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Michael Savage On Free Will and Fate

Yesterday, Michael Savage, on his show “Savage Nation” said, “I truly believe that free will can alter fate, because if we’re predestined, then you might as well take the government check and [do nothing].”

His argument is illogical in more than one way. First, the evidence for his belief is none. There is no evidence that our will can alter what God has destined. Second, his argument uses a stereotype, which is that people who receive social security, or disability, or welfare money do nothing productive and have no intent to, and there is no evidence for that. Third, it is illogical in that he is saying, without any logical reason, that if you believe that you are destined to do something, that you should do nothing. Does that make any sense? NO. And what if you were destined to do something productive, why would if you believed that, would you do nothing? Ironically that rebellious argument contradicts another one of the rebellious argument of the world, which is that if you believe that you can do something or will do something, that you will do it (the self esteem/I think I can/faith nonsense). Fourth, Michael’s argument is contradictory: he is saying that we are destined, but that with out will we can change it, but by definition, destiny cannot be altered. Fifth, his argument is illogical in that he for no logical reason separates out the will from destiny, when there is no reason that the will cannot exist within a destined omniverse, and is perpetuating by implication the confusing myth which is that we are robots unless we are able to have a completely free will that isn’t influenced by anything (which is what the heretic Arminian Christians believe). There is no evidence that our will must be uninfluenceble by anything in order for us to not be robots. It is clear we can be self-aware and aware of our environment and our choices and be responsible for those choices even though our will can be influenced so that we choose against what we desire and also what we originally choose to do.

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