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Yesterday and Today

Last night a strange think happened, two cars were in front of me separated by another car on the road, and both of their license plates numbers started with 611. I tried to get a photo of them together but it was too late, and the ones I managed to get of them separately were worthless blurry ones.

A few minutes ago I met the daughter of the Vice President of the Philippines again, and again it made me extremely happy to see her. When she saw me she had this adorable look on her face like she had seen a long last friend. Though she was obviously trying to be a friend to me, before I left her, me being stupid (and very worn out and so not clear-headed), shook her hand like I was a fan or stranger.

I received new computer equipment today, but to my annoyance the box for the computer tower and been pierce/ripped open in one section and it dented the tower. I don’t know if it was the UPS shipper or someone at the warehouse where the case was at, but I plan on sending it back for an exchange. It was amazing how fast I received it though from far away states, it came in just two days even though I had gotten UPS three day shipping and didn’t expect anything for at least 15 days at first and then 5, but 2, that’s fast.

Things are turning my way someone since the recent days, but with much trouble and grief, but talking with the VP’s daughter helped to take some stress away, but it added some stress, because it’s a horrible world, and don’t want to see her hurt in a way that won’t help her, but in this world evil things happen to everyone, and often wreck or ruin them. But I pray that God will preserve her forever.

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