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Super Beautiful Amanda

Last night I came home, and wasn’t happy when I saw that a certain Mormon had brought over guests to my house, because it was a mess, and felt embarrassed about it. When I came inside I saw all of them were drunken, so, it wasn’t too big a deal. But then I saw a habitual liar (who spends much of his time trying to smooth women over, even if married) sitting in my chair with his two dogs, and that wasn’t pleasant to see. I noticed one of the girls was super beautiful, who told me her name was Amanda. Later she got me drunk (yes I know that was wrong of me, the last girl to do that was Constance, who I wrote about earlier). Amanda tried talking to me a little, but me studying all the time and not being into popular worldly culture like she probably was, left me short for words. She kept asking me my age, and as usual I didn’t want to say, especially for the reason she brought up, telling me her cut off limit, grrr. Later she gave me a lap dance in the dark (yes I know it was wrong of me) and felt like an idiot because of how I acted (like a Geek as usual), but God she was beautiful and was happy to have her near me and talking to me.

After the girls left I talked with the Mormon and of course asked him about her, and he made my heart sink when he told me that I wasn’t her type. He also told me that he didn’t want to have sex with her.

When the girls left and while they were getting into a car, the police had come near to my apartment and the Mormon ran back into my house. After he was sure they were gone we talked a little, and I told him about my life, and what did he do with that info?: within minutes he sunk low by trying to use it to take advantage of me by implying that he wouldn’t let me see Amanda again unless I gave him money. He told me he would be having friends over (after/while the girls were gone), and not to ask them about Amanda because I wouldn’t like what I heard, and kept pressing him what he meant by that. I didn’t ask when they came over (two males), but the Mormon brought her up and one of the men said she was a slut, and the Mormon exclaimed at me, “See!” as if I had been the one to ask, but I knew he did that because he didn’t want me to know basically, that she was easy, and wanted me to stress over dating her (etc.) so that I would be more likely to give him money to see her again. He suggested earlier giving her money for sex, but I didn’t want to turn her into a whore.

The next he came back and told me that she had fallen off my deck, then coming back over the deck, slammed her head, on the ground I think, which wasn’t a happy thing for me to hear, but he laughed about it. When I told him it wasn’t funny he replied, “Actually it was if you knew her.” which made no sense. I didn’t want a girl I that I wanted brain-damaged or dead the next day. He also told me that the girl he wanted, the driver of the party, had been arrested when the police found that she had alcohol in the car, and that the other girls had gotten in trouble.

It seems that every time someone brings evil into my life, God brings evil back to them. One couple that troubled me greatly a little while before Christmas, neighbors – when the drove to California for Christmas, I found out that the hood on their car popped up, while it was still dark out, with a semi truck behind them, and I’m not sure about this part, but while it was raining.

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