him and bring him back into the hospital to examine him, but he soon gets out to continue his evil ambitions.

The anti-Christ, realizing that his end is near, will give the command to launch his hundreds of Russian and stolen or purchased American, French and Chinese nuclear missiles on three cities in every nation that have the highest populations of that nation, even on Russia in an attempt to exterminate all life on Earth with heat and radiation and the resulting pollution that will spread after the missiles hit their targets, but Christ will return and prevent his commands from being heard, and kill him.

Seven years after the completion of the temple, the anti-Christ, with Moscow, their allies will begin to prepare their armies to make an attempt to conquer Israel for its electronic technology, Dead Sea resource and it’s new glory: the Negev, and to prevent them from using their nuclear missiles and to win the favor of the Muslim nations (who still be reviling the anti-Christ for being an idolater). The Asian kingdoms will learn of this preparation and attempt to get to Israel first and begin their journey on millions of horses and boats to cross water river they must cross to get there. They reach Israel at the same time as the Russian armies and a fight breaks out among them, including between the Russian allies in the confusion and rivalries between the allies over the treasures of Israel that had sparked among the allies for various reasons during the preparation against Israel.

Israel finally has peace for a little while after making a major attack against Hamas and the Palestinian leaders, though their is much talk among the Palestinians about making a suicidal attack against the Israelis of Jerusalem which Israeli spies report back to the Israeli government. The Israeli government however decides not to warn the people and they feel that they are safe being that they have devastated Hamas and because tr Palestinians are more poor than ever, and because they want to be praised by their citizens for finally bringing peace to Israel (but won’t seek God’s praise at all) and so that the world will also praise them, and so that they will gain money from tourism of the finished temple, which they see as something to make money with, and not holy. The temple-keepers in Israel will receive a request from the anti-Christ to go into the temple to pay tribute for his resurrection, but he will not say it is to God, and the temple-keepers, thinking he means, “to God” will allow him in, but to their dismay he will conquer Jerusalem with a small army and for some days they with a great show of cruelty terrorize the Israelis there and try to sell many of them off as slaves and send some to Egypt to also be bought, but they will be in such poor condition and filled with terror and confusion that no one will buy them. The anti-Christ will cast a spell outside the temple and create a living creature that looks like a cross between an animal and the anti-Christ from the dust of the earth, and he will command everyone to worship it and to have either his name or the number representing his name put on their right hand or forehead. He will forbid anyone to be allowed to buy or sell anything if they don’t gave these marks. He will set up a system by which certain peoples of the nations must come to worship the beast at a certain time, and the ones who refuse to go will be executed, and the ones who refuse to bow down to the beast and take the mark of the anti-Christ from it (if they don’t yet have it) when standing before the beast will be murdered by the beast as they stand before it.

The Assyrians will hear that Israel is about to be attacked, and hoping to erase their shame and gain Israel as their new homeland will head for Israel to join the other armies, but they will be poorly, with just rocks and sticks. They will plan on killing the other armies after they have spent their energy doing battle and if unable to defeat the Israeli’s of Jerusalem will plan on taking over the Gaza Strip, which by the time they arrive, will have few inhabitants. A few Assyrians will not join the march because they were recently married or had a child.

Somalia will experience a severe flood that wipes out their crops and the survivors will bring a gift to the temple of God in Israel out of thanks for sparing their lives.

Egypt will experience a severe drought that is so severe that the Nile River will dry up and the few Egyptians that survive will turn to God and become true Christians. There will be five cities in Egypt among a few others that will decide to use Hebrew as their main language rather than Arabic, in order to honor God and show friendliness to Israel. They will also set up a pillar in dedication to God at the border road crossing between Israel and Egypt.

When the northern armies reach Syria, Syria will demand a large toll and to inspect the soldiers, but the soldiers will ravage Syria in their anger and only a few Syrians will be left after the armies pass through to Israel.

The gold of Ophir will be rediscovered, and it will be estimated that there are 1,142 tons of gold there. The news of the discovery and estimate will greatly devalue the price of gold, causing many of the gold-owners of the world to become very sad, though some will think it is good news, as then the currency of the world could more easily be backed by gold, and because it will make electronics much more affordable.

When the armies reach Israel they will kill most of the Israeli’s leaving about 100,000 left, but then the armies will turn against each other to fight over the land and the goods remaining and besides killing each other God will also strike with death the ones who remain alive.

God will sink all of the small islands of the world below water and level all the mountains of the world except the ones in Israel to prevent evil people from fleeing to them to hide from him.

Very few humans will be left in the world, about 2,140,000 people, or about 10,000 people from every nation which has 10,000 or more people, not includes the Israelites or Judeans. The number of Israelites and Judeans (“Jews”) saved will be 144,000, saved from all over the world. The combined weight of the world’s population at that time will be less than all the gold discovered at Ophir.

God will give the remnant of Assyrians a homeland in the Middle East again and they will be a Christian nation.

The Israeli’s scattered about the world will be returned to Israel at God’s command by the survivors near to them.

Israel, Egypt and Assyria will become the most blessed nations on Earth.

It will be discovered that the former elite leaders (during the time of the EMP over China) of the USA, Britain, Canada, Russia, Switzerland, Norway, Mexico, Brazil, Japan and China are hiding in anti-gravity ships in the center of certain nearby stars, thinking that no one would ever think to find them there, but Christ will “find” and remove them from the stars and destroy them before the world.

While Christ is reigning from Jerusalem, anti-gravity and “heat- and fire-proof” technology will finally become used by the majority of the world and cancer will become rare. Most of the ice over Antarctica and Greenland will disappear within a few years and Siberia will become a pleasant place to live.

There will be many cities at the bottom of the oceans, homes within undersea cliffs.

Dinosaurs, including dragons and sea serpents and other animals that were usually hidden by God will become easier and easier to photograph and find as time goes on.

There will be many space stations in the solar system.

There will be large cities on the moon and Mars.

Humans will do business with beings that were created outside of the solar system.

The many lies and life-saving secrets that the former secretive clubs, governments, schools, institutions and business companies of the world kept will be made known to the world and Christ will thoroughly explain what they were and refute the lies. After a few decades all of the animals and planets that mostly remained hidden since the creation of the world will be easily found and studied. Over a 1000 year period a rumor will grow into a belief and propaganda tool among the evil ones of the world, which is that Christ and the Israelis of Jerusalem are an alien race and can be defeated. They will seek a time to destroy that city and Christ’s temple and throne their when after 1000 years have past, Christ disappears unexpectedly to most of the world, which will think that he has left for good after some period of time has past.

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