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Why Do Americans Keep Reelecting For the Same Evil People Who Oppress Them?

Why do Americans keep voting in massive numbers for people who do a bad job in governing them? How can there be so many stupid people, so stupid they don’t bother to examine whether or not  the the people they elected over them truly did a good job or even a decent one or not? How if the country is bankrupt in general, or going bankrupt, can they elect people who helped get it that way? How can they not go in search of wiser and more moral people? It reminds me of how “the Jews” when offered by Pilate to have Jesus set free or Barabbas the  murderer set free, chose the murderer, either being ignorant of who Jesus was, or knowing he was a good person and not caring or hating him for it. The world doesn’t make sense. It also reminds me of how the Jews God set free from Egypt, using Moses, complained about being set free and wanted to go back under the brutal slavery they were under, when all they had to do was at the most, beg God for better conditions, and if he wanted sacrifices, to ask him to provide them with the animals to sacrifice to him to, and if  the sacrifices were not satisfactory to him because of their bad attitude, to ask him to forgive them and give them a pleasing attitude to Him. It isn’t all bad of course, if it were, everyone would be dead. Rand Paul became a leader over Kentucky because of the many people who voted for him, and because of God. And though Rand Paul may not be a righteous man, he is obviously a decent one, unlike hundreds of millions of other people in the world. But he is a rare exception. The world, like the Jews in general, continue to be stubborn and not wanting to do the obvious for peace.

Rand Paul

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